Updated Level 48 School Pets

The Wizard101 Spring 2020 update brings a lot of new interesting features, mostly impacting pets. A particularly noteworthy  addition concerns the level 48 school pets. These pets are obtained from your school professor through a quest unlocked at level 48 that also grants you the level 48 spell.

If you obtain these pets from the quest AFTER the update goes live, then they will slightly differ from the previous versions. Funnily enough, these pets are getting their second talent pool change. They used to have a different set of talents all the way back in 2010 before advanced pets were released. Below, you will observe the new talent pool for the updated pets. Not that much has changed compared to their previous versions, except for some talents and their names.

Each talent pool lost 2 talents so they can make room for 2 new talents – 1 adventure talent and 1 combat, aka will cast, talent. For example, the Death pet lost “Astute (Selfish)” and “Deathblade (MC)” to make room for the new talents in the pool. We did some extensive testing these past weeks and trained as many first generation versions of these pets as we could to unlock their talents. Take a look below for the full details. There are a couple of missing talents we couldn’t obtain on some of the pets, so any information on them is appreciated.

Balance Pet – Hale Hydra

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Balance-Giver
  • Unbalancer
  • Hex Trained (Combat)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Health Gift
  • Balance Scout (Adventure)
  • ???
  • Balance-It

Death Pet – Phantasm

  • Efficient (Selfish)
  • Death Scout (Adventure)
  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Death-Shot
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Health Gift
  • Death-Giver
  • Death-Proof
  • Vampire Trained (Combat)

Fire Pet – Yokai

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • ???
  • Fire-Giver
  • Fire-Proof
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • ???
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Health Gift
  • Fire Scout (Adventure)
  • Fuel Trained (Combat)

Ice Pet – Winter Walker

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Ice-Giver
  • Ice-Proof
  • Ice-Shot
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Health Gift
  • Frozen Kraken Trained (Combat)
  • Ice Scout (Adventure)

Life Pet – Sylvan Satyr

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Intuitive (Selfish)
  • Life-Giver
  • Life-Proof
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Life-Shot
  • Health Gift
  • Earth Walker Trained (Combat)
  • Life Scout (Adventure)

Myth Pet – Fellhound

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Well Trained (Selfish)
  • ???
  • Myth-Proof
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Cat Thug Trained (Combat)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Health Gift
  • Myth Scout (Adventure)
  • ???

Storm Pet – Thundersaurus Rex

  • Storm Scout (Adventure)
  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Storm-Shot
  • Windstorm Trained (Combat)
  • Astute (Selfish)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Storm-Proof
  • Health Gift
  • Storm-Giver

Now, let’s get to the new talents! As you know, each of the pets have 2 new talents – a combat and an adventure talent. If you already completed your level 48 school quest it is not to worry. These talents can still be obtained from hatching with other pets. However, do note that every pet can only have one combat and one adventure talent at a time.

Additionally, you will notice a lock icon on the left hand side of each talent. That means that even if your pet manifested the talent, you still need to unlock it using Talent Tokens you can obtain through different sources. This process is done once for each talent per wizard. Thus, if you transfer the talent onto another pet, you don’t need to unlock it AGAIN. All combat and adventure talents on the above pets start up as locked, so make sure to get your hands on those pet reagents.

Every pet has a variation of the below adventure talent: (School) Scout Talents. Once unlocked, you can tell your pet to go fetch reagents and they might bring bonus reagents back! This is done through the “Play as your Pet” menu when your wizard is located in different environment locations.

As for combat talents or will casts, each pet gets a different one. They are fairly more difficult to unlock than the aforementioned scout talents. The maximum pet reagents required we observed were (45 Talent Tokens + 20 Elemental / Spirit Tokens + 5 Specific School Tokens). The talents are as follows:

Hex Trained

Vampire Trained

Fuel Trained

Frozen Kraken Trained

Thanks to Alex LionHeart

Earth Walker Trained

Cat Thug Trained

Windstorm Trained

We will be delving deeper in these new talents in a separate article focused on adventure and combat talents alone. What do you think so far? Some talents are very useful to have depending on the right circumstances. Perhaps you are looking for reagents to craft? Maybe a way to add more stacking traps in combat? There are plenty to choose from so far and we are sure there will be much more to discover!

Let us know what you think on the updated level 48 school pets!

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  • I got to Level 48 on my Storm tonite. I did the work to get my Storm Lord spell. Problem is the school pet is not a school pet. I received a Myth Lovely Leopard. Have school pets changed at this level? Should I contact KingsIsle about not getting the Grimzilla? Anyone else have this issue?

  • I have been playing since 2014, I have high level wizards and I have been training and breeding pets for a long time. I really don’t see the need for the level 48 changes because I used my high level wizards to train pets to have stats that I want, and for the school of my two lower level wizards, at level 15my wizard was toating an ultra level pet. I do love the maycasts and strength boosters. I dont think this new changes will make that big a deal. Keep it or toss it dont matter to me.

  • i am curious if the combat talent would work in the deckathalon?
    if that’s the case it would make it an advantage

    • Are the same hybrid pets accessible via these updated versions? That is to say, could a Jade Hound (originally produced using an Orthrus and Satyr pet) be created using a Fellhound pet instead of an Orthrus pet? And are substitutions possible, such as using one original pet and one updated one, as opposed to using two original or two updated to keep things uniform?

      • I just answered my own question! It took several tries, but I finally got a Jade Hound using a Fellhound (received in 2022) and a Satyr (received somewhere around 2010 to 2012). So, the updated pets should still work for the previously established hybrid combinations!

  • Kingsisle is a business, and must continue to work in that business model. They must remain competitive with other MMORPG games. As a sad consequence, they are simply following the more successful formulae that other games have tried. What they didn’t see coming, was the huge outcry that changing pets would yield. This was not a good idea. I have talked to many players, that, while hopeful the system will return to normal, they do not spend much time thinking about it.

    My own experience has been quite positive, in that, creating a new wizard is much more exciting, and really needed some built in pet advantage. New players will love it. If you have been playing a long time, maybe you don’t remember the loneliness of being a noob. Having a pet that can attack, gives that new player a sense that they have a friend. This wasn’t really so, before the new system. Pets did nothing.

    I, still, have yet to train up a level 48 pet, to see how bad they ruined them. I will have to try it with my new Humongofrog, if that’s even one of them. I still say, that this is a way to sap gold from players, using the new kiosk. Everyone says it’s too expensive, but everyone uses it. Smart, on Kingsisle’s strategy, as the more gold that you need, the harder you will grind.

    Liam OgreFriend

  • I’m not sure why they gave the myth pet a balance attack. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give it a myth attack, or at least a myth buff?

    • It’s so you can weaken them, remove shields/weaknesses etc… WITHOUT wasting your myth blades. Way more useful than a myth attack.

  • Can a talent such as Earth Walker Trained be passed to a different pet? I have a dryad that I would love to have trained on it, but I don’t want the Sylvan Satyr

  • My thought is that they have made it more of a chore then fun to obtain the new talents. Espically the ones for combat. Did hatch a pet for the pickup of chests but doubt I will do the
    combat ones. Reward is to small for the work you have to put in.

  • The more I read and see in regards to the talents, the more ABSURD it becomes. Seriously, even if the pet manifests a particular battle or adventure talent, it will still need to be unlocked with Tokens?????

    Also, from what I have seen posted in other platforms, IF you happen to end up with one of these pets and decide you don’t want it, you can’t sell or trash or trade that pet???? Ridiculous. I don’t keep pets I don’t want.

  • Sadly, it is a downgrade to the game. I was hanging in there with game because I really wanted to see what they came up with next. This? No thanks. It sounds horrible.

  • the MAY FIND should of been a sixth talent. I am so disappointed in this, I really do not feel like playing anymore. Instead of taking us forward with the pets, they have put us back to square ONE.

    • I have to agree with cat wildbreeze. I have no intentions of trying to obtain any of the new advance lvl 48 pets. Just a waste of time and not something the player base even asked for. In fact we tried to get this insane change to the pet system stopped, BUT we were ignored.

      I am also at a point I don’t care to play anymore.

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