Lightkeeper’s Bundle

Although officially announced on May 19th, the Lightkeeper’s Bundle made its way to Gamestop in very early May. You can find this bundle in GameStop stores around the US, or purchase it online on the GameStop Website.

The Lightkeeper’s Bundle costs $39 and comes with some very interesting new aquatic items! Let’s take a deeper look and see what you get:

  • Lightkeeper’s Dive Outfit Gearset
  • Lightkeeper’s Angler Wand
  • Lightkeeper’s Submarine Mount
  • Lightkeeper’s Flame Pet
  • Lightkeeper’s Estate House
  • 5000 Crowns / 1 Month Membership

The Gear

Lightkeeper’s Attire

By far one of the most interesting and unique components of this bundle is its gear. For starters, the appearance is unique – you’ll find it is very similar to the Marleybonian divers in The Grotto, Celestia! While not the most fashionable gearset, it definitely has a cool aesthetic that can be used for aquatic-themed stitches.

Regarding the stats of this gear – they certainly are unique! The powerpip as well as universal damage, pierce, and critical on the level 160 hat, robe, and boots match that of the Level 160 Ice Nullity gear. However, the health and resist values are lower by quite a bit.


Lightkeeper’s Angler

You’ll find that the wand, Lightkeeper’s Angler, looks like an angler fish! This is the second wand to be designed around a type of fish – the first one was the Swordfish Sword released alongside the Mystic Fishing Bundle back in 2014.

Furthermore, this is the first ever wand to have +2 white pips! It may seem useless at first glance, as 2 white pips are equivalent to a powerpip. However, these can be quite handy for a dual schooler! Not only does it prevent the need for offschool pipconserve early in the game, but it also allows a wizard to cast an off-school 7 pip AoE on the second round without a mastery amulet (assuming you get the archmastery pips)!




Another interesting (and unique) part of this wand is its exclusive itemcard! This Lightkeeper’s Beam is a brand new spell; it is a 1-pip AoE buff utility that depends on your school. Storm, Life, or Death casters will give all allies a 25% universal blade. Myth, Ice, or Fire casters will give all enemies a 25% universal trap. Finally, Balance casters will give all allies a 15% universal blade and all enemies a 15% universal trap.

This spell essentially functions as a Bladestorm for Storm, Life, and Death casters! It can be very helpful in situations such as Team-Up, where multiple players hit. It may also be useful for farming strategies, giving Life and Death supports easy access to a bladestorm-like mechanic that stacks with bladestorm itemcards.

The Mount

The Lightkeeper’s Submarine comes with this bundle. Just like in mounts such as the Creepy Clown Car, your wizard is shrunken down to fit inside. It matches the Diver aesthetic very nicely.

The Pet

What’s a lightkeeper without their light? The Lightkeeper’s Flame pet appears to be a burning candle wick, but with a cute face! Included on this pet is a very useful itemcard – the spellemented Immolate is unique to this pet, and the only way (aside from a specific wand itemcard or TC) that a non-fire wizard can receive this Rhoshambo version.

The House

Last but most certainly nowhere close to least is the Lightkeeper’s Estate house. This is the first house to have 3 different areas! The exterior is the first, the lighthouse interior is the second, and the underwater area is the third.

The main building of the house is a lighthouse overlooking the island! It is quite spacious; you get plenty of room inside the main building as well as the four lighthouse floors. The highest floor has a ladder to the balcony.

In order to access the underwater area, you can go down the ramp at the bottom floor of the lighthouse. Alternatively, there is a shipwreck outside, by the fish pond, that you can enter to go underwater. You can find several different fish types in the frigid waters! However, the doodlefish is currently not implemented. Be sure to check back later for information about the doodlefish!

Inside the shipwreck you’ll find the daily reward treasure chest! You can receive a small amount of gold and a storm school treasure card daily. Off to the other end of the wreck is a tunnel leading you to the underwater PvP duel circle.

Housing items may be placed in the exterior of the house and interior of the lighthouse, but unfortunately not in the underwater area. There is no visible icon for neither housing nor gardening.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lightkeeper’s Bundle is an outstanding bundle. The gear has useful universal stats and some very unique and interesting item cards! I love that the designers are finally trying cool and unique new mechanics and ideas, without being broken. Cosmetically the gear isn’t the best, but fits its aesthetic well. The mount also has 50% speed alongside looking really cool. Finally, the house is amazing and definitely worth picking up, though it does disappoint me that there is no way to place housing items in the underwater area. Especially if you are interested in dual schooling for fun in PvE, there are some great things you can get from this bundle. I would definitely say my favorite item is the Lightkeeper’s Angler wand; I’ve been waiting for something like it for a long time!


What do you think about the Lightkeeper’s Bundle? Will you be picking it up when it appears in your local GameStop store? What’s your favorite item from the bundle? Let us know in the comments!

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StormCloud has been a frequent Wizard101 player since 2013, and began playing Pirate101 in 2021. He started his adventures in the game as a Life Wizard, and had always been a fan of using Storm spells in his journeys. If he isn't testing out new Dual School strategies and setups, then you'll find him making custom pets, collecting P101 companions, or participating in the W101 and P101 Twitter community. He is experienced in game mechanics and lore, so feel free to reach out with any questions!


  • What WORLD is this bundle from?

  • “The powerpip as well as universal damage, pierce, and critical on the level 160 hat, robe, and boots match that of the Level 160 Ice Nullity gear.”

    Just so you know, the link you put to the level 160 ice nullity gear instead points to the Novus gear, which has no relation to gear from raids

    • That would be incorrect. The level 160 Raid upgrades use the reagents from Novus, and we therefore consider them to be Novus gear. If you look at the article linked, the Nullity and Void upgrades are included in the gear images alongside Aeon and Eternal.

  • The 2 white pips don’t do you any good, because they only=1 gold pip so where’s the advantage if it’s the same as a gold pip. Not worth buying in my book.

    • If you happen to be dual schooling without the use of a mastery amulet, 2 white pips is more valuable than a starting powerpip. Whereas you start with 1 white pip, 1 powerpip, and 1 archmastery pip assuming your rating is high enough, this wand allows you to start battle with 3 white pips and 1 archmastery pip. If you set your archmastery to storm on a life wizard, for example, you could Storm Lord on the 2nd round without a mastery amulet if you had 3 white pips and 2 archmastery pips, which is what you would have by round 2 with this wand.

  • One complaint I have had with these huge bundles is they haven’t raised the how many items you can have in your house. You literally have to buy more space to place more items.
    And while I can appreciate the ascetics as a girly girl I’m always looking for pretty gear and it seems for me, that they stretch out a piece here and there very rarely which is frustrating.
    I think the wand by itself is worth purchasing the bundle. Although I don’t care for the pet’s spell. Using a high damage wizard like fire who has lower health, I don’t care to use this spell at any level.
    I do think the unique card is amazing especially for balance.

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