Wizard101 Spell Idea:
Combustible Spells

We all know the effects of common global spells (or bubbles) such as Doom and Gloom and Wyldfire. In addition there are the global spells that showed up in Khrysalis. They provided us with stats that have never been seen on globals before, critical and pierce effects. The idea of combustible spells continues to build up on these.

The Basics

They’re a shadow infused global spell that will combust after an X amount of rounds, which will also deal an amount of damage to ALL players in the duel circle (that means both sides of the circle). This combines Star and Shadow magic with that of another tertiary school, your school. I assume that you’re all asking the same question, “Why on earth would I want to cast this?”. The answer is obviously for the stats provided from the global spell which would work similarly to that of Shadow Self spells such as Shadow Shrike.

Combustible Spells Result

No, I’m not proposing the idea of giving everyone in the duel circle a Shrike. The effects would be something different. Personally, I first thought of combining 3 different stats together, such as resist (non-universal), accuracy, and stun resist. However, those are just one possibility out of a million! The different stat combinations that could be implemented are endless.

An alternative effect style

I also ran this with our spell expert, Eric Stormbringer, and he suggested a completely different, but potential effect. What if the global spell could have a 75% chance of cleansing charms, or maybe a 50% chance to steal a blade?

No matter how many possible effect combinations we can come up with, my main focus with this article is purely on the ‘combust’ mechanic and it’s specifics:

  • If another combustible spell is cast while one is already active, the current global will explode dealing only 25% of the damage that should be inflicted.
  • Spell cost will be 1 Shadow pip and 2 regular pips (1 power pip).
  • Duration of the spells would vary between 3 to 4 rounds, just like a typical shadow or star spell’s duration.
  • The damage from when the spell gets combusted works just like backlash. It doesn’t affect any shields, de/buffs and stats, and it deals a % of your health. Now I know that this could be lethal in some scenarios, especially since it can potentially be abused. However, I was thinking that the backlash would be fixed between 5%-10% of your health, which is a lot for a boss creature.


What are your thoughts on combustible spells? Would you consider adding them into your spell decks?

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