What Second Class Should I Pick?
So You Want to Be Champion? #2


The Myth and Legend: “The Second Class”

One of the greatest mysteries and commonly asked questions I’ve ever received is “What should my second class be”. This is completely a myth, as there is no “Second class” in Pirate101. For anyone who already knows this and may wonder why people ask this, it’s due to the style of using your training points acquired in Wizard101 to train into another class. The most common style is to train into another class specifically. This was popularized and deemed the norm during the early Wizard101 era, and continued when masteries were released. It’s not unreasonable for someone to come up with the assumption that Pirate101’s and Wizard101’s secondary out of class training is the same. However, that’s why I’m writing this. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS LIE. It’s a complete lie. In Pirate101 you will not benefit from training into a specific class in the long run!

Differences from Wizard101 to Pirate101

There are some huge differences with Pirate101 and using your practice points. In Wizard101, with their straight forward training point system, you will train into a class to get the spells you want, then move onto the next class.

Pirate101 has 3 different mechanics which they allow you to train into:

  1. Powers: These are the “spells” or abilities we use to deal damage to our opponent. It’s an ensured hit that cannot miss, fizzle or be dodged.
  2. Talents: These are additional side traits that are passive, they don’t give any additional attacks though they do increase stats such as movement, accuracy, dodge, damage, etc
  3. Epics: They give your Pirate (or your companions) an additional hit when the requirements are met. Though for some they have a chance of activating when a requirement is met. E.g. Relentless, though it’s only requirement is to land a hit/physical power on a enemy unit, it has a certain % chance to trigger with additional ranks/ways to increase the odds of it activating.

So What Do I Need?

There are very little needs but it really comes down to your class. You can use the Final Bastion Practice Point calculator to help you (though it does need an update). So I will give you a list of all the things that are priority trains universally.

what second class should i pick

Elusive 2

Training into the Privateer Talents is important for every class: everyone but witchdocters should train into Elusive 2 base. Witchdoctors only need to train up to Tough 2. Add in an Elusive grant pet and you got yourself Elusive 3. If you’re a Privateer or Musketeer you already have this though, so you simply save the points.

Valor’s Shield

I highly recommend training this, though you should not train anything after it. If you’re a Witchdoctor you can train the 10 turn will buff, but refresh has very minor use.


For Privateer and Witchdoctor specifically, barricade is extremely helpful with dealing with Buccaneers and Swashbucklers in both ranked and Spar Chamber. As such, I highly recommend training this and even +1 Practice Point (if you have enough) to train the 10 turn Agility buff. This is advisable due to Swashbucklers and Musketeers currently being the most popular companion classes.

what second class should i pick

Spooky 2

EVERY CLASS should train this, except for Witchdoctor obviously who already gets this and even rank 3. Spooky is great for every class. Even Buccaneer will benefit from it, because it boosts your Assassin Strikes and heal gear pieces value quite a lot. It’s only 4 points as well, making it almost insane not to train it.

Fast 1

Fast 1 is important for everyone. Buccaneers and Melee Privateers should definitely train into Fast 2. This gives you an additional +1 or +2 movement depending on the rank. This means your normal 4 movement will become 5-6! Therefore it helps you both run away from threats and charge in with your Pirate faster. Extremely important!

what second class should i pick

Witch Hunter

I don’t think I need to stress how powerful this is. It aids you greatly vs Witchdoctors. The only class that shouldn’t train it is Swashbuckler, this way nobody can abuse it to remove your hides. Editor’s Note: If you’re a buckler, train this. Please.

Relentless/Burst Fire

If you’re a Musketeer, you NEED to have Burst Fire. If you’re melee Privateer, Buccaneer, or Swashbuckler YOU MUST train Relentless. They’re the most powerful epics in the game. Witchdoctor doesn’t rely on their epics much and they already have Mojo Echo rank 2.



Walk in Shadows: This is ok to have on any class. I recommend this for everyone if you have the 2 points to spare

Overwatch Rank 2: Currently this is optional but I recommend it. Mostly if you have a grants Overwatch Pet as a Musketeer. This way you can get Overwatch 3. In the future this will become a staple when it’s easy to achieve Rank 5 without giving up too many items.

Readied Spell Rank 2: Another choice that is in the same boat as Overwatch. Currently it’s optional but when you’re able to naturally achieve Rank 5 by training into this it will become staple. Readied Spell is extremely good for the Mirror match, as this is when summons take a huge role. Being able to remove a couple for free without using up a turn is extremely efficient and valuable. Readied Spell also currently breaks the +50% protection to the first spell played during the turn that Witchhunter gives. This means you can Readied Spell, land, now your actual spell will no longer have its damage reduced by 50%. Though Witchhunter will still trigger and allow them to get a free hit in. But let’s focus on the positives to such a horrible situation regardless.

Anything unique that you trained on your Pirate?
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