Spell Balancing in Wizard101
Modeling the Spell Audit

In my most recent article, I talked about the spell balancing system that the Wizard101 Devs have used, and will continue to use, when auditing old spells and creating new spells. If you haven’t read that article yet, I highly suggest you do, as this article will assume you’ve read that one (or at least understand the balancing system). Click here to go to that article. Also, make sure to check out what has already happened during the audit by checking out what spells have already changed here.

EDIT: Note that this entire article was written before 8/5/2020, and the content has not been changed since. This note is irrelevant to most readers, so please carry on.


Though my previous article contains an excellent approximation of the function the Devs use to calculate damage, I recently figured out the exact function they use (as well as some rounding and order of operations standards). This was not something I could be sure of in the last article, though the explicit function and calculation methods I talk about in it are both an excellent approximation of what they do and easier to perform quick calculations with.

My hope is that this article will serve as both an informational guide for players on what to expect out of the rest of the spell audit, and also as a way to give some suggestions to the Devs on how to deal with certain specific spells (looking at you, Pigsie).

Standard DPP Spells

Without further ado, take a look at the below tabs to see how the rest of the spells could change. First, check out the tab below to see what Standard DPP spells are likely to change in the near future (all of my audit versions of these cards were made using Legends of the Spiral’s card maker – thanks to them!):

Fire Spells

Comments: Heck Hound should be affected by a damage reduction given to X-pip spells. Here, it sits at slightly below base Fire DPP. Note that what the X-pip devaluation will be (numerically) has not been decided; therefore, this  balancing (and my balancing for all other X-pip spells) is both a suggestion and a prediction.


Comments: Fire Elf should be pushed down to the curve. The original Devs balanced properly it when the game was released, but the spell was later pushed up to 100 initial damage.


Comments: The Links in these spell balancings are adjusted to put 75% of their Rank towards damage, and 25% towards healing at Life’s heal DPP. I didn’t price in the heals as utilities (based on keeping the numbers similar to what they are currently).


Comments: In this spell balancing, Immolate is adjusted to deal 2 Ranks of damage to the user and 6 Ranks to the target. I didn’t price in the self damage as a negative effect.


Comments: Scald should be pushed up to the curve. This spell balancing rounds to the nearest 15 instead of 5 to account for the 3 round DoT.

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Ice Spells

Comments: Frostbite and Colossus were already changed. No other Ice spells seem to need adjusting.

Storm Spells

Comments: No Storm spells need adjusting. If anything, Tempest may get a slight buff (to 85 per pip), but it isn’t necessary.

Life Spells

Comments: This spell balancing pushes Dryad down to the Life heal curve, and then factors in an X-pip reduction.


Comments: This spell balancing pushes Sprite down to the curve. Minor Blessing could also get a slight buff, but it isn’t necessary and I probably wouldn’t buff it. Pixie and Fairy likely won’t (and shouldn’t) change since they’re more of a baseline spell given to all schools. Either way, they’re very close to the curve (though their accuracy is higher at 100%).


Comments: Unicorn’s healing should be pushed up to the standard Life heal curve. As a result, it should also pushed down to standard Life accuracy.


Comments: Satyr should be pushed down to match the curve.


Comments: Regenerate should be pushed up to match the curve.

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Death Spells

Comments: Poison is currently very slightly above the curve, though this could easily go unchanged.


Comments: These old drains are slightly off-curve, with Vampire especially being noticeably above. These spell balancings also round to the nearest 10 instead of 5.

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Myth Spells

Comments: Earthquake was already changed, and no other Myth spells need adjusting.

Balance Spells

Comments: Judgement should be adjusted to account for an X-pip reduction. I could see it going down to 80, but 85 seems reasonable considering context.


Comments: This spell balancing would put Helping Hands in line with Availing Hands. I would probably reduce both of the Hands’ accuracies to 85%. The other option is to nerf Availing Hands, but I think the DPP of Availing Hands makes more sense than that of Helping Hands.

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Enhanced DPP (Lore) Spells

Next, take a look at the below tab to see how Enhanced DPP Lore and dropped spells are likely to change. Note that I put all of these spells on Enhanced DPP, and reduced accuracy where needed

If I didn’t include a Lore or dropped spell in this section, that’s because it’s balanced as is. This doesn’t mean they can’t be reworked; however, they are mathematically balanced and have no obvious rework. The spells that fall into this category include the Grizzleheim Lore spells and the Celestian Spellemental spells.

Fire Spells

Comments: The original Brimstone Revenant that did 440 without an effect was correctly balanced on the Standard Curve. The current version, however, is far above the curve. This spell balancing reduces the accuracy, a standard trait of  Enhanced DPP spells and reduces damage to put it correctly on the curve.


Comments: Krampus doesn’t need to be changed at all, as it’s currently perfectly balanced on the standard DPP track. However, this change would reduce the accuracy and increase the damage to put it on the Enhanced DPP track in line with other Lore spells.


Comments: This spell balancing reduces the damage on Hephaestus to account for the Rank 2 value of the effect.


Comments: This spell balancing reduces the accuracy of Burning Rampage to put it on the Enhanced Curve. Its current form gets slightly above a 10% boost from Standard DPP. This could be intentional given that the Devs looked at the spell relatively recently, but in this balancing I assume the extra boost is unintentional.

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Ice Spells

Comments: This change likely will not happen. Angry Snowpigs is currently valuing the Steal Ward at half a rank instead of a full rank. This is probably to compensate for the fact that stealing a ward after attacking is a very niche utility. However, I figured I’d put up what auditing this spell would look like when considering only the quantitative and not the qualitative value of the effect. They could rework the utility and/or pip cost.


Comments: This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put Handsome Fomori on the Enhanced Curve, and buffs the utility so it values at 0 Ranks.


Comments: Similarly to Brimstone Revenant, Winter Moon is significantly above the curve. This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put the spell on Enhanced DPP, and lowers damage to match the curve.


Comments: Like Krampus, this may not be changed (they’ve already put out a spellement path for it). However, unlike Krampus, it is significantly over the curve and probably should be changed.

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Storm Spells

Comments: Queen Calypso is a tough spell to analyze. What I’ve done in this spell balancing is treat it as a single target spell that puts a 20% trap on all non-targeted opponents. Considering this, I put 1 Rank towards tempo, and only half a rank for the effect being “semi AoE” (since there is no effect on the target themselves). This gives it 2.5 Ranks of damage, which is then divided by 1.2 to account for the trap. This feels to me like the most useful way to balance it.


Comments: This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put Catalan on the Enhanced Curve. Then, it improves the effect to value at 0 Ranks, and reduces the damage as necessary.


Comments: This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put Catch of the Day on the Enhanced Curve and reduces damage as needed.

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Life Spells

Comments: This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put Luminous Weaver on the Enhanced Curve and reduces damage as needed.


Comments: Pigsie is tough to balance because it’s currently mathematically underpowered, but qualitatively very powerful. Based on Wings of Fate, there’s no difference between Standard and Enhanced DPP for healing, so Pigsie would use the same DPP as other Life heals. I would like to see it give a 70% Guiding Light to the caster. This utility would take away enough healing to make Unicorn and Rebirth viable, but still give Pigsie a useful niche. A 70% Guiding Light would value at 1 Rank, and that’s reflected in this spell balancing. (Note that the second consecutive Pigsie cast would be marginally weaker than the current Pigsie if unenchanted, but if it was enchanted, it would be marginally better than a currently enchanted version)


Comments: This spell balancing treats the absorb on Sacred Charge as a Rank 1 utility, and reduces the accuracy and damage as needed to put it on the Enhanced Curve. The Devs have been somewhat ambiguous with how they view absorbs; Hungry Caterpillar gets its absorb for free (valued at Rank 0) and Rebirth pays full price. The damage will almost certainly end up at either 210, 325, or 440 if the absorb stays at 250. I would say 325 is the safest bet.


Comments: Goat Monk can’t be balanced on the Enhanced Curve without an effect because it would be the same as Centaur. This spell balancing puts 3.67 Ranks towards damage and 1.33 Ranks towards the self heal. I didn’t price the heal in as an effect (similar to the Links and the Deckathalon Goat Monk treasure card).

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Death Spells

Comments: Headless Horseman is very high above the curve, likely because it was based off of an item card. This is similar to Ninja Pigs, which was based off of a popular treasure card.


Comments: This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put Deer Knight on the Enhanced Curve and reduces damage as needed.


Comments: This spell balancing balancing pushes the utility on Lord of Night up to 0 Ranks of value. Then, accuracy is reduced to put in on the Enhanced curve, and damage is reduced as needed.

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Myth Spells

Comments: This spell balancing reduces accuracy to put Keeper of the Flame on the Enhanced Curve, and reduces damage as needed.


Comments: Ninja Pigs is very close to being on-curve, but it’s slightly above. This is probably because it was created based on a treasure card, as mentioned earlier.


Comments: This spell balancing of Athena Battle Sight treats the shield as a Rank 0 effect and reduces damage accordingly. This makes some sense given that it’s an off-school effect. It might also be reasonable to expect either 505 damage and 50% shield or 570 damage and 30% shield. I would think it would make sense to try to avoid giving Myth a Tower Shield utility.

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Balance Spells

Comments: Ninja Piglets seems to be very slightly above the curve.


Comments: Like Krampus, Loremaster is currently perfectly balanced on Standard DPP, and so this change isn’t necessary. I would like to see this spell balancing, though, to put Loremaster on the Enhanced DPP Curve with the others.


Comments: This spell balancing drops accuracy and increases damage to put Samoorai on the Enhanced Curve. The current version is actually overpowered for the Standard Curve.


Comments: This spell balancing drops accuracy  to put Savage Paw on the Enhanced Curve, and reduces damage as needed.

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Utility Spells

Finally, take a look at some utility spells that either will change, are likely to change, or that I think should change:

Steal Ward

Comments: Steal Ward is likely going to go down to 1 pip to be in line with Steal Charm, and this spell balancing does that. 80% accuracy seems to be a baseline for the stealing utilities.


Comments: Disarm is essentially confirmed to be changing to 0 pips to be in line with Pierce, Cleanse Charm, and Cleanse Ward. This spell balancing reflects that.

While I’m talking about removal spells, Enfeeble and Shatter are worth mentioning. I think these spells could go either way between being 3 or 4 pips. Given the both the current PvP meta and the current PvE boss AI, I think 3 pips is where it should probably stay. However, I could understand why the pip cost might go up; theoretically, it’s a subjective issue regarding how quickly diminishing returns takes effect with infinite removal spells.

Accuracy Buffs

Comments: Though I understand why the original Devs valued an accuracy blade as more valuable than a damage blade of the same percentage, that practice doesn’t make functional sense in the game today. Based on the Lightning Bats upgrade path, the current Devs seem to agree.

Mass Infection

Comments: Mass Infection should be put in line with Brilliant Light, and I think they both make sense at 2 pips when considering the effect I discuss below.

Theory of AoE Utilities

Now I’ll take a moment to talk about AoE utility spells. Based on how the Devs treat utilities attached to spells, one might expect many AoE utilities to go down in pip cost. However, there’s a big difference between a pure utility spell and a utility attached to damage, especially with AoE utilities.

Specifically, with a pure AoE utility spell, say Choke or Blinding Light, the caster has the luxury of only needing to use it when there’s significant value (i.e., when there are multiple stun-able opponents present), whereas if it’s attached to a damage spell, you’re still forced to pay for the utility even if isn’t useful in order to use the spell for its damage. Therefore, since you’re getting extra value for them being pure utility spells, AoE utility spells are probably good where they are.

The list of specific spells that are affected by this is below:

  • Choke/Blinding Light
  • Mass Prisms
  • Mass Triage (The pip cost might seem high even when accounting for the qualitative idea above, but consider that no trained AoE DoT spell in the game costs less than 5 pips and that this spell is only going to be efficient in the first place when countering an AoE DoT.)
  • Cooldown (similar idea to Mass Triage)
  • Virulent Plague
  • Brilliant Light
  • Mass Infection

AoE Utility Pip Cost

Note that there are other utilities that don’t have the same “higher than expected” pip cost (Plague, Bladestorm, Smoke Screen, Guidance, Windstorm). However, these utilities are both low value (Rank 0) and take a slight effectiveness reduction compared to their single target counterparts. Additionally, these utilities are not “all or nothing” in terms of usefulness; for example, a Prism only has an effect against an opponent with significant resist to or a shield against you. By “all or nothing,” I mean a utility that is incredibly valuable when it has any value at all, but functionally useless when it doesn’t. This “all or nothing” attribute is relevant because it accentuates the luxury of only having to use the utility when its value is maximized.

This isn’t to say that the listed spells won’t or shouldn’t be changed to reflect the lower pip values one might expect. My point is that there’s a potential reason for them to stay at their current pip values. Keep in mind that this applies more to AoE utility spells than single target utility spells. This is because AoE utilities have a much higher maximum value than single target utilities.

Of course, there are other utilities that could be reworked in terms of pip cost, like Shift, Detonate, and Dimension Shift, but there isn’t any obvious precedent for those spells.

Any questions or thoughts about the changes?
Let me know in the comments!

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Former Duelist101 editor who at times contributes to Final Bastion with his mathematical mind, and impeccable eye for the little details we all may overlook at some point.


  • I did not cover any non attack spells in this list
    And I did not include the king art spells or lore spells

    DPP values for each school were posted by the KI devs, and is what this list is based on

    -25% for AOE (-20% for shadow AOE)

    +10 damage per rank of spell up to rank 10 (shadow pips & siphon spells excluded)

    -pip total by perk pip cost

    DoT: +50%

    HoT: +50%

    All damage is rounded to the nearest 5

    Ranged damage spells: the middle damage should be = to DPP

    Shadow pips count as 3 pips

    Storm – 125 DPP – 130 SDPP

    STORM SNAKE: 1 pip = 125 +10
    STATS: 105-145
    Should be: 115-155

    LIGHTNING BATS: 2 pips = 250 +20
    STATS: 245-285
    Should be: 250-290

    STORM SHARK: 3 pips = 375 +30
    STATS: 375-435
    Should be: 375-435

    KRAKEN: 4 pips = 500 +40
    STATS: 520-580
    Should be: 510-570

    STORMZILLA: 5 pips = 625 +50
    STATS: 650-730
    Should be: 635-715

    TRITON: 6 pips = 750 +60
    STATS: 795-875
    Should be: 770-850

    LEVIATHAN: 8 pips -2 for charm removal = 750 +80
    STATS: 975 & removes 2 blades
    Should be: 830 & removes 2 blades

    SIRENS: 9 pips -1 for smoke screen (-25% for AOE) = 750 +90
    STATS: 765-905 + smoke-screen
    Should be: 770-910 + smoke-screen

    STORM OWL: 10 pips = 1,250 +100
    STATS: 1,330-1,470
    Should be: 1,280-1,420

    FIRE – 100 DPP – 120 SDPP

    FIRE CAT: 1 pip = 100 +10
    STATS: 80-120
    Should be: 90-130

    FIRE ELF: 2 pips = 200 +20 (+50% to DoT only)
    STATS: 100 + 210 DoT
    Should be: 100 + 180 DoT

    SUNBIRD: 3 pips = 300 +30
    STATS: 295-355
    Should be: 300-360

    METEOR STRIKE: 4 pips (-25% for AOE) = 300 +40
    STATS: 305-345
    Should be: 320-360

    PHOENIX: 5 pips = 500 +50
    STATS: 515-595
    Should be: 510-590

    HELEPHANT: 6 pips = 600 +60
    STATS: 625-705
    Should be: 620-700

    SCALD: 5 pips (-25% for AOE) (+50% for DoT) = 562 +50
    STATS: (AOE) 495 DoT
    Should be: (AOE) 615 DoT

    EFREET: 8 pips -1 for -45 charm = 700 +80
    STATS: 780 & -45% charm
    Should be: 780 & -45% charm

    RAIN OF FIRE: 9 pips (-25% for AOE) = 675 +90 (+50% to DoT only)
    STATS: 130 + 810 DoT
    Should be: 130 + 960 DoT

    SUN SERPENT: 10 pips = 1,000 +100 (-25% of AOE part only)
    STATS: 785-885 & (AOE) 330
    Should be: 785-885 & (AOE) 225

    ICE – 83 DPP – 100 SDPP

    FROST BEETLE: 1 pip = 83 +10
    STATS: 65-105
    Should be: 75-115

    SNOW SERPENT: 2 pips = 166 +20
    STATS: 155-195
    Should be: 165-205

    EVIL SNOWMAN: 3 pips = 249 +30
    STATS: 240-300
    Should be: 250-310

    ICE WYVERN: 4 pips = 332 +40
    STATS: 335-395
    Should be: 340-400

    BLIZZARD: 4 pips (-25% for AOE) = 249 +40
    STATS: 250-290
    Should be: 270-310

    COLOSSUS: 6 pips = 498 +60
    STATS: 515-595
    Should be: 520-600

    FROSTBITE: 5 pips = 415 +50 (+50% for DoT)
    STATS: 80 + 495 DoT
    Should be: 80 + 580 DoT

    SNOW ANGEL: 8 pips (-25% for AOE) = 498 +80 (+50% to DoT)
    STATS: 35 + 660 DoT
    Should be: 35 + 815 DoT

    WOOLLY MAMMOTH: 9 pips = 747 +90
    STATS: 740-840 + stun
    Should be: 790-890 + stun

    LORD OF WINTER: 10 pips = 830 +100
    STATS: 835-935 & remove 2 pips
    Should be: 880-980 & remove 2 pips

    BALANCE – 85 DPP – 105 SDPP

    SCARAB: 1 pips = 85 +10
    STATS: 65-105
    Should be: 75-115

    SCORPION: 2 pips = 170 +20
    STATS: 160-200
    Should be: 170-210

    LOCUST SWARM: 3 pips = 255 +30
    STATS: 245-305
    Should be: 255-315

    SANDSTORM: 4 pips (-25% for AOE) = 255 +40
    STATS: (AOE) 255-295
    Should be: ( AOE) 275-315

    RA: 8 pips -2 for -40% charm (-25% for AOE) = 382 +80
    STATS: (AOE) 420-500 & -40%
    Should be: (AOE) 425-505 & -40%

    MANA BURN: 5 pips
    STATS: 80 X enemy’s pips removes 3 pips
    Should be: 85 X enemy’s pips removes 3 pips???

    SABERTOOTH: 10 pips -1 for 6 shields = 765 +100
    STATS: 805-905 & spirit shield + elemental shield
    Should be: 815-915 & spirit shield + elemental shield

    LIFE – 83 DPP – 100 SDPP

    IMP: 1 pip = 83 +10
    STATS: 65-105
    Should be: 75-115

    LEPRECHAUN: 2 pips = 166 +20
    STATS: 155-195
    Should be: 165-205

    SERAPH: 4 pips = 332 +40
    STATS: 335-395
    Should be: 340-400

    CENTAUR: 6 pips = 498 +60
    STATS: 515-595
    Should be: 520-600

    NATURE’S WRATH: 3 pips = 249 +30
    STATS: 240-300
    Should be: 250-310

    GNOMES: 9 pips = 747 +90
    STATS: 740-840 + guiding light
    Should be: 790-890 + guiding light

    SPINYSAUR: 10 pips = 830 +100 (+50% to DoT)
    STATS: 475 + 690 DoT
    Should be: 475 + 685 DoT

    DEATH – 85 DPP – 105 SDPP

    DARK SPRITE: 1 pips = 85 +10
    STATS: 65-105
    Should be: 75-115

    GHOUL: 2 pips = 170
    STATS: 160
    Should be: 170

    BANSHEE: 3 pip = 255 +30
    STATS: 245-305
    Should be: 255-315

    VAMPIRE: 4 pips = 340
    STATS: 350
    Should be: 340

    SKELETAL PIRATE: 5 pips = 425 +50
    STATS: 430-510
    Should be: 435-515

    WRAITH: 6 pips = 510
    STATS: 500
    Should be: 510

    SKELETAL DRAGON: 8 pips = 680 +80 (+50% to DoT)
    STATS: 170 + 780 DoT
    Should be: 170 + 885 DoT

    POISON: 4 pips = 340 +40 (+50% to DoT)
    STATS: 40 + 435 DoT
    Should be: 40 + 510 DoT

    DR.VON’S MONSTER: 9 pips = 765
    STATS: 720 + infection
    Should be: 770 + infection

    AVENGING FOSSIL: 10 pips = 850 +100 (-25% to AOE only) (+50% to DoT only)
    STATS: 710-810 + (AOE) 260 DoT
    Should be: 710-810 + (AOE) 215 DoT

    MYTH – 90 DPP – 115 SDPP

    BLOOD BAT: 1 pip = 90 +10
    STATS: 70-110
    Should be: 80-120

    TROLL: 2 pips = 180 +20
    STATS: 170-210
    Should be: 180-220

    CYCLOPS: 3 pips = 270 +30
    STATS: 265-325
    Should be: 270-330

    HUMONGOFROG: 4 pips (-25% for AOE) = 270 +40
    STATS: (AOE) 265-325
    Should be: 280-340

    MINOTAUR: 5 pips = 450 +50
    STATS: 50 & 445
    Should be: 50 & 450

    EARTHQUAKE: 6 pips -2 (very generous) for shatter & enfeeble (-25% for AOE) = 270 +60
    STATS: (AOE) 370 & removes all charms and wards from enemy
    Should be: (AOE) 330 & removes all charms and wards from enemy

    GOBBLER: 3 pips = 270 +30
    STATS: 310
    Should be: 300

    MEDUSA: 8 pips -1 for double stun = 630 +80
    STATS: 700 + double stun
    Should be: 710 + double stun

    BASILISK: 9 pips = 810 +90 (+50% to DoT)
    STATS: 320 + 750 DoT + stun
    Should be: 320 + 870 DoT + stun

    CELESTIAL CALENDAR: 10 pips -1/2 a pip for stealing a pip = 855 +100
    STATS: 930-990 & steal a pip
    Should be: 925-985 & steal a pip

    Rank 7 Spells

    STORM LORD: (AOE) 7 pips -2 for AOE stun = 625 +70 (-25% for 7 pips spells)
    STATS: 690 + Stun AOE
    Should be: 695 + Stun AOE

    FIRE DRAGON: 7 pips (No -25% for 7 pip AOE) = 700 +70 (+50% to DoT only)
    STATS: (AOE) 540 + 435 DoT
    Should be: (AOE) 540 + 345 DoT

    FROST GIANT: 7 pips -2 for AOE stun (no -25% for 7 pip AOE spells) = 415 +70
    STATS: (AOE) 460 + stun
    Should be: (AOE) 485 + stun

    POWER NOVA: 7 pips (no -25% for 7 pip AOE spells) = 595 +70
    STATS: (AOE) 665
    Should be: (AOE) 665

    FOREST LORD: 7 pips (no -25% for rank 7 AOE spells) = 581 +70
    STATS: (AOE) 620-680
    Should be: (AOE) 620-680

    SCARECROW: 7 pips (no -25% for rank 7 AOE spells) = 595
    STATS: (AOE) 590
    Should be: (AOE) 590

    ORTHRUS: 7 pips (no -25% for rank 7 AOE spells) = 630 +70
    STATS: (AOE) 700
    Should be: (AOE) 700

    X Pip Spells

    Heck Hound & Tempest are both at -12% of what they should be at
    Should be up: What it should be brought up to
    Should be down: what they should all be at with the -12%

    TEMPEST: X pips (-25% for AOE) = 93 X pip
    STATS: (AOE) 80 X pips
    Should be (UP): (AOE) 95 X pips (seems very OP)
    Should be (Down): (AOE) 80 X pips
    Could be: (AOE) 90 X pips

    HECK HOUND: X pips (+50% for DoT) = 150 X pip
    STATS: 130 X pips
    Should be (UP): 150 X pips
    Should be (Down): 130 X pips

    JUDGEMENT: X pips = 85 x pips
    STATS: 100 X pips
    Should be (UP): 85 X pips
    Should be (Down): 75 X pips
    Could be: 75-100 X pips

    Shadow Enhanced Spells
    Some of the single target spells had an extra +6% and some didn’t, in the (Should be)
    I set there damages to what they should be at without that 6%

    MYSTIC COLOSSUS: (Shadow) 8 pips -1 pip for opening AOE pierce (-20% for AOE) = 644
    STATS: (AOE) pierce & 635
    Should be: (AOE) pierce & 645

    WITCH’S HOUSE CALL: (Shadow) 9 pips -1 for minion = 920
    STATS: 1,035-1,175 & summon minion
    Should be: 850-990 & summon minion

    CALL OF KHRULHU: (Shadow) 8 pips (-20% for AOE) = 672
    STATS: (AOE) 675
    Should be: (AOE) 670

    WINGED SORROW: (Shadow) 9 pips -1 for plague = 840
    STATS: 800-980 + plague
    Should be: 800-980 + plague

    HUNGRY CATERPILLAR: (Shadow) 8 pips -6 for 800 absorb = 200
    STATS: 790-910 + 800 absorb
    Should be: 200 + 800 absorb (broken because absorb costs)
    Could be: 750-850 + 1000 absorb

    WINGS OF FATE: (Shadow) 9 pips (-20% for AOE) = 360 damage & 720 heal (+50% to DoT & HoT)
    STATS: (AOE) 75 + 375 DoT & (AOE) 75 + 780 HoT
    Should be: (AOE) 75 + 430 DoT & (AOE) 75 + 970 HoT

    GAZE OF FATE: (Shadow) 8 pips -2 for damage bubble = 630
    STATS: 325 balance & 345 random + bubble
    Should be: 325 balance & 335 random + bubble

    NESTED FURY: (Shadow) 9 pips (-20% for AOE) = 720 ice, 864 fire, 936 storm
    STATS: (AOE) 805 ice, 970 fire, or 1,050 storm
    Should be: (AOE) 720 ice, 865 fire, or 935 storm

    ABOMINABLE WEAVER: (Shadow) 8 pips = 800
    STATS: 790-910 + 50% tower shield
    Should be: 740-860 + 50% tower shield

    SNOWBALL BARRAGE: (Shadow) X pips +3 (-20% for AOE) = 80 X pip + 240
    STATS: (AOE) 95 X pips
    Should be: (AOE) 80 X pips + 240
    Could be:95 x pips

    FIRE FROM ABOVE: (Shadow) 8 pips = 960
    STATS: 960-1,080 + 25% trap
    Should be: 900-1,020 + 25% trap

    RAGING BULL: (Shadow) 9 pips -1 for smoke-screen (-20% for AOE) = 768
    STATS: (AOE) 705-825 + smoke-screen
    Should be: (AOE) 710-830 + smoke-screen

    Scion Spells

    Looks like KI added 2% to all of them but deaths, deaths is sitting at -9%

    SCION OF STORM: 11 pips = 1,375
    STATS: 1,400 x2 if condition

    SCION OF FIRE: 11 pips = 1,100
    STATS: 1,120 x2 if condition

    SCION OF ICE: 11 pips = 913
    STATS: 930 x2 if condition

    SCION OF BALANCE: 11 pips = 935
    STATS: 955 x2 if condition

    SCION OF DEATH: 11 pips = 935
    STATS: 850 x2 if condition

    SCION OF MYTH: 11 pips = 990
    STATS: 1,010 x2 if condition

    Special Spells: Could Be

    INSANE BOLT: 2 pips 250 +20
    STATS: 1,000 moon damage or 10,000 to self
    Could be: 1,000 moon damage or 2,000 to self no resist

    WILD BOLT: 2 pips = 250 +20
    STATS: 10, 100 or 1,000
    Could be: 135, 270 or 540

    IMMOLATE: 4 pips +40 (+36% of damage to self and enemy) = 600
    STATS: 250 the self 600 to enemy (Self damage enchant is 50%)
    Should be: 220 to self 660 to enemy (with attack side getting full enchant OR ⅔ of enchant)
    Could be: 150 to self (100% pierce) & 650 to enemy (with attack side getting full enchant)
    Could be: 250 to self OR 650 to enemy

    HYDRA: 6 pips 250 storm, 200 fire, 166 ice, = 616 +60
    STATS: 230 fire, ice, & storm
    Should be: 225 fire, ice, & storm
    Could be: 220 fire, 185 ice, & 270 storm

    CHIMERA: 9 pips 270 myth, 255 death, 249 life, = 774 +90
    STATS: 345 myth, life, & death
    Should be: 290 myth, life, & death
    Could be: 300 myth, 285 death, & 280 life

    Special Spells: Should Be

    LINK: 2 pips (100 x pip & 200 heal x pip) = 130 damage +10 and 140 heal +20
    (+50% to HoT & DoT)
    STATS: 30 + 150 DoT & 15 heal + 105 HoT
    Should be: 25 + 175 DoT and 25 heal + 200 HoT

    POWER LINK: 4 pips (100 x pip & 200 heal x pip) = 260 damage +20 and 280 heal +40
    (+50% to HoT & DoT)
    STATS: 55 + 345 DoT & 40 + 240 HoT
    Should be: 50 + 350 DoT & 50 + 405 HoT

    SPECTRAL BLAST: 4 pips ice = 372 fire = 440 storm = 540
    STATS: fire-440, ice-365, or storm-550
    Should be: fire-440, ice-370, or storm-540

    • Again, I suggest you look at my previous article to understand how spell damage calculations actually work. It’s not as simple as taking the DPP and multiplying it by pip cost. You’ve neglected the precise calculation of secondary effects AND gotten the concept of a DPP accelerator slightly incorrect, both of which are integral parts of the system and I cover in the previous article on the spell balancing system. Specifically, for DPP acceleration, it’s not just “add 10 damage per rank for every spell” – if you want to look more into what they do specifically, note that the scions each correctly do 10, not 11, ranks of damage (pricing in the doubling condition as an effect) on standard spell DPP, those being 100, 83, 125, 83 (190 for scion specifically as a heal), 85 (though drains are treated slightly differently – 76 DPP, or no DPP accelerator, both methods are accurate to what they’ve done), 90, and 85. The only exception is Life, which does 7 on the initial heal and prices in the HoT as an effect. You also get several damage modifiers incorrect – it’s -25% for AoE (regardless of shadow vs non shadow), and +25% for DoT (or HoT). There are several other small issues that would be explained by my previous article, but another one is that DoTs are evaluated as total damage, and so the 25% boost gets applied to total damage rather than only the DoT portion. Another is that you disregarded the value of tempo for spells with secondary effects. Still another is that death’s drains are not treated the same as death’s flat attacks (lower DPP/no accelerator). Another is that shadow pips count as 3.6 pips, not 3.

      The spells that the devs have audited were correctly balanced. I’m not sure how you could imply that the spells they audited last month were incorrectly balanced under their own system. They definitely did not arbitrarily do things like “add an extra 6%;” they dragged all spells back onto the rails.

  • Power Link & Angry Snowpig should get buffed

  • Great post! Something that I’d like to see changed even more are the accuracy buffs. Black mantle is -45%, so I think precision/lightning strike should AT LEAST be 45%, and guiding light at least 40% (to counter smokescreen).

    In addition, I’d like to see the accuracy of these charms to be about 200% (yes, 200%) so that these spells would essentially be a counter to these accuracy debuff spells, especially in a team PvP setting. As it stands, there is no counter to smokescreen stacking in team PvP other than crossing your fingers.

  • I feel as if the Calypso nerf was way too much. You value it more as an “AoE trap” and the fact that it is before the hit, but windstorm, a 20% AoE trap, is 1 pip. So theoretically it should only be 1 pip of value and a 3 pip hit.

    Additionally, Grizzleheim and Celestia lore spells aren’t on the list.

    • I suggest you read my previous article to learn more about the balancing system, as I assumed here that people have either read it, already understand the system, or don’t care and trust that I’m calculating correctly.

      1 rank has to go towards the tempo of having an effect, ie, the cost of doing 2 things in 1 round. A trap costs 0 pips, and making it AoE takes away another 1 rank of value. That would leave 2 ranks of damage thinking about it your way, whereas mine gives it 2.5 ranks because the “AoE” effect isn’t completely an AoE because the trap is applied before the attack (and then divides out by 1.2 to account for the damage added by the trap before the hit, which still ends up at 15 more damage than it would be at if you put it at 2 ranks of damage without deducting the 1.2). In essence, I’m actually valuing the Windstorm effect as .5 ranks.

      The other lore spells aren’t on the list for the same reason that I didn’t list every sub-R6 spell in the first section, they’re balanced as is (because they’re recent enough to have been made under the current system)

  • Interesting, why dont you think luminous and winter moon should be nerfed? especially winter moon, if we compare it to hammer of thor, its way over powered.

    • Both of those spells I have listed as being nerfed (Winter Moon from 495 to 440 damage and Luminous Weaver from 370 to 325 damage)

      • Okay Deer knight doesn’t need to be nerfed at all for some reason because well it’s severely underpowered due to the lack of enchantments and you waiting 3 rounds.

  • Could someone explain to me what happened on 08/05/20? Is that when they changed crit heals or is it something else entirely?

    • Nope, nothing like that. Just a note from the author, in case we somehow received new information from KI between the time the article was finished and the time we published it and you all read it.

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