Exalted Jewels

 The Best Jewels for Level 100s

Arena Jewels thumbnail Exalted JewelsAs of May 2015, athames, amulets, rings, and decks all have has sockets that you can put jewels into to give yourself certain boosts, such as health, pierce, resistance, and even fishing luck. There are jewels starting from level 15.

For this article, we’ll be diving into the best jewels for each category (square, tear, circle, triangle) for the Exalted level cap.

MAJOR NOTE: Khrysalis mobs drop a TON of these – White Razors, Night Flame, and Raptorial Sentry are three of the best to farm for when it says Khrysalis mobs.


(Please note, there are school specific defense opals that would be good as well, there are just too many to list!)

  • Polished Mending Opal +5% – Incoming Health Boost – Obtained from various mobs in Khrysalis
  • Polished Defense Opal +22 – Universal Defense +22 (flat) – Obtained from Morganthe, Graveyard Malistaire, Cronus, and Inquistor Ximenez
  • Polished Resilient Opal +5% – Stun Resist +5% – Obtained from various mobs in Khrysalis


  • Polished Health Opal +95 – +95 Health – Dropped for Death Tendril (Aphrodite Two), Morganthe, and various mobs in Khrysalis
  • Cracked Fishing Opal +3% – +3% Fishing Luck – Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack (399 Crowns) OR Cracked Fishing Opal +1% – +1% Fishing Luck – Fishing Chests in The Drake Hatchery


  • Polished Piercing ___ 6% (Jade, Peridot, etc. etc.) – 6% piercing to one school – Various mobs in Khrysalis
  • Polished Healing Opal 5% – Outgoing Health Boost – Obtained from various mobs in Khrysalis
  • Polished Piercing Opal – 3% universal pierce – Riptide Goliath (mob in Sardonyx)
  • Polished Damage ___ +44 (Jade, Peridot, etc. etc.) –  +44 (flat) damage to one school – Dropped from Morganthe and Moros Tree Root fight


  • Dispels Jewels – Dropped from Halfang
  • Polished PIP Opal +9% – +9% Pip Chance – Dropped from various mobs in Khrysalis
  • Polished Accurate ___ +10% (Jade, Peridot, etc. etc.) – +10% accuracy to a school – Riptied Goliath (Sardonyx)

So, get out there and go farming!! 

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