Spellwrighting Mutations for Ice

Recently I came across an interesting idea on Twitter. What if we could use spellwrighting to “upgrade” our trained secondary school spells into something we can more easily use?

So in this series, I want to explore what each school could gain mutating another’s spells through spellwrighting, but you can’t have it all! Each other school will have one or more spells that each class can mutate – and naturally the strongest spells will require a greater investment of training points. For example, for a Ice wizard to have Ice Efreet, they’d need to spend 11 training points to train Efreet from a Fire trainer before they can mutate it.

This way, even if Ice could obtain through spellwrighting the best spells of every other school, it wouldn’t be unbalanced, as an individual wizard could only have a few of them. This customization is just another manifestation of spellwrighting’s goal of creating distinct playstyles for each individual wizard.

Let’s have a look at what a system like this might offer, now with Ice spellwrighting mutations!

From the Fire School

ice spellwrighting 1

Mutated from Sunbird
Not many players know it, but there are actually two versions of the Icebird: The traditional Icebird, from the pet or Treasure Card, which grants the wizard a blade, and another, exclusive to a Crown Shop minion, that gives a Tower Shield. I choose to emulate the less known version to preserve the TC’s uniqueness and allow Ice a larger arsenal of bird spells!

ice spellwrighting 2

Mutated from Phoenix
This is a slightly downgraded version of the Grand Blue Phoenix. The damage is lower in consideration of it being an Ice spell and having more accuracy.

ice spellwrighting 3

Mutated from Efreet
It’s the Ice Efreet! Okay, not quite… I increased its pip cost, and altered it a little bit to be more on par with Ice’s style by replacing the -75% Charm with a Ward. I imagined the entire Fire->Ice spellwrighting mutations would make a good combo with Weaver as a relentless defense playstyle.


From the Storm School

ice spellwrighting 4

Mutated from Triton
Is anyone else annoyed by how Ice’s King Artorius gives a pip to the caster, a feature that has yet to appear on another ice spell??! Seeing how both Artorius and Tritons are rulers whose power is connected to water, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to make the pip gain effect somewhat consistent in the Ice school.

ice spellwrighting 5

Mutated from Sirens
A DoT + Stun AoE doesn’t exist in the game aside from Rasputin’s Brainfreeze (which is underpowered and not available to players). This is also the only AoE I could suggest for Ice since they already have an amazing AoE arsenal.


From the Myth School

Mutated from Minotaur
Being an Ice spell, Frost Minotaur just had to be weaker than the original version. But while its damage is way beneath the item card version, it retains its powerful utility potential and can be enchanted. It also doesn’t require you use any weird boots…

Mutated from Orthrus
You probably have seen this spell before. Like Minotaur, it’s an excellent way to work around shields, yet it has a lower Damage Per Pip, befitting of the Ice school. Someone should definitely adopt this bubby, seeing how he’s displaying clear signs of hypothermia.

Mutated from Medusa
The gorgon Stheno, not quite as famous as her younger sister Medusa, but allegedly even more deadly! Keeping her under control will likely require you to take hostage her beloved… **checks note** urn(?)…


From the Life School

Mutated from Nature’s Wrath
As you may know, the spell to swap Negative Wards (usually Feints) is an Ice spell. Spellwrighting is a great opportunity to include this tool in Ice’s utility kit. And by making it swap any Ward, we further expand on its potential!

Mutated from Seraph
The greatest obstacle to Ice effectively stealing heals is that you need to cast Snow Drift just after your opponent heals. Frostcaller works around this issue by stealing the next heal over time. She’s also so majestic!!


From the Death School

Mutated from Banshee
Locking your banshee in chain and a straightjacket might just make her just more vicious than before. In fact, one might find her newly fueled rage to be… stunning!

Mutated from Skeletal Pirate
I don’t know why, but reducing someone’s accuracy seems to be something a buccaneer would do…

Mutated from Skeletal Dragon
This is Ice Drake, a dragon made of pure ice! Not to be confused with Frost Dragon, the dragon best known for covering his scales with cake frosting…


From the Balance School

Mutated from Locusts Swarm
If your enemies don’t find your Balefrost chilling enough, the Polar Swarm will ensure they feel the cold’s sting – just not as much as the TC version.

Mutated from Hydra
Come to think about it, I probably should have named it Frost Bitter seeing how it’s so similar to Frostbite – but there was already some precedent set for an Ice Hydra to be called Creeper

How do you feel about these Ice spellwrighting mutations?
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Ravino's been playing both Wizard101 as Jonathan DeathShield since 2008 and also has been around Pirate101 since its Beta days. Though mostly an introvert he is one of the most knowledgeable players around the community and is especially interested in pvp, housing and the games' lore and design.


  • Shouldn’t Ice Drake/Frost Dragon be mutated from Fire Dragon

  • I honestly question whether you actually looked at the spells that the Arcanum Scholars can teach you, cause if you did, then you’d know that you can’t use Training Points to learn Efreet, Sirens, or Medusa.

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