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Iron Butterflies Guide

In Part 1 Zeke had you on the hunt for the Khryckets in Khrysalis, and now it seems his passion for animals has came back, but in this time.. in the form of iron butterflies!

You meet Zeke later on than most worlds, in Sardonyx, within the gardens of the Troika Palace. No Eloise by his side this time, but as per usual the quest will give you another training point to your aresenal, along with 54,520 XP and 525 Gold. Here is the video on the locations of all the Butterflies.

And we also have pictures of the maps! (most of them :P)

The first Butterfly is located within Crescent Beach, and you will first want to go inside Skull Rock, and it is on a barrel just to your right when you first enter.


The second Butterfly is in Ruined Alcazar. The butterfly is located on Serpent Island, or the Teal Teleporter, behind the tower.


The third Butterfly is one you may actually want to grab first. It’s just past Zeke in Sardonyx. Follow the path on the right (as a note: do not try to go down the middle, you WILL get caught more often than not), and go to the sigils in the far back, and the butterfly is just to left of a flower and a herd of flowers.


The fourth was moved JUST recently. He used to preside by the Solar Arc, but is now on top of a log stump near the teleporter to Silent Market in Kondha Desert.


The last Butterfly is in The Hive, near the end of your adventures in Khrysalis. It’s past “The Black Hole”. Keep to the right of it, and go to the back corner, and you will find the last butterfly you need.


You then go back to Zeke in Sardonyx, and turn the quest in. You get the badge: Royal Entomologist along with the already mentioned rewards. You are done with Zeke quests in the Second Arc of Morganthe!

We hope this guide has helped you conquer Zeke for the last time in Arc 2, and add another training point to your totals!



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