Picking the Locks – Sapoti

In the Hall of Doors in the Krokotopia Library there is a mysterious sigil. In it you’ll find Sapoti, a familiar type of creature if you’ve already gone through Mirage. He can be found behind a wooden skeleton key lock, so if you don’t have a key yet pay a visit to the Jade Palace and hope our favorite Oni drops one.

Sapoti Opening Speech

This boss’ unique feature is the drops. It’s as simple as that. There aren’t any cheats or strategies you need to use, which is why this article will be a shorter one compared to other articles from the ‘Picking the Locks’ series.

Ixcax CursedWing Ra Omen Mimic Captain Hockins


What to Expect

Sapoti Preview

Sapoti – Rank 4 Life Boss – 3800 hp

Sapoti’s Minion – Rank 3 Storm Minion – 525 hp


The Drops

There are 2 main items that should peak your interest, and those are the wands and the pet. They’re brand new and might I say that the wands makes for a nice stitch. On the other hand, they can also be useful for the stats when you compare them to other level 20 wands.

Fenix Staffs

Sapoti's Staffs

Foxy Dragon

Sapoti Foxy Dragon

Sapoti Foxy Dragon

Other noteworthy drops:

  • Novice’s Socket Wrench
  • Adept’s Socket Wrench
  • Expert’s Socket Wrench
  • Stone Skeleton Key
  • Gold Skeleton Key

Sapoti Closing Speech

After defeating Sapoti for the first time you get the badge Sapoti’s Savior.

Are you going to be Sapoti’s Savior?

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