Morganthe Speed Farming Guide

Morganthe used to be the farming hot-spot way back in 2014 and the reality is that her gear is still good till this day. She drops your school damage athame and critical/block amulet, which are good options including for PvP. They are interesting to say the least. There have been a couple new additions ever since, however they remain a classic choice. You might be wondering… what’s the most efficient way to take her down?

This guide is intended for wizards who have already fought Morganthe and are familiar with her. If this is your first time facing her, I would suggest you take a look at Heather’s guide, which covers the main details of the battle, including cheats, health, schools, etc.


The Strategy  How It Works

To use this strategy, you’ll need:

  • Four players for a full fight (hammer + 3 support)
  • A hammer with Colossal or preferably Epic and sharpened blade trained, and over 60% damage boost.
  • Hammer can be any school, but traditionally you would go with a Storm or Fire. This guide will be based on a storm hammer.
  • One player – who has access to trained feint and three different types of elemental blades – trained, sharpened, and TC. (Treasure elemental blades can be purchased from Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library for 450 gold.)
  • One player – who has trained feint.
  • One player – who has trained feint and access to Jewel of the Apiary.

Round 1:

Player 1

Feint (70%) on Ice Morganthe

Player 2

Feint (70%) on Balance Morganthe

Player 3

Storm Prism on Storm Morganthe

Player 4


Round 2:

Player 1

Sharpened Elemental Blade (45%) on storm wizard

Player 2

Item Sharpened Elemental Blade (45%) on storm wizard

Player 3

Feint (70%) on Death Morganthe

Player 4

Sharpened Stormblade (40%) on self

Round 3:

Player 1

TC Elemental Blade (40%) on storm wizard

Player 2

Item Balanceblade (30%) on storm wizard

Player 3

Feint (70%) on Storm Morganthe

Player 4

Regular Stormblade (30%) on self

Round 4:

Player 1

Elemental Blade (35%) on storm wizard

Player 2

TC Stormblade (35%) on storm wizard

Player 3

Cleanse Charm / Spare Turn / Extra Blade

Player 4

Colossal Sirens (1155 damage) on all


Tips & Tricks

The storm player must be last in the battle. For obvious blade stacking reasons the hammer must always be in the last position. Do note that Storm Morganthe will be directly facing this wizard which introduces the possibility of an Enfeeble which MUSTN’T happen! Thus, I suggest going in the duel circle just before round two starts.

Have a support wizard use Jewel of the Apiary. This amulet that you can easily acquire from the Wizard City Bazaar gives a Sharpened Blade and BalanceBlade (+30%) item cards which stack with other regular blades.

Having Dworgyn’s Havoc Hood shortens the process by a lot. The hat gives a Mass Feint (+70% to all) item card and can be obtained from the Professor’s Hoard Pack.

If you have a balance wizard with you who qualifies as Player 2 or 3, have them play blades such as balance blade, bladestorm, etc. on the hammer instead of feinting. In essence, a feint is 2 blades. Over the course of 4 rounds, if 4 blades are applied, the hit will have 2 more buffs than intended — which is not a bad thing — and will boost the hammer’s damage significantly.

Sometimes the fight may take more than 4 rounds. That’s okay. Ice Morganthe might frost giant, Storm Morganthe might remove a blade or two, and your team’s decks may not agree with your team, but in the end, everything will be alright. It doesn’t matter how long the battle takes as long as all necessary buffs are applied.

Have a Jaded Tank enter the battle on their own. Unless Morganthe somehow gets extremely lucky with shadow pips and spams Shadow Shrike on you, your team should be safe if the hits are directed on the tank. Nowadays, its far easier to obtain immunity to some schools than the ‘olden days’. Just check this article here.

Increase your accuracy. Morganthe has access to a total of 5 different accuracy debuffs – Sirens, Storm Dragon, Black Mantle, Handsome Fomori and Morganthe’s personalized Balance spider attack. Below is a preview of Morganthe’s personalized spells as discovered by Emancipator who is on a mission to discover those unique monster spells with the help of Arcane Deduction.


The Math

Why It Works

We’re confident that if all the buffs are applied, your hammer will overkill Morganthe.
Why, you ask? Take a look.


  • Regular Stormblade = 30%
  • Sharpened Stormblade = 40%
  • Elemental Blade = 35%
  • Sharpened Elemental Blade = 45%
  • TC Elemental Blade = 40%
  • Regular Feint = 70%
  • Item Balanceblade = 30%
  • Item Sharpened Elemental Blade = 45%
  • Gear Damage = 80%

Buff Percentage Conversion

  • Regular Stormblade = 1.3
  • Sharpened Stormblade = 1.4
  • Elemental Blade = 1.35
  • Sharpened Elemental Blade = 1.45
  • TC Elemental Blade = 1.4
  • Regular Feint = 1.7
  • Item Balanceblade = 1.3
  • Item Sharpened Elemental Blade = 1.45
  • Gear Damage = 1.8

Damage Calculations

Once we have done the Buff Percentage Conversions, we can begin to calculate damage.

Our calculation will be: 1.3 x 1.4 x 1.35 x 1.45 x 1.4 x 1.7 x 1.3 x 1.45 x 1.8 x 1155 (damage of Sirens) = about 33,229 damage. Ice Morganthe has the highest health, at 27,390, which is no match for this killer Sirens.

As you multiplied the numbers together, did you notice the number increased greatly after the first few buffs? Because of this subtle, but very significant, effect, we will sometimes hit with one less buff, because “it’s only one buff! It’s not going to make or break my game!” However, it certainly can and will. For example, adding a sharpened elemental blade where there was none before multiplies the hit by 1.45 – that’s almost half!

Are you ready to take the Shadow Queen down… repeatedly?

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