Treasure Cards Worth Collecting:
A Hoarder’s List

Hello, I am misthead and I’m a hoarder. I hoard lots of different things, but today’s topic is treasure cards! During certain periods, I spend hour upon hour in the Bazaar checking out Elik’s supply.

If you want to be a hoarder too, I will list some of the rarer treasure cards to look out for in the Bazaar. I’m obviously not listing everything that would be nice to collect. I will focus on the TC I personally collect. For each TC I will mention what it is used for. This is a highly personal list, which does by no means include every rare treasure card there is. I want to thank Jeremy RavenHunter for providing the PvP implications part of each spell!


Loremaster – Rarity:

Sources: dropped by Sword Fern plants and also from battling Loremaster or Deep Spawn (in Khrysalis).

Used for: Loremaster treasure cards are used in many crafting recipes. First off, you need them to craft the Loremaster spell of course! You also need them to craft the statues of the Arcanum teachers. The recipe for that is sold by Ignus Ferric, the Arcanum Fire teacher. In addition, the beautiful crafted Khrysalis wands also require Lore TC.

PvP implications: The bread and butter of every balance. While the TC itself isn’t commonly used in arena, it’s still a card you should get if the opportunity arises. It’s one of the strongest spells in game and a requirement to craft the actual spell. Every (or at least the big majority of) Balance wizards with the legendary artisan badge has it, which tells it all.

Stone Wall – Rarity:

Sources: Exclusive to the Immortal’s Lore pack, so slightly hard to get a hold of sometimes.

PvP implications: There are set tri-shields to every school, but this one stands out. It’s the only set shield to the Balance school (which means it can’t be wanded off) and nice way to shut down lore spammers. Balance-Ward + Stone Wall is a pretty powerful combination.

Steel Giant – Rarity:

Sources: I love these though I have yet to use them. They’re a drop from the Winterland pack and can also be dropped by bosses in Polaris.

PvP implications: Fantastic and underused spell for low/mid PvP. For 4 pips, you get back loaded DoT for all enemies. Which basically translates into »I’m a great minion killer.« Did your opponent shield? No problem! As an extra you’ll also remove their tower shields.


Sirocco Djinni – Rarity:

Sources: This TC can only be required by doing the Zafaria Telegraph Box during the fire B.O.X.E.S. event. Needless to say it’s very rare. I’ll be on the lookout for this one when the event comes back!

PvP implications: Unlike Loremaster, this spell can’t be crafted, so you can only use the TC in PvP. This means that you can’t enchant it with eg. Colossal. Still, the 90% weakness is well worth it. The spell still does a fair amount of damage at low and mid levels and locks your opponent out of attacking. At max levels it’s a strong spell if you need to buy an extra round because opponent has Shrike up.



Death Bat – Rarity:

Sources: These can be found aplenty in the Bazaar when the Halloween packs are available. The rest of the year, they’re fairly rare. I only collect these to give to Dawny, who uses them in PvP. Maybe some day, I’ll start hoarding them for real.

PvP implications: This death spell is good for any school. It’s a 1 pip DoT, which is perfect to get rid of weaknesses and several tower shields. If you’re not death, you even get bonus points for keeping your blades.

Red Ghost – Rarity:

Sources: These are just a personal favorite to me. I have red ghost pets that give this card, but I’ve been collecting the TC version for as long as I can remember. Maybe one day they’ll come in handy! You can find these in the Winter Wonder pack, which means these are fairly common on the Bazaar right now. Get them while you still can!

PvP implications: Very useful card for Death wizards. Since Death doesn’t have a damage bubble, this is the only alternative. Getting either a pet with the Red Ghost card or stockpiling its TC version will make your life easier. While it does cost you 3 pips, you knock off your opponent’s set shield, their bubble and put up your own. Just be careful when you use it, because they will probably want to get rid of it.

Doom and Gloom -85% – Rarity:

Sources: Doom and Gloom TCs are not rare. However, the version that’s readily available only reduces healing to 75%. The one I collect has 85% healing reduction! These are only found in the Eye of Bartleby pack. If you don’t remember this pack, I don’t blame you. It isn’t really worth its price in my opinion.

PvP implications: This stronger version of TC doom is good to fight the toughest jades. For regular fights, 75% is more than enough, but if you’ll be fighting someone with a large incoming and outgoing healing boost, then 85% is a way to go. Just like with Red Ghost, be careful when you use it, because your opponent will probably replace it with sanctuary during the next round.


Triage – Rarity:

Sources: Triage isn’t exceptionally rare. I have quite a few stocked away and should probably stop hoarding these. Old habits die hard! It’s dropped by Ivy League plants and several bosses around the Spiral.

PvP implications: A must have spell of anyone in PvP. Regardless of level, school and your skill level – you need a few copies in your deck. Every school (except storm/balance) has the option to attack you with heavy dot attacks and removing 2 ticks (or only 1 if you’re second) can make the difference between winning or losing, between living or dying.

Brulee Sucre – Rarity:

treasure cards worth collecting

Sources: This TC can only be received from the Immortal’s Lore pack. As such, there are usually very few of them available.

PvP implications: You don’t see this spell used much in PvP. While you can’t enchant it, it still does decent damage and returns a nice amount of health. Granted, it’s a heal over time, but its hp at the end is similar to Satyr’s. You just pay 2 extra pips for a 500 damage dot. It has possibilities for some creative strategies – they just have to be found.




Shift – Rarity:

Sources: This TC is dropped by various bosses in Mirage. It can also be a reward in the Wysteria Lore pack. These days, Shift is less rare than it was before, but they won’t be in the Bazaar for long!

PvP implications: Triage’s big brother. Not only you remove a DoT from yourself, you also throw it back to your opponent. Due to its rare nature and high pip cost it’s bit risky to use it from second, but shifting a big DoT attack is almost an assured win in most cases.

Aftershock – Rarity:

Sources: My luck with Aftershocks in the Bazaar has been terrible as of late. You can get this TC as a reward from the Shaman’s Lore pack. It’s also one of the possible rewards for tourneys.

PvP implications: If Shift is Triage’s big brother, then Aftershock is Earthquake’s little brother. It costs 4 pips but can’t be enchanted. That’s not a problem here, since dealing damage isn’t the primary focus of the spell. It removes all blades and shields from the opponent and kills a minion. That’s a great deal for 4 pips, even if you don’t rock a mastery amulet.



Healing Current – Rarity:

Sources: A drop from the Winterland Pack. As far as I know, nobody else collects these. I have had this vague dream of one day trying PvP with a Storm mastery. I’ve been hoarding these TC for that for more than a year already. Let’s see if I ever get to use them!

PvP implications: A spell that probably doesn’t have much use in PvP as tc. Maybe lower leveled Storms might use it, who didn’t learn it yet and don’t have Life ammy or are feeling adventerous. But for everyone else, life heals are better/safer alternative. (misthead: Shush, Jeremy, I will rock the PvP boat with this some day).

Storm Efreet – Rarity:

Sources: Storm’s version of Efreet is pretty cool! This TC is only dropped in the Zafaria Telegraph box during the Five B.O.X.E.S. event, making it very rare.

PvP implications: This special storm spell is nice hit/utility spell. Many players will put stun blocks up as soon as possible when fighting Storm. With that, they remove one of the few combinations that posses a threat from Storm wizards – Storm lord combo. But luckily, there is the Storm Efreet alternative. It won’t always make them fizzle, but it’s a nice wild card to have.

Lightning Elf – Rarity:

treasure cards worth collecting

Sources: These are awesome little buggers for getting rid of shields! Only dropped by Krampus.

PvP implications: A must have spell for any Storm. Since Storms don’t blade much anyway, it’s bit easier to use it than for example the regular Fire elf. It’s a great way to get rid of set shields/tower shields and open up opponent for free hit. It could also simply make them waste shields in anticipation of an incoming hit.



Arcticzilla – Rarity:

Sources: This TC is dropped in several places in Mirage. It’s also in the Skyvern’s Hoad pack.

PvP implications: This spell is pretty popular among Ice wizards and with good reason. Sacrificing 10% accuracy will get you damage that’s stronger than an Epic enchanted Wyvern, which would cost you the same amount of pips.


Firezilla – Rarity:

Sources: I just like collecting zillas, I guess… This one comes also from the Skyvern’s Hoad pack. In addition, Boom Shrooms and Bell Peppers drop them.

PvP implications: Fire version of Arcticzilla. Strong spell, which is good to finish off the opponents. Not as popular as ice counterpart, since Brimstone revenant provides nice alternative. Enchanted damage is comparable and it gives additional trap, which is great for incomming combinations.

Ashen Bones – Rarity:

treasure cards worth collecting

Sources: There are two TC versions of Ashen Bones. This is the rarer one that does 1000 damage over 3 rounds. It’s from the Witch’ Hoad pack.  If you’re less of a snob, you could settle for the less rare version that gives 222 + 948 damage.

PvP implications: A hard hitting overtime – the Fire version of Death’s Skeletal Dragon. Yet another over-time spell added to Dire’s arsenal. Despite being an unenchantable card, it still deals a fair amount of damage. If we don’t count the initial hit (that most of the time will land on shields), the over time itself deals more damage than the Epic enchanted Death version.

Raging Kraken – Rarity:

Sources: Surprisingly, only available from gardening Boiled Peanuts. I think the wiki might be missing a source, these are not THAT rare.

PvP implications: A hard hitting 3 pip Fire spell that does same amount as a Gargantuan enchanted Sunbird for the cost of 5% lower accuracy. It’s a nice finishing spell for those cases when the wiz gods turn their back on you and give you a regular instead of power pip.

Don’t go steal all my TC
in the Bazaar now, you hear me!

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