Spellwrighting Mutations for Storm

Recently I came across an interesting idea on Twitter. What if we could use spellwrighting to “upgrade” our trained secondary school spells into something we can more easily use?

So in this series, I want to explore what each school could gain mutating another’s spells through spellwrighting, but you can’t have it all! Each other school will have one or more spells that each class can mutate – and naturally the strongest spells will require a greater investment of training points. For example, for a Ice wizard to have Thunderbird, they’d need to spend 8 training points to train Phoenix from a Fire trainer before they can mutate it.

This way, even if Storm could spellwright the best spells of every other school, it wouldn’t be unbalanced, as an individual wizard could only have a few of them. This customization is just another manifestation of spellwrighting’s goal of creating distinct playstyles for each individual wizard.

Let’s have a look at what a system like this might offer, now with Ice spellwrighting mutations!

From the Fire School

storm spellwrighting 1
Mutated from Sunbird
A trained, slightly cheaper, version of the pet spell. Basically your new favorite spell to cast in a mirror match!

storm spellwrighting 2
Mutated from Phoenix
This is a riff on the very popular Thunderbird mutation. The damage and traps are weaker in consideration of its pip value and the fact it can be enchanted.

storm spellwrighting 3
Mutated from Efreet
Who needs a Storm Lord when you can have this shocking marid?


From the Ice School

storm spellwrighting 4
Mutated from Evil Snowman
What’s more shocking than seeing something as lovely as a snowman turn to evil? You guessed it, a snowman made of electric snow.

storm spellwrighting 5
Mutated from Ice Wyvern
Furthering the proposal of Ice-Storm mutations in bypassing shields, we have the serpent(?) known as the Squall Wyvern.

storm spellwrighting 6
Mutated from Colossus
Finally a chance of Storms dealing Moon damage without the risk of killing themselves! A requirement still has to be met and the damage is clearly less than usual, however this still make a powerful in bypassing shields.


From the Myth School

storm spellwrighting 7

Mutated from Earthquake
A Storm version of the totally-not-magically-induced disaster of you losing all your blades. A cheaper alternative to Sirens and Glowbugs, albeit with the downside of removing weaknesses as well.

Mutated from Orthrus
You don’t need two heads to figure out why someone might want this spell.

Mutated from Medusa
The gorgon Euryale. With Storm’s massive damage potential, the action of this sea creature – and thus the inaction your opponents – can serve to bring a swift resolution against any foe not protected against stuns.


From the Life School

Mutated from Satyr
A set value Storm heal, with its numbers sitting at the midrange of Healing Current. Can also serve to free you from those pesky Weaknesses!

Mutated from Forest Lord
A powerful self-only heal capable of restoring up to 1,075 health at the expense/benefit of removing blades and weaknesses. While more expensive than Healing Current, this Lady of the Forest is reliable as the timing of a tropical storm.


From the Death School

Mutated from Wraith
A “ghost” who enjoys feeding on energy. It may be reluctant to the wonderful fate of being summoned to dinner a wizard’s pips.

Mutated from Dr. Von’s Monster
The madness of the creator, emboldening the shared trait of Storm and Death to take risks for greater power in this deadly blade/trap attack.


From the Balance School

Mutated from Sandstorm
Despite the flexibly of Tempest and the power of AoE’s like Storm Lord and Sirens, Storm still lacks a low pip-controlled AoE which this mutation of Sandstorm seeks to correct. This storm spellwrighting mutation also boosts Storm’s overall AoE potential by giving traps to all enemies.

Mutated from Power Nova
A cheaper version of Sirens where the defensive function of accuracy defuffs is replaced by the offensive tool of Windstorm. A spell to deal damage and further damage.

How do you feel about these storm spellwrighting mutations?
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Ravino's been playing both Wizard101 as Jonathan DeathShield since 2008 and also has been around Pirate101 since its Beta days. Though mostly an introvert he is one of the most knowledgeable players around the community and is especially interested in pvp, housing and the games' lore and design.


  • Spells that are on this list that you currently can’t learn with training points are Efreet, Medusa, & Dr. Von’s Monster

  • When will you do Spellwriting Mutations for Ice

    • Soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • How would storm learn medusa/dr. von? Neither one of those spells are learnable last I checked.

  • Hi, great ideas!! I personally find them super interesting, especially the ones that need to meet certain conditions, which make for more interesting game play. I’m not bashing you, but I had made a similar suggestion, but not as well thought out as yours. I would still like your opinion on the spells I made, maybe as pet spells instead of mutated spells.


  • Wouldn’t Rain Keeper be mutated from Dryad

    • Dryad isn’t learnable, but Forest Lord is, just like Monsoon Hound

  • Wouldn’t Monsoon Hound be from Fire

    • There is no way to learn Heckhound, but Orthrus is learnable.

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