Mirage Tapestries

The addition of Mirage brought seven new teleport tapestries with it! All you avid collectors have probably already acquired all of them, but just in case, here’s an overview of what’s become available. Please note that six of these Mirage tapestries require you to first get a badge. This is part of the “faction vendor” concept that Mirage brought with it. You can read more about it here.

In addition to the the vendor of the tapestry, I will also mention the price and the requirements for buying the tapestry. Have fun defeating all those mobs and good luck getting some Evil Magma Peas in the process! 😉

mirage tapestries

Tapestry to Caravan

Vendor: Guillermel in Caravan.

Price: 50,000 gold.

Requirements: In order to buy your tapestry to Caravan, you need to get two badges:

  • Conscript Crusher: defeat 50 Conscripts. If you’ve quested through Mirage, you should be fairly close to this badge already! You can find Crypt Conscripts roaming about in Alkali Barrows.
  • Ghulture’s Bane: defeat 50 Ghultures. Death Ghultures are easily found in Caravan and Myth Ghultures are located in Alkali Barrows (PS: they drop Evil Magma Peas).


mirage tapestries

Tapestry to the Hoods Hideout

Vendor: Robin in Aggrobah.

Price: 50,000 gold.

Requirements: In order to buy your tapestry to the Hoods Hideout, you need one badge:

  • Aggrobah Sheriff: defeat 100 Thuggies. This one is a bit tougher, because you probably only have 30 or 40 Ferals, Thuggies and Fangs from questing through Mirage. You can find Thuggie Goons (Ice) in Aggrobah (PS: these also drop Evil Magma Peas).


mirage tapestries

Tapestry to House Tabbi

Vendor: Captain Kettays in Caterwaul Canyons.

Price: 50,000 gold.

Requirements: In order to buy your tapestry to House Tabbi, you need one badge:

  • Tabbi General: defeat 100 House Purrzian Assailants. This mob is roaming right in front of the Captain so no need to go far! However, they do hit hard, since they’re Storm. I did get another Evil Magma Pea here though, so keep at it!


mirage tapestries

Tapestry to Istanboa

Vendor: Destro-uctor in Istanboa.

Price: 50,000 gold.

Requirements: In order to buy your tapestry to Istanboa, you need one badge:

  • Serpentine Avenger: defeat 100 Calixco Guards. I only had 6 defeated after the completion of Mirage, so you might have a while to go with these! You can find the House Calixco Guards (Balance and Fire) in Rubal Wastes.


mirage tapestries hoiuse sayameez

Tapestry to House Sayameez

Vendor: Prefect Josapat in Yakhal Mountain.

Price: 50,000 gold.

Requirements: In order to buy your tapestry to House Sayameez, you need one badge:

  • Rebellion Crusher: defeat 100 Bumbai Rebels Soldiers. I had 12 of these after completing Mirage, so it’s another one that takes a while. You can find the Bumbai Rebel Soldiers (Fire) in Yakhal Mountain.


mirage tapestries house calixco

Tapestry to House Calixco

Vendor: Advisor Francy Fries in Rubal Wastes

Price: 50,000 gold.

Requirements: In order to buy your tapestry to House Calixco, you need one badge:

  • Unconstrictable: defeat 100 Boas. If you’ve finished Mirage, you will have at least 20 boas already. 80 more to go! You can find Boa Constructors (Life) in Instaboa. Street Vipers are not boas, so don’t even try to defeat them for the badge. These drop glass slivers (which you need to craft the last Mirage tapestry) and — you guessed it — Evil Magma Peas!


Tapestry to Arcanum Forge

Not necessarily a Mirage tapestry, but it got released at the same time, so I figured why not add it here. This tapestry is acquired through crafting!

Recipe vendor: Ignus Ferric (the Arcanum Fire teacher)

Price: 5,000 gold.


  • 19 Legion Shield TC: these are on and off available in the Bazaar. Just refresh for a little while if there are none. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.
  • 5 Honey Sickle Seeds: I got mine in the Bazaar. Again, I needed to refresh for a while for them to show up, but good things come to those who wait.
  • 2 Spirit Caller Drums: There were 73 available in the Bazaar when I bought mine.
  • 30 Crystal Vials: You can find them in the Bazaar, but if you don’t want to wait, there is always Archytas in Celestia Base Camp to go buy them from!
  • 60 Parchment: I would hang around in the Bazaar some more. If Parchment is sold out, just keep refreshing. Alternatively, you could go to the Entrance Hall in Krokotopia and realm hop for a while.
  • 30 Ancient Scrolls: Bazaar! Does it show that I’m a fan of Elik? Again, it might take some refreshing, but it’s really not that hard to get them. Alternatively you could transmute them from Parchment, but that seems like a whole lot of work to me.
  • 25 Glass Slivers: These are a rare drop from Fulgurite. Unfortunately you can’t currently transmute Fulgurite into Glass Slivers. I got mine in Alkali Barrows. Check my map to see the locations of the Fulgurite spawn points. The drop ratio isnt very high! I collected 323 Fulgurite before I got my Glass Slivers.


Will you be buying these Mirage tapestries? Why? Why not?
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