The Reverie
Dream Hive Dungeon
Belloq and Jabberwock

So you’ve defeated the Headmaster! Well done! Now you can just breeze through the rest of Empyrea! Wait, no… The next dungeon is full of cheaters. Don’t worry, young wizard, we will look at this dungeon with you from start to finish! It’s quite the walk through memory lane, with new battles against familiar foes and a mish-mash of world themes.

When you’re on the quest called “Dream Deeper”, you will need to enter the instance called “Dream Hive”. Once you enter, you start the quest series called “Dreams and Nightmares”. You don’t need to remember all of that, don’t worry. Just trying to be complete!

Once inside, there’s first a lot of dialog. Great if you love the story line, unimportant if you don’t. I will try to not reveal any spoilers.

Defeat Dream Morganthe and Collect Key

After all the dialog, you find yourself into a Marleybone-themed area, but with Dragonspyre-lava running down the buildings.There is also a giant Myth-eye to admire.

The first battle inside the instance is very straight-forward. Then you get to defeat some Khrysalis spiders to get a key!

The Reverie: Belloq and Jabberwock

The spiders are all Shadow creatures, with 3,055 health. The spells I saw them use were all shadow spells. They know how to cast a mass shadow trap, a shadow blade, a shadow version of Lord of Knight (it behaves and looks the exact same as the Death version) and they have a personal attack.

Once you defeat them, be careful where you walk, as the lava stream might get you pulled into battle (or am I the only clumsy wizard around?). Pass through the Krokotopia-looking door and you find yourself in a Dragonspyre-themed room. And there’s a dragon! 😀


Defeat Dream Jabberwock

The Jabberwock wants a wizard snack, but we won’t give him one, will we?!

We faced him once in Avalon, then again in Mirage, third time is the charm! The Dream Jabberwock from the Dream Hive dungeon is the most similar to the Shadowwock from Mirage. He’s not even a boss though! He’s a Fire + Shadow ELITE with 3,275 health (the Avalonian Jabberwock had 16,970 health and the Mirage one 16,970, so we got lucky with this new version). With him come two Fire minions, Dream Shadowocks, with 2,500 health each.

The Reverie: Belloq and Jabberwock

I can only tell you about SOME of his cheats, because I didn’t stick around very long. And I only repeated it three times to write this guide. I wanted to quest further, not be stuck there for a week cheat-testing it over and over! So do tell me the cheats I missed in the comments!

“It’s after brillig!” If you are late to join the battle, you will receive a Mana Burn.

“How Mimsy!” happens when you feint the Dream Jabberwock. He turns the Feint around so the high percentage is on you.

“Snicker-Snack!” happens every two rounds, when he will interrupt to remove all traps from himself. So not much use trapping him, with this and the previous cheat combined.

“You make me frumious!” is the much feared third round Meteor Strike attack. Every three Rounds, he will cast a Shadow version of Meteor Strike that randomly deals somewhere between 2000 and 4000 damage. A +200% trap will appear on him afterwards.

One more cheat: if you fizzle, he will give himself 2 powerpips, through a donate pip shadow spell.

All in all, you should just blade your hitter and kill them all at once. His health is nothing compared to some bosses you’ve faced so this shouldn’t be too bad!


World Puzzle

Next you will find you in a Krokotopia-themed area with many random items. It’s a puzzle, yay! I love puzzles. This one is easy and, guess what, you can’t even mess it up! I decided to test what happens when you mess up, but all I got was this “try again” message for picking the wrong item.

The point of the puzzle is to interact with each of the items one at a time in the order of which you quested through them. They’re even labelled, so you should have no issues.

The Reverie: Belloq and Jabberwock puzzle

Just in case, here’s a list of the items in order:

  • Wizard City Cauldron
  • Krokotopia Obelisk
  • Marleybone Mailbos
  • Mooshu Tablet
  • Dragonspyre Statue
  • Celestia Conflict Perceptor
  • Zafaria Obelisk
  • Avalon Lantern
  • Azteca Lamp
  • Khrysalis Mana Globe
  • Polaris Alarm
  • Mirage Treasure Chest

Please turn your sound on when you interact with these items! I especially liked Wizard City and Polaris.


Defeat Dream Belloq

Another familiar face. First, we faced him in Zafaria, and then again – TWICE – in Azteca. He’s also a Stone Skeleton key boss in Upper Zigazag. However, this new and improved Dream Belloq is a Balance + Shadow boss with a whopping 300,000 health.

The Reverie Belloq and Jabberwock


You don’t need to hit him every round! Please read this! I know people on the internet kind of just skim text, but if you read one sentence, let it be that one. You don’t have to hit Dream Belloq every round. In fact, you don’t have to hit him at all! It’s just a matter of killing his minions. You will have to kill them all at once, because he resummons them every round if any of them are left alive.

The Reverie: Belloq and Jabberwock

“One For Me is Not Enough” triggers a shadow spell that summons extra Belloq minions, called Belloq Images – one per wizard in the fight. Their school is random, so you might end up facing a combination of Fire, Ice, Myth or Storm. These get resummoned every 6-10 rounds if you don’t kill them all at once.

Now, when you DO kill them all, you can breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

“Behold, the power of – Oh no!” is what Belloq says while casting a powerful Ra. The spell ends up hitting him instead. If there is one wizard in the fight, it will do 300,000 damage, if there are two wizards, it will do 150,000 damage, and if there is 3 or 4 wizards, it will do 99,000 damage. Remember how he had 300,000 health to start with? No problem! He just keeps resummoning Ra, who keeps attacking him, until he dies. What a way to go.

And that’s it! There is some more dialog at the end of the dungeon, but I’m not getting into that. No spoilers!


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  • If you kill all 3 minions at once he only casts 1 Ra. However after 5-6 rounds he will start summoning again even if all were killed together.

  • Just a tip don’t kill all the mobs at once, when my friend and I did he said the line about Ra twice but actually only cast it on himself once. We had to flee and port back to make him resummons minions to hit himself again.

  • I just soloed him and he only summoned one minion, as soon as the minion died Ra appeared and dealt 300k damage to Beloq

    • I forgot to mention that it’s not the end of the dungeon, I just came face to face with Dream Malistere!

    • Same with me

  • You might need to update this. Doing belloq’s fight now I’ve come to realize the information is wrong.

    • Oh really? We’ll look into it. Which parts did you notice are wrong? Thanks for letting us know!

      • When you first walk into the belloq battle he summons his minions. You blade up and kill all of them. Nothing happens after that. He just continuously casts a very strong ra and kills himself. He doesn’t cast three extra minions or images of belloq.

        As for the jabberwocky battle, he doesn’t cast a 4,000 meteor strike or punishes late arrivals. For mine his meteor strike was pretty weak, around 1,500.

        Just wanted to mention that error in the guide.

  • Don’t forget to mention he uses lots of shields and really hits hard!!

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