How Important Are Selfish Talents?

A while ago we received a question about selfish pet talents. Thus, today we’ll delve into pet training and explore how important these selfish talents actually are. So what exactly are selfish talents? A selfish talent boosts your pet’s stats rather than the stats of your wizard. This selfish talent in turn can improve the stat gains your character receives from non-selfish talents. For example, instead of giving us a 6% damage boost, it will give a 7% damage boost. By choosing a selfish talent you’re going to sacrifice one talent spot – so you have to make sure to use it wisely. Hopefully this article will help clear up any confusion.

Selfish talents question

Useful Selfish Talents

We can split selfish talents into two categories. The first one is how much they boost pet stats and the second one is which stats they actually boost.

There are plenty of selfish talents, but the best ones out of this first category are Rank 4 Pet Stats Jewels. You will always get one of these when your pet reaches Ultra level. Additionally, you can also try your luck with crafting. A recipe for Rank 4 Pet Stats Jewel is sold by Lowe Springfield, in the Pet Shoppe Boys Pet Shop located in the Pet Pavilion.  Either way you choose, you’ll always receive a random jewel. Low tier jewels aren’t really worth using, unless you’re creating a very specific pet, such as one with max possible universal resist.

So, we’ve already learned that we should strive toward Rank 4 Pet Stats Jewels. But there are still 12 different ones, so which one is the right one? The most popular selfish talents are ones that can affect resist or damage talents, such as spell-proof, wards, and dealers, or both.

After opening the Pet window in your spellbook, hover your mouse over a specific stat to learn the types of talents it boosts.

Which jewel should I pick?

  • Strength: damage, pip chance, resistances, outgoing healing, armor piercing, stun resistance.
  • Intellect: mana, accuracy, pip chance, incoming healing, armor piercing, critical block rating.
  • Agilitiy: health, accuracy, resistances, incoming healing, armor piercing, critical rating.
  • Will: health, mana, damage, outgoing healing, critical rating, critical block rating.
  • Power: most statistics.

Side note: You can’t boost the frequency of maycast talents.

  • Best of Show: +40 max strength, +25 max intellect
  • Brilliant: +65 max intellect
  • Cautious: +25 max strength, +40 max will
  • Early Bird: +40 max agility, +25 max will
  • Mighty: +65 max strength
  • Perceptive: +45 max intellect, +25 max will
  • Powerful: +65 max power
  • Relentless: +65 max agility
  • Resourcful: +40 max intellect, +25 max power
  • Thinkin’ Cap: +65 max will
  • Unshakable: +40 max strength, +25 max agility
  • Vigorous: +25 max strength, +40 max power

The tabs above will provide you with most of the necessary information for you to pick the right selfish talent for your needs. The second part of choosing the ideal selfish talent is figuring out how much the stat boost will improve each non-selfish talent. For example, we can see that Strength, Will and Power boost damage talents. Thus, Cautious, Mighty, Powerful, Thinkin’ Cap and Vigorous will boost your pet’s damage talents.

Selfish talents Mighty

So how do we pick the right selfish talent? In order to do that, we’ll need to check the formula for how the talent value is calculated. Let’s proceed with damage as an example and choose the Pain-Giver talent. You’ll need to find information about the talent on Wizard101 wiki and search for its formula. Here’s the calculation for our case:

(2*Strength + 2*Will + Power)/200

As you see, Strength and Will are better talents to be increased, because they double their value in the calculation for final damage output. Which basically translates into picking either Cautious, Mighty or Thinkin’ Cap (ones without Power boost).

But that’s not all:

We can add a third, optional variable. While some selfish talents might work perfectly to boost a specific talent, it’s still better not to choose them. A Perfect example is Mighty, which boosts both resist and damage. So if you’re looking to increase your purely damage oriented pet, just pick Cautious or Thinkin’ Cap and save Mighty for any possible triple-double pets (triple damage, double resist).

Adding a regular talent vs. adding a selfish talent

So far, we went through a little theory which will give you a solid base knowledge about building pets with selfish talents. But there are still many questions to be answered. Many of these questions don’t have solid yes or no answers. For example, questions of whether adding a selfish talent is a better option than adding another damage or ward.


Selfish talents armamentLet’s start with ward pets and assume we have a pet with proof, defy and triple ward. Adding a selfish talent would roughly add 2% of universal resist and 2% of extra resist for each ward you have (total 2% universal and 4% for school specific). What to add is completely up to your needs and preferences. For a general play-through, however, it’s better to simply add the fourth ward, since we have 7 different schools that can hit you.

On the other hand, for building a Boss/Dungeon specific ward pet, it is much better to add a selfish talent. Since these Bosses often have limited options when it comes to school diversity, there isn’t any need to add an additional ward you won’t use.


Damage pets are another popular category when it comes to selfish talent manipulation. And to start with answering our original question. There isn’t any discussion for quint damage pets. Selfish talents are the way to go, since they’re well… the only remaining option to boost your damage. An alternative could be removing a boon and having a quad damage with proof pet. Even in that case, it’s smarter to add a selfish talent rather then boon. Not only will you get roughly an extra 4% damage, you can also get some extra resist along the way.

How important are stat numbers?

Another burning question of many wizards is, do I really need a max stat pet? How much of difference will this small difference cause? The answer is not too big of a difference. Your stats would need to be really really low in order to see the difference. For example, calculated damage for x-giver is 6.4% for max stats. Having strength/will/power at 200/200/200 will still boost your damage for 5%. The difference is almost negligible if you’re only few numbers off of a max stat pet.

Test it yourself

You can easily test how much damage you will get from a pet with certain stats. Open an excel workbook and Copy everything from Column A.

Copy and paste the following formula in cell B5: =(2*B2+2*B3+B4)/200.

Now just fill in cells B2, B3 and B4 with various numbers to see the difference.

You can do the same with any other talent! Just search for the formula on the Wiki and replace the values as well pet attribute names.

But many people still strive toward max stat pets. Why? Well people have different reasons to do so. First off, it looks nice and makes you feel good for finally having a max stat pet. Or, they simply think the difference is bigger than it really is.

Personally, I have max stat pets because I’m a tryhard and know that this tiny percent increase will win you 1 out of every 200 matches. Well, the numbers were made up, but do you know when an enemy lives with 2 hp or you get killed by 2 hp? These kind of fights are really rare and would happen less often if you had a max stat pet as opposed to a non-max stat pet.

Examples of pets with selfish talents


I hope this article gave you a better idea of how selfish
talents work and can be applied to pets in Wizard101!

Will you add selfish talents to your pets?
Let us know in the comments!

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  • Something I’ve always wondered about is if a pet has a selfish talent, does its stats apply to breeding since the new pet has the averages of the two parents? If so, could there theoretically be a 400/400/400/400 pet because of that?

    • When you hatch and a pet has selfish talents, that talent is ignored and only the average of the base is taken into consideration.

  • Great article, thank you! I recently created an energy pet. I already have big, huge and ultra energy talents on the pet. Are there any selfish star jewels that boost energy talents on a pet? Does energy boost when WILL is increased?

  • Great article! Never realized how good selfish talents could be in certain situations.

  • VERY Useful!


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