Wizard101 Spring 2022
Test Realm Trainable Spells

Test realm is here with lots of surprises including many changes to PvP and the addition of PvP Leagues. Within the Spring 2022 test realm, there are some new trainable spells for some schools! Balance Ice, Life and Myth wizards finally get their missing single-target spell.

Each spell also gets its own Spellement paths alongside many other spells which we will be covering in separate articles. These spells were previously available in the form of Treasure cards, and after being properly balanced they’re now available as trainable spells!

Gearhead Destroyer

  • Level: 20
  • Requirements: Sandstorm
  • Trainer: Arthur Wethersfield & Alhazred
  • Spell Effect: 345-405 balance damage to target

Spellement Path


Blight Hound

  • Level: 33
  • Requirements: Balefrost
  • Trainer: Lydia Greyrose
  • Spell Effect: 420-500 ice damage to target

Spellement Path


Earth Walker

  • Level: 33
  • Requirements: Satyr
  • Trainer: Moolinda Wu
  • Spell Effect: 420-500 life damage to target

Spellement Path


Stone Colossus

  • Level: 38
  • Requirements: Minotaur
  • Trainer: Cyrus Drake
  • Spell Effect: 560-640 myth damage to target

Spellement Path


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