Pirate101: Pet Morphing Strategies

Article #4 in our Ideal Pet Odyssey Series


Morphing-Double-SigilSo now that you have a Pirate101 Perfect Pet in mind and know how to do Pirate101 Pet Training efficiently, the last thing you need to know is to figure out which pet morphing strategies give you the best chance to get there!

Before reviewing the strategies I used, it’s important that you understand talent order and power order for pets so we’ll cover it first.  We’ll briefly talk about inheritance in Pirate101 pet morphing too.

Just when you thought you were done with your high school fruit fly experiments on inheritance forever, it’s back like a bad cold that won’t go away! (muhahahaha!)

Talent and Power Order

The good news is that Pirate101 pet powers and talents are ordered (similar to Wizard101).

Think of a long list of all the Pirate101 pet powers.  The order of the powers listed in your pet’s pool is based on that list.  So if your pet has both “Grants Regroup” and “Grants Rally” in their pool, “Grants Regroup” will always be above “Grants Rally” since it’s higher on the list.


Note that the specific location of a talent can differ, sometimes significantly, depending on the other talents that are in the pool.  In the example above, notice how “Kraken’s Cave” is first for the Armadillo Verde but second for the Golden Stingtail.  That’s because “Kappa’s Waltz” is above it on the list but the Armadillo Verde doesn’t have it in the pool.  I’ve seen some examples where a power is high on one pet yet low on another.

In contrast, “Super Spell” is in the same place for both pets, although the talents above and below are different.  From the example above, we know that both “Super Shot” and “Epic Spell” are above “Super Spell” on the list but we don’t know whether “Super Shot” or “Epic Spell” come first on the list.

grizzly-beast-petsThis information sometimes can help you in selecting which pets to morph and if a talent/power is missing in your pool.  For example, if your pet manifests “Grants Turn the Tide” in the first position on the list then you know that you don’t have “Grants Blade Storm” in the pool, since it has to be above “Grants Turn the Tide”.  Again it’s not going to help you in every situation but can be helpful from time to time.

Now for the bad news: unfortunately almost all of the powers and talents that we want in our “perfect pet” have the same rarity: Epics for Talents and Ultra Rare for Powers.  And since there are more than 10 of each, if we have a pet with all Epic Powers and all Ultra Rare Talents (known as a max pedigree pet), we can’t be sure exactly which ones are in the pool unless we’ve hatched that pet with another multiple times and kept track of the manifested talents and powers.

So knowing talent and power order can help in Pirate101 but it won’t provide as much clarity as it does in Wizard101 since many of the powers or talents you want have the same rarity.

A request to KingsIsle to improve the Pirate101 pet training experience

Perfect Pet Odds: As Good as the Lottery?

Let’s face it: the odds of getting the exact talents and powers you want on a Pirate101 pet are much harder than Wizard101:

  • Wizard101 PvE or PvP pet: 5 out of 10 talents
  • Wizard101 Derby pet: 5 out of 10 talents and 5 out of 10 derby talents
  • Pirate101: 3 out of 10 powers and 3 out of 10 talents

The Frustration: No Control

Furthermore, in Wizard101, you typically can tell if your baby pet has your desired talents in it’s pool if you understand the talent order, since the rarity is different for many desired talents.  This feature is greatly valued by Wizard101 pet hatchers — just look at the uproar over the recently proposed pet view changes in the Wizard101 test realm.

In Pirate101, most of your desired talents and powers have the same rarity, which significantly lowers the benefit of understanding the power/talent order.  When you combine with the lower odds of getting the powers/talents you want in Pirate101, you’ve got a recipe for a more frustrating experience for pet morphing enthusiasts.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel (Hopefully not a Train)

But wait!  There’s actually a relatively simple change that could allow us to understand the power/talent pool for a baby Pirate101 pet much better:

Assign colors to rarity bars for each power/talent!

For example, Pirate101 could use 5 colors, such as yellow, red, green, blue, yellow and purple.  This way, Pirate101 could keep the rarities the same but give us the diversity needed to understand the pools better.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck with this request than Oliver Twist!


Here’s my understanding of the order for the most desirable powers and talents.  I’ve also included a few talents that can help you figure out what is in your pet’s pool.  Please let me know of any corrections and new “desirable talents” so that we can keep it up to date, since I haven’t seen a source of this info elsewhere.

Order of “Top” Powers

All powers are Epic unless noted below.

  1. Sandstorm (Rare; unsure of order)
  2. Grants Steadying Speech
  3. Grants Mutineers Grasp
  4. Grants Shark’s Fury
  5. Grants Brutal Charge
  6. Grants Regroup
  7. Grants Rally
  8. Grants Soulreaver
  9. Grants Jobu’s Kiss
  10. Grants Kraken’s Lament
  11. Grants Backstab
  12. Grants Cloud Spirit
  13. Time Warp (Rare)
  14. Rainbow Blessing (Rare)

Order of “Top” Talents and “Markers”

All talents are Ultra-Rare unless noted below

  1. Grants Blade Storm
  2. Grants Relentless
  3. Repel Boarders 1 (Rare; can be a good “mark”)
  4. Repel Borders 2
  5. Flanking 2
  6. Grants Burst Fire
  7. Grants Witch Hunter (unsure of order)
  8. Grants First Strike (unsure of order)
  9. First Strike 1 (Rare; can be a good “mark”)
  10. Grants Turn the Tide
  11. Webs 1
  12. Bloodsucker 2
  13. Charming Gaze 1
  14. Charming Gaze 2
  15. Scent 2 (Rare)
  16. Sneaky Sneaky 2
  17. Poisonous 2 (unsure of order)
  18. Merciless 2 (Rare; unsure vs. Sneaky Sneaky)
  19. Grants Tough 2
  20. Grants Dodgy 2
  21. Grants Accurate 1
  22. Grants Elusive



Morphing-Single-SigilWhen you morph two pets, the powers and talents of the baby are based on the parents, with the manifested talents/powers in the parent slightly more likely to show up in the baby.

From my perspective, here’s the easiest way to think about how the talents are selected for the baby:

  1. For each talent in each parent, throw in a card for that talent it in a bag
  2. For each manifested talent in each parent, throw another card for that talent
  3. Close your eyes and pick a card from the bag
  4. Repeat the process, ignoring any repeats, until you’ve picked 10 talents
  5. The first 3 talents picked will be the ones that manifest if trained

Personally, I think this approach is pretty darn close to what actually happens in both Pirate101 and Wizard101, since it would be easy to program.  Note two important caveats though:

  • It weights manifested talents by 2x (since there are 2 cards for each).  In my experience, the weighting appears to be more like 2.5x (although my sample size is small, so you can’t hold me to it!)
  • It assumes that there are not dominant talents, which is possible too.  In that scenario, the first talent picked for a parent would have the highest weighting, followed by the second, then third, etc.  This would allow some talents to be more dominant and show up more often in the offspring.  Using the card analogy again as an example:
    • 4 cards for the first talent picked in an adult
    • 3 cards for the second
    • 2 for the third
    • 1 for the rest

If someone knew the pools of two pets and could morph over 100 times (not sure how many are needed to have a significant sample), they could possibly tell us which approach is the real one based on the results.  Perhaps a community post?

And if you enjoy conspiracy theories, Leah has an interesting thought that dominance is based on how often a power or talent was present in the “breeding history” of a pet.  For example, if “Grants Elusive” was present in the parent, grandparent and great-grandparent of a pet, it would have a higher weighting than something that wasn’t present in the grandparents.  Interesting to think about, although proving it would be similar to solving world peace, so we’ll stick with the simpler theories for now!

Morphing for Max Pedigree

When I got into my pet morphing, my first objective was to try to develop a max pedigree pet (currently 700).  While it’s not guaranteed to have all the powers/talents I want, it seemed to be the most likely.

The best approach I found was to morph 3-4 times with a pet that can help bring up your pedigree.  Train the offspring and then repeat the process using the one with the best combination of pedigree and powers/talents manifested.

Here’s the morphs that I did with my first account:

Current pedigree: 216

Morph #1 Powers


Morph #1 Talents


Current pedigree: 462

Morph #2 Powers


Morph #2 Talents


Current pedigree: 551

Morph #3 Powers


Morph #3 Talents


Current pedigree: 630

Morph #4 Powers


Morph #4 Talents


Current pedigree: 650

Morph #5 Powers


Morph #5 Talents


Current pedigree: 660

Morph #6 Powers


Morph #6 Talents


Current pedigree: 670

Morph #7 Powers


Morph #7 Talents


Current pedigree: 700 (but wrong pet — I wanted a Kitty!)

Morph #8 Powers


Morph #8 Talents



Here’s the morphs that I did with my second account:

I don’t have access to these images right now.  To come in a couple weeks!

I don’t have access to these images right now.  To come in a couple weeks!


Morphing Max Pedigree for Your Ideal Talents/Powers

At this stage, you should have at least two max pedigree pets, along with several pets with some helpful talents/powers for your Pirates.  If you want to continue, your next step will be to start hatching them for the talents and power that you want.

I’ve used two strategies for pet training in Wizard101 and Pirate101.  I believe the first approach is better for Pirate101.

Jackrabbit_Ju-Ju_Doubloon_IconApproach #1: Take it to the Max

With this approach, we train all max pedigree pets to level 60 (to show all manifested powers and talents) if they have 4 or more of our desired powers/talents.

We train all pets to level 60 except if:

  • It doesn’t get one of my six desired talents at level 10
  • It gets 2 undesired powers/talents (so one undesired power/talent is okay)

This approach seems to work well in Pirate101 since we often are targeting different kinds of pets for different Pirates and the randomness of the powers/talents manifested make it difficult to follow approach #2.

Approach #2: Slow and Steady

turtleIn this approach we only morph pets that only have desired powers/talents (we’ll call these “perfect” pets).  The specific approach is:

  • Start with two “perfect” level 30 pets (i.e., with all the powers/talents you want in the pool and only desired powers/talents manifested)
  • Morph them until you get a “perfect” level 40 pet
  • Morph the level 40 with a level 30 until you get a second “perfect” level 40
  • Repeat the process with the level 40s until you get two “perfect” level 50s
  • Repeat the process with the level 50s until you get a “perfect” level 60

This approach was effective for me with Wizard101 pet training since I never lost ground when a pet failed.  In Pirate101, however, it just didn’t seem as efficient nor effective.

Good luck with your Pirate101 Pet Morphing!  Please let us know if you have any other strategies that work well or if you discover any information to improve this article.


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