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For wizards who explored the Spring 2023 Test Realm, you may have caught a sneak peek of the Bank UI rework being tested for player feedback. After showcasing a rough implementation of the new UI, the Devs held onto the new feature to make adjustments to feedback. A month after the Spring Update, the UI changes are finally here!

These new changes aim to add tools and clean up to both the Bank and Shared Bank UIs. This rework has been a long time coming as players amassed endless amounts of gear, furniture, and reagents making it extremely difficult to find items in a timely manner. For those familiar, the Backpack Butler was added a few years back to help search through a single wizard’s entire inventory. It unveiled new UI features many players wanted to see implemented elsewhere in the game and now we finally have it on the Bank UI.

General Bank UI

The UI changes add a several new features to alleviate the burden on players to find their items quickly. Between new identifiers, filters, or just general UI clean up, there’s a lot going on and it all looks fantastic.

Item Identifiers

Previously the only real way to identify gear was by its name. Now 3 additional bits of information are displayed for all items. The Item’s school, level or rank, and quantity. All 4 of these can be toggled to sort the items by their respective identifier, similar to the way we do in the bazaar.

Search Bar

In the bottom of the Bank UI, a bar has been added.  Just like the Backpack Butler, this new tool is a Search Bar that will filter out all items that don’t contain the given phrase. This will make searching the bank really easy, especially if you know what you’re looking for.

Bank Filters

In the bottom right above the red X sits a new button labeled ‘Filters’. Clicking this button will open a secondary page and let you filter out items. There are three categories. General Filters, School Filters, and Level Range. As the name implies, Level Range will let you set a specific range for gear and items. School filters let you filter out gear by school. General filters let you pick out items that are usable or non-usable. After selecting the specific criteria, hit ‘Apply’ and continue hunting through your hoards of treasure.

Additional UI Changes

Other changes include an expanded display image of the selected item. Sitting next to the Trash icon is the Quick Sell button. And last but not least, along the top of the Bank there are now two arrows instead of one. This allows users to move back and forth between the pages instead of cycling through the entire bank in one direction.

Shared Bank UI

The Shared Bank shares a lot of the same features as the Bank. However, the notable difference is that the Backpack and Shared bank allow players to move additional items across characters including jewels, reagents, and pet snacks. So there are a couple additional features to help sort through all of those.

Reagents have now been sorted into a bunch of different categories. They include All Reagents, Harvest, Harvest Rare, Shop, Drop, Event, and Pet Snacks are at the end. This now mirrors what players see in the crafting pages of their spell book. During test realm there was ample feedback asking specifically for these icons and the Devs delivered. You might be wondering what about spellements? Well great news, they’ve been moved to their own section!

Spellements now take up the page after reagents and pet snacks, but before the jewels and pins. Giving them their own area let allows the UI to sort them by school. I must admit this is better than what many players were asking for and definitely a great change to the bank. Check out the full display below.

What’s Next?

The changes are certainly a welcome sign, but there are definitely other systems I hope to see get an improvement next. The Bazaar is a big one, likely one of the few other systems on par with the bank. There are numerous items players could spend time sifting through so it only makes sense to visit that next.

What do you think of the new Bank UI improvements? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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  • Why can’t you filter pets by school? That would be much easier than having to remember who to give that pet to.

  • Can’t stand the new bank it won’t let me put things into my backpack and has crashed the game a few times on me. Wish they made it an option to change.

  • I like to keep up with the updates. I am 70 years young and have been playing this game for 8 years and have all seven wizards So far I have done pretty well.(Smiles) It seems to me that the younger generation needs to be entertained as to not be bored and they need new things to keep them interested I definitely get it. But I seemed be a little stuck on this. When in doubt I do ask my fellow wizards how it is done and yes to my surprise they are extremely helpful. I like the original way to me it is easier. I will work at it hopefully i will get it. Thanks for keeping me “Young at Heart’

  • I love the updated bank. It’s so much easier to find reagents with all the different ways to sort through them, especially spellements. The only thing I don’t like is that moving spellements is glitched if your bank is full. When your bank is full the icon to move them to your packpack is blank (just a black empty circle under the icon for the bank). Because of this I can’t get any of my spellements out of the shared bank. All my banks are full with seeds from back in the days of true double garden benefits.

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