Black Hole

We reach the Black Hole as we near the end of Khrysalis.  It is about halfway through the Hive.  Most significantly, we meet an important character who seems to be our new resident troublemaker.
Old Cob is mysterious to say the least.

The Black Hole

After battling some mobs, you release our old friend, Taylor Coleridge. Apparently he took a shortcut to the Hive. It didn’t end well for him, because he got captured during his journey. He knows that you’re trying to reach the Shadow Queen and he is ready to show you they way to her. (Luckily, she cannot see.) But for that, you need to visit one instance, The Black Hole.

 After retrieving the Unlocking Band, you’ll find yourself in front of the web, where you’ll need to chant thrice:

Kar-Lotte A Cava’tical

 This will allow you to finally enter the The Black Hole.

Black Hole quest dialogue

dialogue 1

dialogue 2

dialogue 3

dialogue 4

dialogue 5


BH mob fightYour first battle will be against 4 Moon Darkling mobs. They are all Life school and each have 4954 HP. No cheats here.  They start with full pips and you have to endure being hit four times in a row, while you set up yourself for a kill. They mostly use Goat Monk and Centaur, but if they fizzle prepare to be hit with Gnomes or even Spinysaur. Having some Cleanse and healing spell is a good idea. Classic mob fight. 

Second battle is against 4 Star Darkling mobs. They are all Death school 4900 HP. They will use classic Death spells against you Wraith, Scarecrow etc. You might get hit with Dr. Von’s Monster. Blade yourself for one hit kill, as in previous fight, and heal yourself on time. If you’re going solo through this dungeon, having all your potions filled will be helpful.

BH boss fightIn third battle, things are getting a little bit more serious. Here you will face Moon Darkling (Life mobs), Star Darkling (Death mob) and Sun Darkling (boss). The mobs have the same amount of health as the ones from previous fight.

Sun Darkling is a Boss, school of Myth with 23 398 HP. He has no cheats, but you better use Stun Block shield asap, because he will hit you as soon as he can with Medusa which later will be followed by Basilisk. Blade, shield, heal while you prepare to kill. Remove mobs first, after that boss will be easy to defeat.


Epic Ending

Finishing the third battle, the path will lead you further down. There you will find stunning surprise. The intro looks amazing. You successfully release him.  Old Cob is FREE! Is it a good idea? Only time will tell!

Quest Video

Watch the entire quest and the cut scene of Old Cob emerging from the darkness.


What do you think about Old Cob? Do you have any other tips for players? Add your thoughts below in the comments.

Happy Questing!

Old Cob

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