Miscellaneous Updates Fall 2019

Welcome to another article covering the miscellaneous and overlooked updates that make it to Wizard101 with other major updates. For the sake of my sanity, I will be staying away from PvP changes in this article, but if you’re interested in reading them check out the full update notes for November.

The Backpack Butler

I must admit that this feature is a real life saver. This is a fancy housing item that you place in one of your wizard’s castles. What is so unique about this item is that it locates every item you have placed in your backpack, castles, attic, bank and shared bank. Not only that, but it also has a search feature to speed up this process some more!

Miscellaneous Updates Fall 2019 - Backpack Butler

Castle Level Requirement

For a wizard to own a castle now it only takes level 2 instead of the previous level 15 requirement. This facilitates the process of owning a castle especially in most cases when you transfer items between one wizard to the other. This also includes transferring a castle from one wizard to the other.

Hatchmaking Kiosk Update

If you are not yet familiar with this amazing feature located in Wizard City’s Pet Pavilion, check out our hatchmaking explained guide. This fall, the Kiosk got a noteworthy update covering three different things:

  • the ability to search the kiosk for your friends’ pets;
  • pets already in your pet tome are marked in the kiosk;
  • and most importantly, the feature that allows you to search pets by talents.

Miscellaneous Updates Fall 2019 - Hatchmaking Kiosk

Krokotopia Area Pricing

Krokotopia’s area pricing has been revised and instead of purchasing individual areas separately, now you can buy this entire world in four simple transactions. The world is divided in three major areas priced at 3500 crowns each and Tomb of the Beguiler being priced at 915. This reduces the price for the entire world to 11,415 crowns.

Not only that, but players who have previously bought a single individual area from the three major 3500 crown blocks, you now get all the other areas for free.

Castle Magic Updates

There are 38 new castle magic spells available in the game. Head on over to Marleybone’s Regent Square and talk to Babbage Basset near the entrance to the Royal Museum to discover these new spells. Most of the spells are effect spells including all Darkmoor Shadow spells, the first Shadow spells obtained from the Arcanum scholars such as Raging Bull, and all remaining Lore spells. I simply cannot wait to see the creative ways wizards will come up with it to use these spells in their castles.

Join-A-Team Kiosk

The Join-A-Team kiosk got a sneaky update as well with one of the later game patches. Now, there is a new section for Skeleton Key instances, as well as new information for every instance you’d be joining. This information includes whether it is a long instance (more than one battle) and how many players are requested for the instance in question.

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