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Two Round Strategy

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NOTE: This strategy is obsolete. DoTs are no longer effective on Tenni’syn and will be reflected!

We’ve already reviewed wooden skeleton key boss Roberto over here. Now it’s time to check the more challenging of the two new skeleton key bosses: Corporal Tenni’syn. He’s located in the sewers of Empyria and you’ll need a golden skeleton key in order to unlock the doors that lead to him.

Corporal Tenni’syn – The Boss

As this is a speed run guide and we’ve finished the fight in two rounds, we didn’t have an opportunity to test his other cheats.

One of his notable cheats is “feint cleansing”. If you cast a feint, he’ll say “Ah, clever! Don’t do that again”. This cheat partially prevents you from placing another feint in the SAME round. If you place another feint in the same round, he’ll try to remove two last traps, that you put on him. This means you can use another feint in other rounds or use a little workaround to place a second feint in the same round. Use this to your advantage!

The Strategy

The two round strategy revolves around the Fire school, so you’ll need at least one fire wizard. As an alternative, you can use some wizards with Fire mastery amulets. Your team will also need some pack gear for the two-round kill.

Here are the requirements:

  • Two stackable feints.Corporal Tenni'syn incindiate
  • Two stackable backdrafts. One trained and one from gear. Either Tiki Boots of Riptides from the Islanders pack, Glorious Chivalric crown from Knight’s pack or Salamander’s Dashing Tunic from the crown shop. You’ll also need a fire mastery amulet in case a non-fire wizard will use the spell. A tc backdraft can also work but those are rare (IMPORTANT: Potent backdraft and trained backdraft DO NOT STACK)
  • Frenzy or Berserk aura on the hitter. It’s safer than a blade since it can’t be removed and gives a comparable boost.
  • A fire trap.
  • Heckhound. If the hitter is a non-Fire wizard they’ll also need a Fire mastery amulet.
  • The Incindiate spell card from Dalia’s Smoldering Hairdo (Professor’s hoard pack – see picture on the right). Non-fire wizards will also need a mastery amulet for that.

Putting all the pieces together, that brings us to the winning strategy:

  1. Feint – Backdraft – Frenzy – Fire trap
  2. Different Backdraft – Different Feint – Heckhound – Incindiate

This strategy should have more than enough buffs to kill in the second round, even if your hitter doesn’t have 150% damage.

If you’re interested in seeing this strategy used in action, check the video below. We designed a basic strategy; the spells that should be used and approximate order. We didn’t perfect it on the first try, so you have a great opportunity to check the process of creating a perfect strat. If you’re only interested in the actual winning battle, skip to 14:05


Optimizing the Strategy

Since the feint cheat removes “only” two feints, we can squeeze another one in our strategy. We just need to use the protection spell: Indemnity. As long as you follow the order, protect your traps and the boss doesn’t cast his regular “cleanse all traps” spell you should be fine.

  1. Potent feint – Indemnity Backdraft – Frenzy – Indemnity feint
  2. Item Backdraft – Item/TC Feint – Heckhound – Incindiate

So, let’s analyze what exactly would happen in the fight if we’d use this strategy. Using the first feint would trigger a warning to not use it again for the round being. Since the cheat removes “only” the last two traps, all that is going to happen is the removal of the indemnities from the second Feint and first Backdraft.

Corporal Tenni'syn cards

You can also try adapting this strategy to do a 2 round kill without using a second backdraft card. Using something like Backdraft, triple Feint with Frenzy and regular trap might work. Especially if you have a Fire with something like 160% damage and an Epic enchanted HeckHound. It’s not tested (or calculated) yet, so it would definitely be a fun experiment to try out!

Bonus Tip

Corporal Tenni’syn has a similar “pulling mechanic” as the Rat in Polaris. The wizard who enters first will always be in the first spot, and the wizard who enters second will always be in the second spot etc. When you were fighting Rasputin, your hitter had to port out of the dungeon and return via Dungeon Recall in order to secure the hitter going last.

Porting out isn’t needed anymore, due to the location being split into two parts. Once you enter the dungeon you’ll have an area without anything except the doors that lead to the boss. Simply unlock them and make sure that your wizards enter the second room in the correct order! (Note that the person who opens the door gets pulled into the room once the lock is fully open so plan accordingly.

Have you come up with any other Speed Run techniques for Tenni’syn? Let us know in the comments below!


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