Zeus Ultra Dungeon Drop List

There are four Ultra Dungeons. Today’s guide will be all about the Zeus Ultra Dungeon! The drops are plentiful, they’re good, they’re powerful, and there is a BUNCH of stuff to get!


Immortal Champion’s Helm

Zeus Exalted Universal Hat

Immortal Champion’s Armor

Zeus Exalted Universal Robe

Immortal Champion’s Boots

Zeus Exalted Universal Boots

Immortal Champion’s Scepter

Zeus Exalted Universal Wand


Immortals’ Helm of Dread

Zeus Exalted Death Hat

Immortals’ Dread Armor

Zeus Exalted Death Robe

Immortals’ Boots of Dread

Zeus Exalted Death Boots


Wrath of Hades Onyx

Wrath of Hades Onyx


Immortals’ Helm of Spirit

Zeus Exalted Life Hat

Immortals’ Spirit Armor

Zeus Exalted Life Robe

Immortals’ Boots of Spirit

Zeus Life Boots

Thanks to Shayden

Immortals’ Spirit Scepter

Zeus Exalted Life Wand

Wrath of Apollo Jade

Wrath of Apollo Jade






Wrath of Cronus Peridot

Wrath of Cronus Peridot



Immortals’ Justice Armor

Immortals’ Boots of Justice

Zeus Exalted Balance Boots

Immortals’ Justice Scepter


Wrath of Aquila Citrine

Wrath of Aquila Citrine


Immortals’ Helm of Havoc

Zeus Exalted Storm Hat

Immortals’ Havoc Armor

Zeus Exalted Storm Robe

Immortals’ Boots of Havoc

Zeus Exalted Storm Boots

Immortals’ Havoc Scepter

Zeus Exalted Storm Wand

Wrath of Zeus Amethyst

Wrath of Zeus Amethyst


Immortals’ Helm of Radiance

Zeus Fire Hat

Thanks to juggalunatic!

Immortals’ Radiant Armor


Thanks to Seth Vint!



Wrath of Ares Ruby

Wrath of Ares Ruby


Immortals’ Helm of Frost


Thanks to Cass!

Immortals’ Frost Armor

Zeus Ice Robe

Thanks to james ironblade!



Wrath of Poseidon Sapphire

Wrath of Poseidon Sapphire


What are your thoughts on Zeus’ gear set?

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