Wizard101 Lifehacks РPart 2

Tricks, tricks, and more tricks! This article is meant to help you discover the hidden techniques used in Wizard101 to help make your life easier. After all, isn’t that what lifehacks are all about? In this article you can find both simple and slightly more advanced tricks as a follow-up to Eric Stormbringer’s article here.


Backpack Item Lock

The very first thing you should do when creating a new wizard is to turn on ‘Backpack Item Lock’. This option will let you lock items in your backpack and avoid accidentally trashing anything valuable. You can easily turn it on from the game settings, ‘Gameplay Options 2’. Additionally, if you obtained some rare jewels you also have the option to lock them with this feature.

Item Lock Lifehacks


Transferring a Garden

How many times have you found yourself trying to start a new garden on a wizard that has a low gardening rank and/or is a low level? I do hope I’m not the only one! With the occasional double gardening rewards benefit for members, I now have enough seeds to garden on 6 wizards. On the other hand, I haven’t started gardening on all of them yet. This issue has held me back quite a few times, specially because the thought of starting over gets me anxious.

Luckily, now you can transfer your houses between wizards. Why luckily? Because with a house you can also transfer a fully eldered garden for your new wizard to harvest and reap the rewards. This will instantly boost your rank as you can see below. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reach rank 15 immediately¬†in order to train ‘Plant All’ from Roger the Shrubber in Abbey Road.

Also, to see how you can build a stacked garden see misthead’s article here. I took the liberty of trying this out myself and here are the results. Additionally, I’d like to point out that this transferred garden was harvested during the member benefit.

Gardening Lifehacks
Gardening Lifehacks
A total of 68 elder Couch Potatoes with double rewards (68 x 6000xp = 408,000xp). In conclusion, the results were a head start to rank 12!

In addition to this, you need to keep in mind the rules to transferring houses in the shared bank. Each house can be transferred once every 90 days. Also, it cannot have:

  • mannequins with no trade gear equipped
  • any teleporter links (to or from)
  • no trade weapons on walls
  • no trade housing items
  • pets or mounts


Transferring seeds between your Wizards

Are you all too familiar with the problem of having to click ‘Move to Shared Bank’ only a few thousand times? A seed vault can be of help! Just keep one handy in the shared bank and whenever you want to transfer large amounts of seeds, you can just stash them in it.


Shirataki Temple Farming

This dungeon in Mooshu has been around from the very beginning and some of you probably have already farmed for some of the neat school design gear, or simply to gain access to the spell recipe vendor. The problem is that it‚Äôs a long dungeon to go through. Here is where the trickery comes in! However, for this to work you’ll need more than 1 wizard.

The first thing you have to do is defeat Shoji for the key to go through the first gate. Whenever you fight him, make sure that there are all wizards present. To easily explain this, imagine that Shoji drops a key but gives it to EACH wizard, and the key stays with the wizard until it is used, even if you leave the dungeon or quit. Therefore, for the next 3 runs you’ll be able to skip Shoji by letting a teammate open the gate for you. Then head right over to the main temple where the Plague Oni will be waiting without the need to do the entire dungeon.


Fish Speed

This trick works to identify rare fish from other common fish in the same pond. However, you need to pay extreme attention to how the fish are moving around. First I suggest that you use spells that will increase your odds like winnowing the fish by school and rank. Then observe the remaining few fish and spot the odd ones!

For instance, the Silver Streak in the Emperor’s Retreat moves exceptionally fast. Other similar examples would be the Cranky Catfish in the Commons, and the Musushi in Crimson Fields. Both these fish are surrounded with other fish of the same rank and the same school, so the speed is what you must look for!


Got any other lifehacks¬†you’d like to share with everyone?
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