Final Bastion Staff Application

With the arrival of a new site; we are looking for some fresh faces to join the team with the principle of maintaining our brand: high-quality content! If you are interested in joining our growing team click the terribly-shaded scary button below and start filling in the few questions we’ve cooked up for you. We’re looking for content writers, graphics designers/artists, event hosts and much more. All you need is time, responsibility and motivation! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below; or DM a staff member.

Terribly-Shaded Scary Button

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You’ll find Dawny most often on his grandmaster Balance either playing in a Tournament, or lurking in the Arena, AFK-spinning in a corner while waiting for the next Turn-Based Tournament (No, I’m just admiring the walls -really!). Favorite activities are using misthead’s carefully hoarded TC, admiring his position on the Tournament Leaderboards and organizing community events!


  • I wanted to apply, but it seems like the Final Bastion application has been closed, unfortunately. I’d love to have written articles about questing solo and bosses and stuff.

    • Try sending an email to with a description of yourself and some concrete articles you’d like to write!

  • I definitely recommend applying if you can. It’s definitely worth the time that it takes to write articles.

  • This will be so much fun! 🙂

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