Pirate101: Ship PvP Guide
(Beginner’s Course)


Let’s Give it a Chance

Ship PvP hasn’t been around for too long, but it feels that the motivation to actually go out and fight isn’t quite there yet. I feel this is partially due to people being unprepared to fight. They don’t have the latest and best gear possible and possibly don’t understand the tricks to surviving. I have fallen in love with ship PvP and with this mini series I aim on helping our readers boost their chances of winning in a 1v1.

Before I get into the actual guide, there’s a few things I’d like to point out:

  1. Not all ships in PvP are nor should be identical. You can use ANY ship to PvP with and frankly I encourage it.
  2. Not all the gear for your ship is coming from the crown shop. Still, at least 2 pieces will, even though they are not 100% needed to win.
  3. You must be level 70 to PvP with a high Nautical Experience level, end of story.


Why Should you Try out Ship PvP? 

Although it is true that there isn’t really any form of incentive to PvP (yet), ship PvP doesn’t really require you to invest all that much time. While you’re waiting for a ranked match to begin (which usually takes 15 minutes up to hours), just do a quick run along the ship arena to see if anyone is itching to fight ships with you.

  Ship PvP Guide

(accurate facial expression of my readers)


Why Should I Bother Doing Ship PvP ?

Yes, you already have quests that require me to kill so many ships. Still, questing and ship PvP are not alike at all. In PvP, you’re facing a much tougher battle. The rush of chasing down opponents is what sets the whole experience of ship PvP apart from regular questing. The feeling that you get after sinking and evading others is also what motivates me to keep on doing it.

In addition, I would like to encourage people to give ship PvP more love. It’s going to be tougher to justify ever bringing ranked PvP ship battles if there isn’t already a decent chunk of interest . The dreams of champion ship weapons, the dreams of playing with clans, and so much more, would die off. Even though this is just a bunch of clicking and RNG, don’t feel discouraged!


What Ship Should you Use?

You can basically use any ship you want as long as it is level 70 with access to “good” ship gear. I would recommend the Aquilian ships since they are easy to PvP with, but if you do want to go more unique, try out any other ship. I am currently building my Mooshu ship with top notch gear from farming and bazaar hunting. If you want to really stand out from a crowd, try out a bundle or holiday themed ship, it’s the perfect chance to show off.

Ship PvP Guide

What Ship Gear Do I Use?

When I first started doing ship PvP, I got way too excited and purchased every single high tier ship gear for my Aquilian ship. I must have spent over 10k crowns and it wasn’t that great an investment considering I’m only using 3 pieces of that gear. As I looked into the bazaar and farmed for gear myself, I noticed a few pieces of gear that worked just as well or even better. This is good in the sense that the entry level for ship PvP isn’t outrageous. For anyone wanting to copy what I use, here is a quick overview of what I use, I have found success with this build so far.

Ship PvP Guide

The minimum Nautical experience you will want to achieve is 65! Use your companions to help you or gather some friends and farm Aquila mob ships to attain more levels.

How Do I Access the Ship Arena?

The arena’s proper name is High Noon Cannon, and it can be accessed through Skull Island! Don’t be confused with Pirate Regatta (the blue teleporter), the one we’re after is the red one. I highly recommend you mark your location in case you have to refuel or simply die. Please be aware as of now, the arena is quite small.

Ship PvP Guide

How Do I Kill Other Ships?

Ship PvP is a free for all, so anyone you see is potentially your enemy unless you form an alliance. The leaderboards will give you an idea of how many people are around and who’s been killing the most ships off.  Using the keyboard with “[” and “]” will help you auto target, perfect for spotting tiny clicks and to avoid wasting time aiming with your mouse.  When attacking other ships, it’s important to try to avoid their attacks. Use your boost to get near to attack and then immediately get out of range before they can land their powers on you.  There is a ship boss that will occasionally spawn in the arena (not sure why Tom thought this would be a good idea) so avoid this ship! That boss ship is insanely strong, there is no way for anyone to solo it.


Ship PvP Guide

That’s about it.
Kill or get killed!



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