Wizard City: Guide to the Smiths
By Master Of Wraiths




Hey, everyone knows those pesky Zeke finder quests, right? Here’s the first of them!

Olde town Smith

First, you can find the Olde Town smith right next to Gloria Krendell, behind the corner of the house she’s standing in front of.



Shopping District Smith

The Shopping District Smith is behind some of the houses in the District. Go through the small opening right of the Jewel shop!



Fairegrounds Smith

Next, you can find the Commons smith in the Fairegrounds. It’s behind a tree on the far end of the Fairegrounds.



Golem Court Smith

The Golem Court Smith is perhaps the easiest to find of them all. It’s just standing behind the Golem Tower next to a tree.



Ravenwood Smith

In Ravenwood, the smith is on the right side of the School of Myth, near the ravine.



Unicorn Way Smith

You will need to do some running for the Unicon Way smith, because it’s at the very end of the area. Just keep going further until you get to the Hedge Maze. It’s right outside of that place!

zeke wizard city smiths-training-point-unicorn-way


Colossus Boulevard Smith

Likewise, in Colossus Boulevard, the smith is at the very end of the area. Keep following the winding round until you come close to Hildreth Perch. It’s in the grass there.

zeke wizard city smiths-training-point-colossus-boulevard


Fire Cat Alley Smith

The Fire Cat Alley smith is situated next to Fireglobe Theatre, on the right side.

zeke wizard city smiths-training-point-fire-cat-alley


Triton Avenue Smith

In Triton Avenue, you go up to the little waterfalls and go to the very end of the row of waterfalls, on the left side.

zeke wizard city smiths-training-point-triton-avenue


Cyclops Lane Smith

In Cyclops Lane, the smith is standing in the Festival Park on a stretch of grass.



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