Admiral’s Bundle


Admiral's Bundle

Pirate101’s second ever bundle got released in the fall of 2012. The Admiral’s Bundle was a worthy follow-up to the Boochbeard Bundle! If you’re a royal captain that is willing to serve the fancy marleybonians and join the royal navy, you’ll definitely need this bundle to serve her majesty’s royal navy!

Admiral’s Bundle Gear

First off, The Royal Navy’s Bicorne, Robe and Boots. There’s no royal navy captain without a dress to impress the commanders of her majesty’s navy. This fancy looking gear is made especially for you!

Admiral's Bundle Gear

The only tier available right now is the 65 tier as follows:


The Royal Naval Sabre

The key to every pirate’s victory is the weapon. But the key to every naval pirate’s victory? The Navy’s Sabre! One of the finest weapons you’ll ever have for your marleybonian defenses. It comes with these tiers:

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle

The Marleybone Skiff and Figurehead

There’s no royal navy captain without a ship. The Admiral’s Bundle introduces you to a Marleybone skiff with a Figurehead to tackle against the foes of the skies like never before!

Admiral's Bundle Marleybone Skiff

Admiral's Bundle Figurehead

Marleybone Skiff Tiers

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle

Marleybone Figurehead Tiers

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle

Handsome Dan Companion

There’s no pirate without a faithful ally! Handsome Dan leaves the life of the royal navy to assist you in your fights and join the world of piracy. He’s not just the greatest striker, he’s also the greatest doctor. As such, he is going to assist you when you’re wounded with his rouse heal!

Admiral's Bundle Companion


The Pirate’s Nest Add-On

Last, but not least! This bundle comes with a very cool housing item add-on you can interact with in your very own house: the Pirate’s nest. This beauty shall help you see your house with a greater view from high up. But not just your house. You’ll also see the enemies attacking you from the skies of your house!

Admiral's Bundle Pirate's Nest

Admiral's Bundle Pirate's Nest View

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