Pirate101 Summer 2022 Tournament

Now that we’ve completed a full cycle through the new Pirate101 event bosses, time to host a tour so you can use your fancy new gear. This tournament will be similar to our other 1v1 tournaments, with a focus on skillful play and balanced rules. We have lots of awesome prizes, generously provided by Kingsisle, so these aren’t competitions that you’ll want to miss! But first, let’s go over the basic info.


Please be aware that this Discord channel and tournament is not owned by KingsIsle. Please use proper discretion and ensure the safety of your accounts when using any private messaging service like Discord. KingsIsle is not responsible for your activities there.

General Tournament Info

  • All participants in our Pirate101 Summer 2022 Tournament must play on the US Pirate101 server and be level 65+. Players declare a single pirate. You can’t switch pirates between rounds.
  • The tournament will be a Swiss tournament, with anyone having 2 or fewer losses moving on to a single elimination finals and will start August 20th (signups remain open until the 19th at 11:59 PM eastern time). The number of Swiss rounds is TBD and depends on turnout (plan for 5-6 rounds)
    • All rounds will be best of 3.
      All participants will join a tournament-exclusive Discord server in order to schedule their matches with their opponent. Within this server, participants are to be civil to one another and refrain from using inappropriate language. Breaking these rules are grounds for immediate disqualification. You will receive a Discord friend request from Matthew#9684 to invite you to the server.
  • Also worth noting: this server is not a general gameplay server. While you’re welcome to chat with fellow participants, pinging everyone to ask for help farming for something or to do random pvp matches isn’t this server’s intent. There are lots of other wonderful places to get in-game help.
  • Participants have 1 week to complete the matches for each round. However, if you and your opponent cannot schedule a mutually acceptable time, let an organizer know and we can look into providing an extension.
  • All matches will take place in the Spar Chamber.
  • Color selection procedures:
    • Game 1- First come first serve
    • Game 2- Switch colors
    • Game 3- Loser of Game 1 decides
  • Your internet connection is your responsibility. Should both players disconnect simultaneouslyhowever, (due to a server DDOS attack, for instance), the match will be restarted with no consequences to either player.
  • If you have any conflicts during your match (an opponent breaking the rules, a game-altering glitch, etc.) it is your responsibility to provide concrete visual proof of these claims, preferably a screenshot or video recording. Only then can I force players to redo a match.

Tournament Prizes and Signups

We have a general set of balancing rules, found below, but no other rules. The prizes are as follows:

  • First place- 25,000 Crowns
  • Second place- 15,000 Crowns
  • Third and Fourth place- 7,500 Crowns + 1 pack
  • Fifth through Eighth place- 5,000 Crowns + 1 pack

Tournament Signup


Players are subject to the following rules in all matches during the tournament. Breaking these rules may result in your disqualification. There are a few changes to the rules, so please read carefully.

  • All Doubloons are banned.
  • Old Scratch is banned.
  • The Spring and Fall Champion weapons are banned.
  • All tiers of the Beastmaster Banner are banned.
  • The Imperial Robes of Moo Manchu are banned.
  • Ghor is banned, due to his Eagle Eyes glitch.
  • Overwatch 5 is banned.
  • Turn the Tide 5 is banned.
    • We are adding this rule on a trial basis since the epic was recently made functional and there is community concern about its power level.
  • Blast of Discord is banned.
  • Haywire Companions are legal, but note that Overwatch 5 cannot be given to them.
  • NEW: Smoke Screen is banned, due to it being majorly bugged
    • Smoke Screen’s accuracy debuff is permanent, instead of only being active when you are adjacent to the smoke cloud, as is written on the card. This is a clear bug that majorly affects the power’s functionality. Until fixed, it will remain banned. This is not a power level ban, but is a bug/glitch ban similar to Ghor.
    • Other new powers from the Summer 2022 update are legal, but are all bugged. Test your gear before using it!
  • NEW: Privateer hats that give Battle Zeal are banned.

Best of luck duelists! If you have questions about our Pirate101 Summer 2022 Tournament, leave them in the comments.

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