Empyrea Part 2:
Neumian Lion Guide

Here we go again: another cheating boss! This one looks gorgeous, as do his minions. You will have to face the Neumian Lion during the quest “Dude Looks like a Lion”.

neumian lion guide

The Neumian Lion is situated in the Southwest Aeroplains. He’s a Star school boss of rank 17 with ??? health. (What’s up with us not being able to see bosses’ health? Why do we have to guess?) In any case, to me it seems he has about 10,900 health. However, I’m not good with numbers, so do correct me on that! His minions are Fire school Meowls with 2,970 health each.


The Neumian Lion’s Cheats

Firstly, this boss’ cheats are very repetitive. On round one, he will cast six -50% Aegis (protected) Tower Shields on himself. In addition, he will cast an aura that does -50% damage on incoming hits.

Whatever you do in the battle (blade, trap, heal, attack) will lead to him growling and recasting the -50% damage aura. Over and over again. Tedious! Just so you see how annoying this is, let me reiterate:

  • Healing will trigger the -50% damage aura
  • Blading will trigger the -50% damage aura
  • Traps will trigger the -50% damage aura
  • Shatter will trigger the -50% damage aura
  • Pet maycasts will trigger the -50% damage aura

The boss doesn’t have a large arsenal of spells. He has his personal attack, his cheats, can cast a protected Balanceblade and a couple of Star school versions of other schools’ spells, like Tempest and Wraith.



I guess it all depends on how much pierce and damage your hitter has and how confident or patient you are in the battle. I’m aware my style of fighting bosses isn’t usually very efficient, so I won’t be sharing my decks or giving you very detailed information. However, these basics should be enough to help you on your way!

  • Shadow Shrike can be used to counter the -50% damage aura.
  • The Tower Shields can be removed with a double Shatter. Have two members of your team cast Shatter, or one person who casts it twice. Use the TC if you don’t have a Myth wizard with you. Once the shields are gone, they’re gone: he doesn’t recast them.
  • Supernova doesn’t do anything. Not that it would have been all that useful, seeing how insistent this Lion thing is on recasting his aura.

So, basically: just blade and feint like you would do against a normal boss, then a few rounds in have your hitter use Shrike and/or your support cast Shatter on the boss.


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Good luck questing, wizards!

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • if you use the fire elf gambit TC where it adds 2 OTs if the enemy has a shield then it makes the fight way easier. also it was probably nerfed since i hit for 10,333 and it one shot the lion

  • I’m soloing this and got rid of all the shields by spamming ghoul, right when I finished casting my shrike ready for a guarantee kill…. he does this random “gruhh” cheat and cast a chimera killing me….. Btw this was my 8th try.

  • I tried to beat him 11 times and my two guys are death how do I beat him

  • This seems really out of date. Never recast aura or shields. Also, you can flee and return (assuming others are in the party) with no penalty.

  • I don’t know if this is anything to go by, but I killed with 14,000 damage, and Wizard101 Central’s Wiki says it has approx. 13,000 health. Thanks for the guide, it was really helpful!

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