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Many duelists are wondering exactly how to best enhance their gear. With a reported 7 billion possible combinations it can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. This guide will help you to make the best choices possible to bedazzle your wizards and succeed in the arena.

The Four Sockets

Jewels can be fit into 4 sockets: Circle, Tear, Triangle and Square. Each of the 4 sockets seem to revolve around a main tenet of wizard stats.

Circle: Offensive

Circle sockets allow the placement of attack oriented jewels along with outgoing heal boost. Offensive jewels that have been discovered so far include:

        • Pierce (%)
        • Flat Damage (Direct +/-)
        • Critical (Rating)
        • Outgoing Heal (%)

Triangle: Support

Triangle sockets allow the placement of supplementary statistics or cards. Support jewels that have been discovered so far include:

    • Cards (Minions, Attacks, Bubbles, Utility etc)
    • Accuracy (%)
    • Power Pip Chance (%)

Square: Defensive

Square sockets allow the placement of defense oriented jewels along with incoming heal boost. Defense jewels that have been discovered so far include:

          • Critical Block (Rating)
          • Flat Resist (Direct +/-)
          • Incoming Heal (%)
          • Stun resistance (%)

Tear: Functional

Tear sockets allow the placement of function oriented jewels. Functional jewels increase stats that allow you to participate in various activities of the game. Functional jewels discovered so far include:

        • Health(Direct +/-)
        • Mana(Direct +/-)
        • Fishing Luck(%)


Now that we have established which shapes and jewels affect which stats we can now dwelve into the mechanics and recommendations for jewels.

Circle (Offensive)

Opaque Piercing JadeThe circle jewels focus on mostly offensive stats along with outgoing heal boost as an alternative for more defensive wizards.

#1 Recommendation-Pierce: As such for most builds in the current meta pierce will be the way to go. The best school specific jewels add 6% pierce per jewel. This is a significant amount of pierce and with 3 pieces of gear with sockets you have the potential to add 18%+ pierce. This is a huge offensive boost that far trumps the other boosts offered by the circle jewels.

Flat Damage?

Flat damage adds a small amount of damage to your spells. This damage is not a percentage and is instead a flat addition (similar to gargantuan). However, the damages added are much smaller than the sun enchants and are added after gear boosts (based on testing). As a result this is somewhat viable for a heavy buff strategy but is not as offensively viable as pierce for max lvls in this meta. If the flat damage is added directly to the spells before gear boost then this would be more viable but as it stands now it is not.

Heal boost?

The heal boost added is a decent percentage of 5%+. With multiple jewels it is entirely possible to add 15%+ heal boost. However in this offensive meta you are often going to benefit more from pierce than heal boost. This stat may be seen with more defensive sets but for the average set in this meta pierce and even flat damage beats it out.


Critical adds a small amount of critical rating to your gear. The critical rating is very small often translating to only 1% critical boost per jewel. As a result this stat is extremely inefficient and is not recommended for any serious build.

Triangle (Support)

The triangle jewels focus on supplementary statistics and cards to support your wizard.

Snow Drift Sapphire triangle jewel#1 Recommendation-Cards: What! Eric, are you crazy! Why would you choose cards as a top recommendation? Well the reasons are very simple: diversification in strategy and infinite copies. Jewels offer wizards access to a wide variety of cards that were not easily obtained before. Cards such as Enfeeble and Dimension Shift allow for schools who were weak in a mechanic (Death being weak against bladestacks for example) to have multiple copies of a key card. Best of all, these cards are permanent, meaning both that they can be reshuffled and they persist from battle to battle. Having three socketable items means that you can have at minimum three copies of a key card, or a variety of assistive cards, based on playstyle.


Accuracy is useful to a top level wizard as it allows diversification of gear (using the Hades robe instead of dm robe while having an acc jewel to compensate) or allows excess accuracy to counter spells such as loremaster or black mantle. Accuracy is less appealing as a modifying stat simply because most schools are at maximum accuracy already with DM gear.

Power Pips?

Power pips, similar to accuracy allow for the diversification of gear and also the opportunity to fill out missing stats. This jewel is less useful than accuracy since there is no benefit to having >100% power pip chance and no spells exist that reduce power pip chance.

Square (Defensive)

The square jewels focus on stats designed to mitigate damage or nullify your opponent’s offensive momentum.

#1 Recommendation-Stun Resist: Another unusual choice, stun resist is the best option not because it is inherently good, but simply because it is the better of the defensive options. The stun resist jewels come in 5% variants which with three gear slots can add up to 15% stun resist. While this on its own may seemunderwhelming, it ensures that there will be no more stuns through convictions and a small chance to evade stuns entirely. Since most stuns tend to lead to a kill solution (especially in this meta), even a small chance at mitigating the effect is better than nothing.

Heal boost?

Heal boost is a decent alternative for those who do not wish to add a chance element to their gameplay. At 5% per jewel you can potentially have 15%+ incoming heal boost. However in this offensive meta I believe the chance to buy a turn far out prioritizes some additional heal but this is a viable second option for schools with reliable heals such as life, death and balance.

Flat resist?

Flat resist is in the same position as flat damage. It is not a percent boost, but rather a direct subtraction. Once again, the mechanics of this particular stat is unclear. However, as it currently appears to function, it subtracts a piddling amount from already boosted attacks, and as such is rated much lower than the other defensive stats.


Block falls into the same boat as critical, receiving such a small rating that it translates to about 1% per jewel. Let’s do some math: 1% (per jewel)*3 sockets=do not want.

Tear (Functional)

Jewel_Flawed_Health_OpalTear jewels add statistics that allow for the participation in different activities of the game.

#1 Recommendation-Health: This is really self explanatory as the only stat that is relevant in the PvP arena. A higher health buffer=a longer survival time.


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Fishing Luck?

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Happy Jeweling!

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