Avalon Zeke Training Point Quest
The Crows

The Avalon Zeke training point quest is called “Crowology” and can be acquired once you start questing in Avalon. You can find Zeke in Abbey Road. You need to find nine black crows to complete the quest.

Once you complete the quest, you will get another training point, yay! Many of these crows are hidden behind a sigil, so you will need a friend to teleport to, if you haven’t done the quests yet.


Firstly, the Calibrun Crow can be found behind the body of water in the Commons area of Avalon. You will need to enter the sigil, though it is possible to teleport to someone who has the quest if you don’t have it yourself yet. The crow is standing on the left side of the Lair of the Bane Wyrm cave. You will have to do the battle first.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow Caliburn

Abbey Road

This crow is at the front of the area. Once you enter Abbey Road, go left immediately. There’s a stone wall and a bush. The crow is behind the bush.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow Abbey Road

High Road

For the High Road Crow you will need to enter a sigil, because the crow is inside the Harlequin Tower. It’s near the entrance to Caer Lyon. Again, you can port into this area. You don’t need to fight the creature inside! Just work your way up the stairs to the highest point of the tower.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow high road


Caer Lyon

Just like the crow in High Road, the Caer Lyon crow is hidden on the highest floor of the tower. To get to the tower, take the teleporter in Caliburn, and then go straight up the stairs in front of you, circle the Night Goblins and enter Barca’s Tower. You don’t have to fight the boss to get your precious crow!

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow caer lyon


The Wild

This one is also hidden behind a sigil. Use the teleporter to the Wild and take a left turn. Go down the slope with the fire creatures and move around them. The right sigil is the first one you see. Inside of Dread Keep, it’s on your right, way in the back. You will have to fight the boss to get to the crow.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow The Wild


The Wyrd

I always go to the Wyrd through Dun Dara, though you could enter from the Wild as well. Take the teleporter to Dun Dara and work your way through the area to the Wyrd. Once you’re there, check your map for the Lost Abbey. This crow is hiding inside the abbey behind a broken pillar all way back in the building. You don’t have to fight the boss.
Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow the wyrd

Dun Dara

Next, the Dun Dara crow is inside the Lightning Lizard’s cave all way in the back of the cave. To get to Dun Dara, you can use the teleporter in Caliburn. When you exit the teleporter, turn around and go to the sigil that’s right behind it. That’s where the Lightning Lizard is hiding.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow Dun Dara


Outer Yard

To get through the Outer Yard, I suggest using the teleporter to the Catacombs in Caliburn, the go through Deepwater to Lake Shore and to the Outer Yard from there. Yes, it requires some running! You can also go through Caer Lyon! The crow can be found by going up the slope right next to Sister Constance. Go all the way up and work your way down the narrow pathway. The crow is at the very end of it.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow outer yard


Lake Shore

From Caliburn, use the teleporter to the Catacombs, head to Deepwater and exit to Lake Shore. Turn right and go towards the purple goo. It’s yet another crow hidden behind a sigil! This one is inside Black Annie’s house. This is the creepy moving house inside the purple goo. You can teleport into this instance and you don’t have to fight Black Annie.

Avalon Zeke Training Point Black Crow lake shore




That’s it! You found all nine!

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