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As you may have recently heard, the Wizard101 Europe servers will be shutting down very soon this year. For those of you unaware, Wizard101 (UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek) was previously available on different servers hosted by Gameforge instead of Kingsisle. As of now, no further account registrations are possible, but that doesn’t mean it all ends there!

It has been announced that there will be new EU servers hosted by Kingsisle. This will allow accounts that are currently hosted by Gameforge to be transitioned to these new servers. It is important to note that these will be separate servers to the North American servers currently hosted by Kingsisle.

Do I need to do anything?

This process is NOT automatic. If you have an account over at Wizard101 EU, make sure your email address registered at Gameforge is correct. This is due the fact that you are meant to receive a specific code that will help you transition between servers. Without this code you won’t be able to migrate your account.

Starting from May 16th 2022, the registration to migrate your EU account should commence. Make sure to check out the full details on their FAQ page.

What happens in the meantime?

Until this process takes place, Wizard101 EU servers will still allow players to continue enjoying their wizarding experience. On top of that, there are several benefits to enjoy throughout this period including a free membership!

Additionally, once Gameforge players are able to access their accounts after the transition they will obtain other rewards. Not only will players be provided the Wings of Kings mount and Dragon of Kings pet, but also a two-week membership to get them started!

On the other hand, I failed to see any information regarding future updates to these servers. Traditionally, Wizard101 Europe servers were introduced with game updates such as the release of new worlds at a much later date compared to Kingsisle servers. Will this be the case going forward? I believe that the latest world release on these servers is currently Empyrea. Thus, if the servers will be in sync, EU players will be able to enjoy Karamelle and Lemuria in one go!

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