W101 Spell Ideas:
Life- Archetype [Card Invigorate]

In 120 levels of Wizard 101 we have seen all kinds of effects: buffs and debuffs, heals and attacks-all of which contribute to the game we know and love. One of the few concepts that wizard 101 has yet to explore in depth is direct card manipulation. This is likely due to the fact that unlike other ccg games Wizard 101 has unlimited card draw mechanics. Wizards completely fill up their hand on the next round while also having access to a sideboard that is a 1 for 1 trade. As a result, reshuffle is the only direct card manipulation spell we have, something I hope this post will change.

In order to bring some new mechanics to the table I have invented a few spell archetypes for each school. Each of these Archetypes will augment a particular aspect of the school. I invented a school limited 4 pip attack, a school limited 6 pip attack and a pure manipulation spell that can be trained by other schools (given for free to that school and trainable by the other schools for one training point). Since direct card effects are not often felt immediately these cards will be at or slightly above dpp and/or leverage powerful effects for their cost.

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Life School [Card Invigorate]

Archetype [Card Invigorate]

This archetype focuses on building card advantage over time. The Invigorate concept allows Life to prevent loss of cards, decrease the pip cost of their cards under certain conditions and slow down the opponent’s tempo. This emphasizes Life’s concept of reactivity in a unique way and allows Life to force a slower tempo match while speeding up their own.

Name: River Naiad
Type: Attack/Manipulation
Accuracy: 90%
Cost: 4

Description375 Life Damage to one enemy and add “Invigorate” effect to a heal or attack card in your hand. Shadow Spells cannot be targeted with Invigorate

ExplanationA card that leverages a decent amount of Damage while adding the “Invigorate” effect to a card in your hand. The Invigorate effect means that when the card is cast it returns to your hand immediately after with a 1 pip decrease and cannot be discarded the next round. A card loses “Invigorate” when it returns to your hand by this method. When you select a target this card also lets you choose a card in your hand to enhance with it’s effect. The “Invigorate” effect is a direct effect enhancement which means cards with this effect can be further enchanted.

Name: Harvest Bounty
Type: Attack/Manipulation
Accuracy: 90%
Cost: 6

Description: 465 Life Damage to all Enemies and replace all Damage spells in opponent’s hand with a Random Card with “Invigorate” that you used this battle. Cards with “Invigorate” cannot be discarded the next round and return to the caster’s hand costing one pip less when cast. Cards returned to the hand this way lose “Invigorate”

Explanation: A powerful AoE spell that replaces your opponent’s attack cards with a card you Invigorated this battle. This slows down your opponent’s tempo because they cannot discard any invigorated cards until one round has passed. If they choose to use the invigorated card it returns to their hand following Invigorate mechanics, further slowing down the tempo.

Name: Amicable Terms
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 2 pips

Description: Give one 4 pip or lower damage or heal in your hand “Invigorate”. When the enhanced spell is cast the card returns to your hand via “Invigorate” mechanics AND copy is placed in opponent’s hand via “Invigorate” mechanics. Opponent cannot discard this copy.

Explanation: A card that allows you to speed up your own tempo while slowing down the opponent’s. Balanced by the fact that your opponent is gaining one of your tools at a decreased pip cost.

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