Zeke Training Point Quest:
Stone Roses Guide


Welcome to another installment of Guides for Zeke’s Pesky Quests, where we provide videos detailing how to find the objects of Prospector Zeke’s quests.


The Basilica Stone Rose

First of all, the Basilica Stone Rose is located BEHIND the Spiral Door. That’s right! Don’t go down the slope, but take a look behind the door!

dragonspyre zeke training point quest basilica


The Atheneum Stone Rose

Next, in the Atheneum, you should go up the slope, go to the right past the library and, finally, behind the building into the very corner of the building. It’s pretty well hidden!

dragonspyre zeke training point quest atheneum


The Tower Archives Stone Rose

When you enter the Tower Archives, keep left. Follow the buildings until you get to an area you can access by going down some stairs. Do this, then go to the far left of the area, between the building and the wall.

dragonspyre zeke training point quest tower archives


The Grand Chasm Stone Rose

The Grand Chasm stone rose is located in the past! Hence, you need to use the sigil Edrik Scatterglow is facing towards. Once inside the past, you have to go down the hallway on the right and check at the very end next to the wall.

dragonspyre zeke training point quest grand chasm


The Necropolis Stone Rose

You can find this one right outside the door to the Drake Hatchery, so go down the slope and check behind the trees!

dragonspyre zeke training point quest necropolis


The Labyrinth Stone Rose

In the Labyrinth you need to get to the very back of the area. So, you need to first kill a boss to cross the lava. After that, you need to kill three bosses wandering about the streets. Once you can open the gate, you can walk all the way to the back of the area and find your stone rose behind a big rock.

dragonspyre zeke training point quest labyrinth


Dragonspyre Academy Stone Rose

In Dragonspyre Academy you can find your rose next to the Drakeling that will take you to Dragon’s Roost. It’s sandwiched inbetween a building and a wall.

dragonspyre zeke training point dragonspyre academy


The Crystal Grove Stone Rose

When you enter the Crystal Grove from Dragonspyre Academy, you’re at the wrong side of the crystal area. The stone rose is at the south crystal area, so you need to use a teleporter to get there.



Dragon’s Roost Stone Rose

Almost done! Firstly, take the dragon ride to Dragon’s Roost and enter the area. Secondly, go through the gap in the fence on the left and from there as far back as it will let you. The stone rose is behind the corner there.

dragonspyre zeke training point dragons roost


The Crown of Fire Stone Rose

I’m adding the Crown of Fire map, but there’s no marker on it to indicate the stone rose. In order to get to it, you need to do almost the whole final dungeon of Dragonspyre where you battle Malistaire for the first time. After you defeat the Soul Servants in the final area of the instance, you shouldn’t move towards Malistaire yet. Instead, you should go to the far left of the area, behind where the Soul Servants were. The Stone Rose is against the wall in that room.



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Video Time Index

  • The Basilica: 0:15
  • The Atheneum: 0:21
  • The Tower Archives: 0:30
  • The Necropolis: 0:38
  • The Grand Chasm: 0:46
  • The Labyrinth: 1:01
  • Dragonspyre Academy: 1:25
  • The Crystal Grove: 1:35
  • Dragons Roost: 1:43
  • The Great Spyre: 1:51

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