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Hercules Poirot Boss Guide

Throughout the world of Empyrea you will encounter many different bosses that will bring interesting and unique fights and stories to them. Hercules Poirot is certainly one of these unique bosses with quite the story behind him. His story begins with the quest “Labors for Hercules” and ends with “I Sought the Sheriff”. This article will show you both a group strategy and a solo strategy on how to make this fight easier.


Location within Empyrea

Southwest Aero Plains

Location on the overworld

Location on the map


Starting Quest

Second Quest

Third Quest

Final Quest


General Boss Information

Health: 18,795

School: Myth/Life

Spells of note: Hercules knows both Earthquake and Rebirth. He can also cast a mass feint that puts a protected 70% trap. The Justicar Poacher can cast a protected version of Bladestorm.

Minions: Justicar Poacher (Storm School, 3,350 Health) – 3 of them with a full team.



Cheat when at full health
Casts a protected 100% Balance Blade at the end of every round if he is at full health.

Cheat when not at full health
Casts a heal for around 1,900. He will repeat this heal at the end of every round until he’s back at full health.

Cheat for joining late

Hercules will cast Athena Battle Sight followed by Witch’s House Call and Celestial Calendar on the Wizard that has arrived late.

Group Strategy

Recommended: 3-4 Wizards

(Though 2 is viable and soloing is possible)

The designated Hitter of the team (I recommend the member of the group with the highest Damage and Critical) shall begin to blade and prepare for their multi-hit of choice. A multi-hit (like bugs, Raging Bull, Mystic Colossus, etc.) is recommended so that you may also take out the minions.

The group strategy will require one other person to constantly attack Hercules Poirot, though not with the intent of killing. Attacking frequently will prevent Hercules from using his 100% Balance Blade cheat. You can also use a DoT (damage over time, eg. Fire Elf, Frostbite or Poison) on Hercules so that all team members will have time to blade the hitter. As long as some damage is done to Hercules each round, he won’t use the op blade on himself.

I recommend using Tower Shields due to Hercules’s high Pierce stat (he has 35% universal pierce as tested with Tower Shields). I also recommend to either have one wizard as a designated healer, or for one wizard to carry heals along with their main deck set up. We recommend to not join the battle late or else you will trigger his third cheat. You’re better off just restarting the battle with your team, if you die and nobody can heal.

Traps can be used on the boss but since you will have a wizard hitting him every round or a DoT it is not recommended to use a universal trap (Feint, Curse, Hex, etc.) until the main hitter is ready to attack.

Solo Strategy

(Solo Strategy can work with all school except for Balance from the strategy I have created,
although Balance Wizards will have to use spells such as Hydra, Chimera, and Gaze of Fate.)

The Solo strategy can be a bit more cumbersome but it is doable. The 100% damage blade can make Hercules hit exceptionally hard. As such, we suggest using a DoT (damage over time) spell on Hercules every 3 rounds. This will make sure he doesn’t do his blading cheat. It does mean he’s going to heal every round, but that isn’t a big deal until you’re ready to hit.

The DoT you use should be a lower damaging, off school treasure card DoT such as Fire Elf, Frostbite, Poison, Death Bat, Black Widow, or Steel Giant.

Traps can be used so be prepared to use your school’s traps alongside the Blades of your school on Hercules in between the rounds of the DoT’s effect. Shadow spells such as Shrike can be used to gain extra damage and pierce against Hercules Poirot and the minion.

From there on forward you will prepare to hit Hercules with a powerful multi-hit. Make sure to bring Tower or Dream Shields to protect against Hercules’s powerful piercing hits. We also recommend bringing a heal for the school of the wizard you are playing or life spells such as Satyr with a Life mastery.


I hope these strategies have helped
make this cumbersome boss easier for you all! 

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  • Awesome. The guide ive been waiting for. I figured out the team strategy, but still like to know the solo strategy. I totally didnt even think of using shadow spells to account for a round of damage. This is why I love yalls site. Always helping me see things I forget/dont think about!!
    Thank You!!!

    • Thanks, Steven 🙂

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