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Wizard101 has four epic dungeons you might not have explored yet! In this guide, we will visit Barkingham Palace in Marleybone. To enter this place you need to be level 40. Go to Marleybone and talk to Private Kinchly in Wolfminster Abbey (he will give you the quest). Barkingham Palace is set behind the gate flanked by two Royal Guard bloodhounds. When you walk through those doors, you will be welcomed by our old friends Sherlock Bones and Watson.

This dungeon, like the other three, is divided in 2 – 3 “underdungeons”. This is good in case you don’t have the time to run through the whole place at once. It also gives you the chance to farm a particular one for drops you’d like to have. So let’s see what are we dealing here with:

 1. State Wing

Helpful Gear and Treasure Cards to Bring

Dogfood! There are no cheats in this dungeon, so just keep doing what’ you’re doing.

1A. First State Wing Battle

As we enter the State Wing, a corrupted Yeoman Warder tells us we aren’t supposed to be there and attacks us, while Dr. Jackall tells us it’s too dangerous. There are no cheats, so choose your own way to defeat them.

Corrupted Yeoman Warders

  • Balance Rank 4 Elite
  • 1755 health
  • No cheats
  • 2 appear for 1-2 wizards, 4 for 3-4 wizards

1B. Second State Wing Battle

After defeating them, Dr. Jackall tells us that an Opera Singer is after the Queen’s Jewels.  We hurry to the next room where we are intercepted by some White Rat Magicians calling us a Mutton Shunter (an 1883 slang term for a policeman) and bringing out their knives. No cheats, classic mob fight.

Enfield Tricksters

  • Myth Rank 4 Elite
  • 1305 health
  • No cheats
  • 2 appear for 1-2 wizards, 4 for 3-4 wizards

Wooden Skeleton Key Boss


Wooden Skeleton Key

Pay attention in this room! On your far left side you will find Skeleton Key Door that requires Wooden Skeleton Key.  Inside the room is a Fire boss, Billy the Cutter (Rank 7 Fire), that drops gear, motes and up to rank 8 mega snacks! Read about his cheats in the wiki’s article.

1C. Third State Wing Battle

In the next room at the end of the dungeon we encounter the Opera Singer Catrin Cheshire.  She tells the final boss in the dungeon, “The Woman’s Right Hand” She shows her sensitive side telling them to be careful around the face.

Woman's First Hand

The Woman’s Right Hand

  • Myth Rank 5 Boss
  • 5200 health
  • No cheats
  • Balance minion(s): 1 appears for 1-2 wizards, 3 appear for 3-4 wizards

Catrin CheshireCatrin informs us that Dr. Jackall hired her to gain him entrance to the palace and find the Queen’s Jewels for some kind of alchemical process.

If we hurry through the courtyard to the Main Hall, we can catch him!

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2. Main Hall

We head out to the courtyard and speak again to the omnipotent Sherlock Bones.  He sends us off to find Chief Whip and help him arrest Doctor Jackall in the Main hall.

Helpful Gear and Treasure Cards to Bring

We would recommend bringing some life dispels (entangle) and a few feint treasure cards so that you could stack them for big hits on the bosses.

2A. First Main Hall Battle

As we enter the Main Hall, we receive another warm welcome, this time from some Corrputer Genadiers.  There are no cheats from them.

Corrupted Grenadier

  • Fire Rank 4 Elite
  • 1345 health
  • No cheats
  • 2 appear for 1-2 wizards, 4 appear for 3-4 wizards


2B. Second Main Hall Battle

Chief Whip awaits us in the next room and tells us that Doctor Jackall ordered him to keep the area clear of disturbances.  Perhaps we should have mentioned Watson sent us, because mentioning Sherlock doesn’t seem to help much.  Did I mention the Chief cheats?

Chief Whip

Chief Whip

  • Life Rank 5 Boss
  • 5075 health

Minions: Bulldog Sergeant Major

  • Death Rank 4 Elite
  • 1505 health
  • No cheats
  • 1 appears for 1-2 wizards, 3 appear for 3-4 wizards

Cheats Observed

  • “Hold the Line”: Cast Rebirth
    • With 2 Wizards:
      • He casts on your team’s first attack, trap, ward or bubble
      • Appears to reset, so that he casts on your team’s first attack, trap, ward or bubble after a few rounds
  • “Chip Up”: Cast a Spirt Armor on some attacks
  • “I’ll Catch You Up”: If you or your pet heals, he casts a life dispel on the caster
  • “Let me Help You Chief”: Randomly casts Donate Power


  • We suggest casting a life dispel (Entangle) on the Chief before any other spells are cast.
  • We also suggest focusing on taking out the Chief quickly and waiting to heal until he is gone


Wooden Skeleton Key Room


Wooden Skeleton Key

Pay attention in this room! On your far left side you will find Skeleton Key Door that requires Wooden Skeleton Key.  Inside the room is a treasure chest that can drop gear, motes and up to rank 8 mega snacks!

2C. Third Main Hall Battle

After we finish giving Chief Whip a can of whoopa, a Bulldog Sergeant Major informs us that a foul golem hypnotized them with its noxious gas.  He tells us that we’ll have to defeat both Chief Whip and the the golem to break the hold on the Mesmerized Yeomen Warders.

Chief Whip tells us that Doctor Jackall kidnapped the Queen and we’ll never catch them before they reach the Royal Airship, while the Noxious Gas Golem attempts to mesmerize us and impress us with his counting skills.

Chief Whip

  • Life Rank 5 Boss
  • 5075 health
  • His cheats are the same as the prior battle

 Noxious Gas Golem

  • Fire Rank 5 Boss
  • 4375 health
  • No cheats

Chief Whip2

Once freed of the noxious control, Chief Whip tells us that Doctor Jackall jammed the rooftop lift behind him.  We’ll have to take a door back to the Courtyard and find another way.

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3. Rooftop

Upon returning to the majestic courtyard, the all-knowing Sherlock Bones deduces that Doctor Jackall is taking the Queen to Her Royal Airship and orders us there to stop him. Elementary, my dear Watson!

Helpful Gear and Treasure Cards to Bring

We would suggest bringing a few treasure cards:

  • A few Tower Shield
  • Many Pierce
  • Some Feint
  • Some blades for buffing

Other than that, whatever book you pray with might be helpful too, as the last fight is quite a challenge for a level 40.



Our first encounter is with Dr. Jackall’s lovely right-handed Margherita Vizzini from the Opera Nova school of Valencia.  She promises to teach us the Art of the Sword and she cheats!

Margherita Vizzini
  • Myth Rank 5 Boss
  • 4525 health
 Lanyon Scratchers
  • Storm Rank 4 Elite
  • 1255 health
  • No cheats
  • 1 appears for 1-2 wizards, 3 appear for 3-4 wizards


Cheats Observed
  • “I have studied in Crab Alley”: If 2+ Wizards, she will cast a cheat Storm Prism and Triton on caster when you first cast a blade.
  • “Riposte”: Casts Myth Blade and natural attack on caster
    • She casts on attacker when hit
  • “I pierce your defenses”: Casts pierce on caster
  • “I disarm your wards”: Casts disarm on caster
  • “I’ll back you into a trap”: Casts myth bubble and myth trap.  Casts myth trap each turn after
    • Appears to be cast after a certain number of rounds
  • Casting a tower shield first (may want to have a treasure card handy) can reduce the impact of her cheat Triton
  • Since she attacks when attacked, we suggest stacking to minimize the number of hits to take her out.  Some good treasure card options could be:
    • Feint (from the bazaar)
    • Spirit blades (library)
    • Elemental blades (library)
    • Spirit traps (library)
    • Elemental traps (library)


Doctor Jackall gives Margherita a bad performance review and banishes her to Newgate. In retribution, she tells you to grab the ladder to ascend to the Royal Airship.

There we meet the scholarly Mister Utterson and Mister Poole. You proceed to tangle with them instead of partaking in their Wizard flying experiments.

Mister Poole
  • Fire Rank 5 Boss
  • 5425 health
 Mister Utterson
  • Ice Rank 5 Boss
  • 5425 health
Cheats Observed
  • “I’ll follow your lead” When Mister Utterson casts Ice Trap, Mister Poole casts Fire Trap
  • “Let’s have some hard words”: When Mister Utterson attacks, Mister Poole performs the same attack
  • “We’ll have hard words indeed”: When Mister Poole attacks, Mister Utterson performs the same attack
  • “I’ll match you sir”: When Mister Utterson casts Tower Shield, Mister Poole casts Fire Blade
  • “Time to Armor Up”: When Mister Utterson legion shields, Mister Poole casts Fuel
  • We suggest taking out one of them as quickly as possible to stop all of the cheats


Upon their defeat, Mister Poole and Mister Utterson take solace that the Control Deck is locked up tight.  Apparently they have a different definition of “locked up tight.” Upon entering the next room, you encounter a puzzle.


Move two levers where the lines don’t match up to free health wisps and move on. If you make a mistake, you’ll fight the Union Jack Golem.


In the next room, we encounter Doctor Jackall for the last time. He tells us that he has tapped into a more powerful form named Mr. Hound, although it won’t last for long. The Queens Jewels will allow him to perfect his solution and become Mister Hound forevermore. We decide not to leave him to his research and take the path to mortal enemies (given the cheats he has, we’re not sure if this was a good decision).

Doctor Jackall
  • Ice Rank 5 Boss
  • 6075 health
 Lanyon Scratcher
  • Storm Rank 4 Elite
  • 1255 health
Cheats Observed
  • “I invoke the power of ice”: Casts Ice bubble
  • “I’ll take that”
  • “All my rage boils over”: Casts a fire giant (includes a smoke screen on all)
  • “Defend yourself”: Casts an ice trap
  • “You dare strike me?”: Casts Fire Blade and uses natural attack on caster
  • “I must protect my precious self”: Casts 50% tower shield on self
  • “I must defend myself”: Casts 35% legion shield on self
  • “The solution will burn your”: Casts Fuel
  • “Consider yourself marked”: Casts Fire Trap
  • “See my true form”: Changes into other form and casts fire bubble
  • We would suggest bringing a lot of pierce treasure cards
  • We would suggest buffing your hits as much as possible
  • We’re going to leave the rest as a community project!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we will add to this section


Doctor Jackill

Dr. Jackall admits that he has done wrong and suffers to go his own dark way.  Upon her release, the Queen asks you to bring her home after that “spot of bother.”  Back in the Palace, Sherlock congratulates you while Watson tells you that he will write up his case notes.  We already start envisioning the autograph sessions!

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See our Barkingham Palace gear guide here!



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  • Noxious Golem has 2-3 cheats, he will take pips from his minions and he will sacrifice them for health. If you kill his Storm Elemental minions, after 4 rounds, he will resummon them.

  • Noxus Gas Golem does cheat. Whoever wrote this article need to revise this guide ASAP. SMH

  • The dialogue links lead to 404 Error Pages. Please fix that for the next time someone tries to look at the dialogue.

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