Burrower’s Rebellion Pack

As a nice, refreshing blast from the past, the Burrower’s Rebellion Pack released in July of 2023! This pack is themed around Khrysalis, and our favorite Deer Knight hero – Dyvim! Included in this pack are 7 new spells that you can find in our Summer 2023 Lore Spells article, alongside 7 sets of brand new burrower-themed gear! With a new stat array to offer, let’s take a leap into this brand new pack.

Although the pack has 7 gearsets, it only has 3 different appearances. Storm, Life, and Myth get Purple. Ice and Death get Blue. Fire and Balance get Red. You will want to keep this in mind if you intend to get specific color gear for stitches!

Burrower Gear Sets

One of the key selling points of this pack is the gear! Although the pack drops all gear types (Hat, Robe, Boots, Wand, Athame, Amulet, Ring, Deck), the only unique pieces of gear that are good to chase after are the Clothing pieces, wand, and possibly deck.

The template for this gear is Defense 1, Offense 2, Utility 3, which is the same as Night Mire. You will find that Night Mire and Burrower gear is quite similar, except Burrower has Shadow Pip Rating instead of Accuracy, and some defensive and offensive stat values are shifted around a bit.

However, Burrower ends up serving as a replacement to Void pieces in most setups, as its critical and heightened offensive stats in exchange for accuracy is a better option if you are already sitting at max accuracy.

Burrower’s Sorcery Hood

Burrower’s Sorcery Robe

Burrower’s Sorcery Boots

Burrower’s Necromancy Hood

Burrower’s Necromancy Robe


Burrower’s Necromancy Boots

Burrower’s Pyromancy Hood

Burrower’s Pyromancy Robe

Burrower’s Pyromancy Boots

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Hood

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Robe

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Boots

Burrower’s Theurgy Hood


Burrower’s Theurgy Robe

Burrower’s Theurgy Boots

Burrower’s Conjuration Hood

Burrower’s Conjuration Robe

Burrower’s Conjuration Boots

Burrower’s Divination Hood

Burrower’s Divination Robe

Burrower’s Divination Boots

Mystic Sphere Wands

The Mystic Sphere wands, aside from their amazing aesthetic to match the Mystic Colossus in Bastion, have very good stats! Something unique about this wand is how it is the first post-audit wand to give off-school pierce. Although the main school damage is significantly less and you lose all pipconversion compared to Aeon, you gain a little bit of pierce, block, and another crucial stat – Shadow Pip Rating! These wands are also some of the few that come with both Shadow Pip and Pierce. You also gain an off-school potboiler spell, which may come in handy! However, your wand hits are Shadow school instead of your own school, so that may potentially be a downside to this interesting stat combination.

Mystic Sphere

Mystic Sphere


Mystic Sphere

Mystic Sphere

Mystic Sphere

Mystic Sphere

Mystic Sphere

Burrower Accessories

As mentoned earlier, the accessories from this pack are not the most desireable. Compared to Aeon, they lose a bit of offensive stats for a small increase in health. The athames lose their dual school damage – it is replaced with block and health. Overall these accessories are certainly not the best, but a fairly good replacement for Aeon if you do not want to farm Novus gear with Wallaru on the horizon.

Burrower’s Sorcery Athame

Burrower’s Sorcery Amulet

Burrower’s Sorcery Ring

Burrower’s Sorcery Deck

Burrower’s Necromancy Athame

Burrower’s Necromancy Amulet

Burrower’s Necromancy Ring

Burrower’s Necromancy Deck

Burrower’s Pyromancy Athame

Burrower’s Pyromancy Amulet

Burrower’s Pyromancy Ring

Burrower’s Pyromancy Deck

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Athame

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Amulet

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Ring

Burrower’s Thaumaturgy Deck

Burrower’s Theurgy Athame

Burrower’s Theurgy Amulet

Burrower’s Theurgy Ring

Burrower’s Theurgy Deck

Burrower’s Conjuration Athame

Burrower’s Conjuration Amulet

Burrower’s Conjuration Ring

Burrower’s Conjuration Deck

Burrower’s Divination Athame

Burrower’s Divination Amulet

Burrower’s Divination Ring

Burrower’s Divination Deck



Now it is time to show off the star of this pack – Dyvim himself! The Burrower’s Rebellion Pack drop 7 brand new spellements exclusive to this pack. There is one spell for each school, and they are all themed around Dyvim! Be sure to read up on these spells on our Summer 2023 Lore Spells article, which goes further in-depth on the spells themselves.

With 7 different spellements up for grabs, the drop pool is certainly larger than any other lore pack. However, the developers thankfully accounted for this! Each pack you open is guaranteed to drop spellements in its first card slot. The quantity you receive can be 3, 4, 5, 6, or even a jackpot of 30 spellements in one pack!

Roly-Poly Pets

To top off the Khrysalis aesthetic, this pack comes with a few cute Roly-Poly bug pets! There is one for Storm, Ice, and Fire, and they each give their respective school bug card. Storm gets Storm Beetle, Ice gets path B Ice Scarab, and Fire gets Naphtha Scarab. This is the first time a Naphtha Scarab itemcard has been available!




Socket Wrenches

Another amazing set of drops that they’ve added to the Burrower’s Rebellion Pack is Socket Wrenches! The pack is capable of dropping Legendary Socket Wrenches at level 160, which is outstanding to save you a couple hundred crowns on unlocking jewel sockets. Grandmaster Socket Wrenches drop as well from the pack, but the level bracket to receive them is currently unknown. However, the wrenches seem to be quite rare, so it is not necessarily worth spending on the pack specifically for them. If you’re going for the brand new Dyvim Spells or the Burrower Gear, though, it’s definitely an added bonus to your pack opening!

Housing Items

The housing items found in this pack are themed to the Khrysalis Burrowers! However, the pack also drops some fairly rare auctionable housing items that don’t quite fit the theme, such as autumnal bushes and trees, alongside the red berry bush, which was previously only obtainable from fishing in the life house! Furthermore, the birdbath makes a return whereas it was previously only obtainable from retired packs or 5 Boxes! These small details, being in a brand new pack, are sure to stock the bazaar with plenty of housing items for decorators to enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

This is by far one of the best packs that Wizard101 has received in a while! The gear is very usable, and arguably a little bit too good for PvP considering it is only obtainable from the pack. The new lore spells are fun and exciting, though I would have preferred if they were not all Dyvim. The spell animation is definitely cool, but it may get stale after a while from seeing it on 7 spells.

I’m not much of a fan of the Burrower stitch, but the Mystic Sphere wands are defintiely incredibly cool! After all… they are the closest the game has to a FinalBastion wand!

Will you be opening this pack? What gear or spells are you aiming for?
Let us know in the comments!

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StormCloud has been a frequent Wizard101 player since 2013, and began playing Pirate101 in 2021. He started his adventures in the game as a Life Wizard, and had always been a fan of using Storm spells in his journeys. If he isn't testing out new Dual School strategies and setups, then you'll find him making custom pets, collecting P101 companions, or participating in the W101 and P101 Twitter community. He is experienced in game mechanics and lore, so feel free to reach out with any questions!


  • the drop rates on this pack are as awful as ever, lots of useless packs that have only tcs/housing/rat magician pet rather than a single piece of gear

  • khrysalis is my fav world so its nice to see new content for it. the wands i think r pretty interesting in both stats and concept. the rest of the gear is a little forgettable tho imo. pets r cute

    mixed feelings on the lore spells. they did an interesting thing like this with king artorius as well, but ehh i hope they dont do it too much. i like the schools to have their uniqueness

  • > Ice gets path B Ice Scarab

    Did you mean Frost Beetle?

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