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PvP Ninja

PvP Tips and Tricks in the Arena


In this article, we’ll look at a few spells and how they can be used in unique ways in the arena. Have you used any of these ninja moves? Let us know in the Comments!


Enchanted Weakness
Enchanted with Keen Eyes to give 100% Accuracy

#1 The Hidden Weakness (Outdated)

The Weakness spell that we all know and love casts a -25% charm on the target. But did you know that due to its 90% accuracy, it allows you to enchant it with Keen Eyes or any of the Sun accuracy line spells. This enchanted Weakness spell stacks with a regular Weakness!

The enchanted Weakness spell looks exactly like a regular Weakness when it is cast, so the target will not know that they actually have stacked weaknesses on them. :O


#2 Power Up Your Minion

Snow Shark

The Balance bubble Power Play increases Power Pip change by 35% for all players in the battle, but one often overlooked aspect of this spell is that it gives your minions power pips too!

For most minions, this means they have more pips for attacking and shield-breaking. The Ice Guardian, for example, can cast a lot more Ice Bats and Sharks under this field. If you rely heavily on your minion to break shields or deal damage, this spell may be useful for you!



#3 Steal More Health

Necromancers sometimes use their minion spell Steal Health as a technique to heal under Doom and Gloom. This 1-pip spell steals 300 health from a minion — but that’s before calculating in Damage Boost. That same Steal Health spell can also go critical, doubling the amount of health you gain!

A little-known fact about this utility spell is that damage enchantments such as Colossal can be applied to it, greatly increasing your heal from using it. Suddenly your 300 Health steal becomes 438! Add your damage boost on top of that, and you’ve just found an amazing 1-pip Doom Survival technique.

Stealing Health from minion
With only a 69% Damage Boost, my Colossal Steal Health gives me 739 Health. That would be 1479 Health if it had gone critical! This heal is not affected by Doom and Gloom or Infections.


#4 The 0-Pip Storm Beetle

Mutate BeetleRain Beetle

Diligent Bazaar farmers can purchase a Mutate Beetle card that changes a regular Frost Beetle, trainable from the Ice School, into a Rain Beetle.

At first glance this appears to be a regular Mutate spell, but what makes this Rain Beetle unique is that it costs 0 pips! The Ice Beetle’s accuracy of 80% remains on the enchanted card, so there’s less chance of fizzling too.

Storm Wizards sometimes use this spell in PvP to break Storm shields while building pips for a powerful attack. Beware the Beetle!

Save your minion or teammates when you’re going 2nd by casting a Unicorn the same round they are defeated!

#5 The Resurrecting Unicorn

Have you ever tried to establish a minion when you’re going second, only to have it wiped out every time by your opponent before it can even cast a spell?

If you cast a Unicorn from second on the same round that your minion dies, that minion will be revived and go on to cast the spell it had selected. This ninja technique is great for Life wizards or those using a Life Mastery Amulet to keep your minion in play. It also works for teammates in team PvP.

This can also be accomplished with any group heal such as Rebirth or Life Bat. 🙂


Happy Dueling!

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