Spellwrighting Mutations for Myth

Recently I came across an interesting idea on Twitter. What if we could use spellwrighting to “upgrade” our trained secondary school spells into something we can more easily use?

So in this series, I want to explore what each school could gain mutating another’s spells through spellwrighting, but you can’t have it all! Each other school will have one or more spells that each class can mutate – and naturally the strongest spells will require a greater investment of training points. For example, for a Myth wizard to have Dreaming Leviathan, they’d need to spend 12 training points to train Leviathan from a Storm trainer before they can mutate it.

This way, even if Myth could obtain through spellwrighting the best spells of every other school, it wouldn’t be unbalanced, as an individual wizard could only have a few of them. This customization is just another manifestation of spellwrighting’s goal of creating distinct playstyles for each individual wizard.

Let’s have a look at what a system like this might offer, now with Ice spellwrighting mutations!


From the Fire School

Mutated from Helephant
To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out why the game made a “War Helephant” Myth but I’ll play along…

Mutated from Efreet
The infamous Myth Efreet! Let’s pretend we’re Fire and stack some Mythic Fuels before one-shooting our enemies, yes?!

Mutated from Rain of Fire
Reenact the destruction laid upon the Aquilian city of Knossos … upon your enemies in the form of an AoE DoT spell!


From the Ice School

Mutated from Colossus
And now the bronze helmet and mighty sword of the colossi Talos can now be yours! But they won’t actually be yours – taking a boss’s stuff just isn’t the wizardly way of doing things. You can still summon him and get a glimpse of his loot though…

Mutated from Frost Giant
The giant lord of goblins, the dreaded Van Der Borst! Summons a Myth giant or Fire goblin to your side.


From the Storm School

Mutated from Kraken
A defensive hit incorporating Myth’s blade and trap removal skills. It’ll remove a blade from your target and a trap from yourself. The DDP is slightly overpowered for a 2-effect spell, as its full effect depends on your opponent employing both traps and blades.

Mutated from Windstorm
A mass Myth Trap, basically. Yet another great spell for hitting, maybe now Myth can become slightly more popular..?

Mutated from Leviathan
What do Storm beasts dream of? Apparently they dream of being Myth and expanding the class’s utility potential! See Topaz Kraken for an explanation of the secondary effects.


From the Life School

Mutated from Centaur
It’s a really cool spell, you should totally use it even if its effect is a bit inconvenient – probably more helpful in 2v2.

Mutated from Sanctuary
I miss seeing Myths playing this card (when not against me). Due to Dispel Shields spamming can’t overwhelm any Life or Death wizard on its own. However, it’s a very powerful tool I’d love to see available to Myths.

Mutated from Forest Lord
A direct, high-pip, AoE Myth hit. Check!


From the Death School

Mutated from Banshee
Keep them open and keep them dizzy so they can’t figure out what’s happening!

Mutated from Feint
A limited version of Disjuction, affecting only 3 Wards. Being an evolution of Feint, the Myth wizard would no longer have the trained Feint spell thus trading a powerful self-harming buff for a powerful, and similarly dangerous, manipulation.

Mutated from Wraith
Steal health? Nah, this spirit is charitable and selfless – he will pass on all your gifts to someone in need.


From the Balance School

Mutated from Donate Power
Minion support. Seriously how do we not have an “Empower Minion” spell already?!

Mutated from Precision
Minion support. No more will you be forced to choose between blading yourself or your minion – now you can be free of such difficult decisions by doing both at once!

Mutated from Chimera
Minion support. Shorten your opponent’s life with this powerful whilst you ensure the survival of your minions for… well, a little bit longer.

How do you feel about these myth spellwrighting mutations?
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Ravino's been playing both Wizard101 as Jonathan DeathShield since 2008 and also has been around Pirate101 since its Beta days. Though mostly an introvert he is one of the most knowledgeable players around the community and is especially interested in pvp, housing and the games' lore and design.


  • Could you please do Life Next?

  • Spells listed in this article that currently can’t be learned through training points:
    Efreet, Rain of Fire, Leviathan, & Chimera

  • Ive been saying this for a long time: Orthrus needs to be changed to an AoE. It just makes no sense that Myth would just get a slightly vamped version of a spell they already have (Minotaur) when everyone else got 7 pip spells that were completely new to their already existing spells. If they just made Orthrus an AoE with Minotaur’s damage, I think that would help Myth immensely in PvE.

  • I thought Van Der Borst & Myth Imp would be mutation from Handsome Fomori & Imp respectively

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