Melee Musketeer Series Part 1
Best of Both Worlds

We’re diving straight in this time like the daredevils we are! You can read more about this project here. No introductions this time around (because it’s part 1, obviously, heh) so let’s get right down to business.


The Hybrid Build

When you think about the best of both worlds, it really doesn’t get much better that a sword-wielding musketeer. With a shooty/melee (or hybrid) weapon and the proper pet talents and practice points, we can get access to relentless 2, burst fire 2, doubletap 3, and bladestorm (not essential). In addition to a normal melee hit, you can get up to 9 (10 with bladestorm) additional hits PER TURN. I repeat, PER. TURN.

If this sounds pretty amazing to you it’s probably because it is. Right next to our signature hail of cannonballs, these chains are the primary source of damage output. The naturally high agility and accuracy of musketeers (along with a sprinkle of rng) allows us to execute massive damage spikes. When you mix these tempo-changing, health-draining chains of pain with the trap-setting, hazard-weaving musketeer-ing we’re already capable of, you’ll create an absolute nightmare.

Side Note: While I was writing this section, I took out a full health privateer out in 2 turns. Winning the 1v4 scenario I was in (curse you Nausica) went from impossible to inevitable in a single chain.


The Gear

Gladiator’s Galea- from Empire Bundle

Ranchero’s Finery- dropped by Tyson

Gladiator’s Gaiters- Empire Bundle

Haywire Armada Blade- dropped in Dreadnaught

Orthrus’ Sinister Eyepatch- dropped by Crab Thugs in Crab Tunnels

Jewel of Moo Manchu- dropped in Tower of Moo Manchu

Apollo’s Necklace- dropped by Zeena

Southern Cross Gem- dropped by Water Guardian

Lord Hunter- my lovely hybrid Santa Claws pet ^^ Both Relentless and Burst Fire are a must in order to really make this build what it is.

Practice Points

  • Fast 2 — 4 practice points: We need every last square that we can! While we don’t want to let the opponent get too close, being in range of them gives us a few, more audacious options to explore.
  • Smashy Weapons 2 and Relentless— 5 practice points: With these we can maximize potential damage output, which is the entire point of the build.
  • Burst Fire — 1 practice point: Of course we want that extra hit or two!
  • Spooky 2 — 5 practice points: This is a universal staple talent in my opinion.
  • Gunnery, Rouse, and Valor’s Shield — 3 practice points: The famous privateer power trio!

With the last 2 points, there are 2 routes one can take;

Mighty Charge and Witch Hunter: Mighty Charge is great for a late game “frenzy” or just to slash away your opponent’s health bar. The glancing blow hit adds to the chance of a follow up chain. Witch Hunter I would hope speaks for itself. *wink*


Sneak Attack and Walk in Shadows: Though the first route might help with overall damage output, the second hide could prove to be optimal in the long run. I periodically find myself in a tight spot where I could benefit from being “safe” for a round or two to regroup.

Here’s my power setup, with mighty charge + witch hunter


melee musket talent view

And with that, buccaneers have their competition for deadliest unit on the battleboard! (Minus the utilities of course *evil grin*)

In the next part I’ll be going over companions and the stage by stage gameplan that has yet to fail me.

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