The Snow Queen

As with any new world, Lemuria brings with it an exciting array of side bosses. The Snow Queen is the first in a series of bosses granted from a side questline. The Scriptwriter is handing out quests in the Crypt of Tales.

Where Oh Where Is The Snow Queen?

Fond of the Night Forest? Well head on over to the Crypt of Tales to find your foe. The Queen is residing in the creepy little entrance beyond the cemetery.

A quick glance at the map will reveal a more exact location for those unfamiliar with this spooky realm. The Scriptkeeper will have all the details via a quest.

After chatting with our ‘friend’, the quest will lead to the First Story Tomb, one of the sigils surrounding the Scriptkeeper. Upon entering the instance, some pesky mobs have a story to tell and the tale must be told before the Snow Queen can be confronted.

All The Snow Queen’s Snowmen

Assuming the mobs didn’t convince anyone to leave, it’s time to face the Snow Queen. So lets ice over the enemy’s stats and strats.

Snow Queen – 15350 Health – Moon 


  • Brace
  • Moon Shield
  • Tower Shield
  • Legion Shield
  • Iceblade
  • Blade Storm
  • Blinding Freeze
  • Winged Sorrow
  • Shift Dread Paladin
  • Orthrus
  • Volcanic Golem
  • Snowball Strike
  • Snowball Barrage
  • Climaclysm
  • Abominable Weaver
  • Freeze Ray
Awful Snowman – 5,340 Health – Ice


  • Brace
  • Tower Shield
  • Legion Shield
  • Shield Wall
  • Iceblade
  • Angry Snowpig
  • Natural Attack
  • Colossus



Battle Cheats

“I am Insulting You” – At the beginning of the battle, the Awful Snowman will cheat-cast Taunt. This version will last for five rounds.

“Leave My Subjects Alone” – Using an AOE spell or attacking the minions in any way will result in a cheat-cast aegis-protected, triple tower shield. Each shield has a value of -100%.

“You are my Chosen One” – At the end of each round the Snow Queen will cast an aura on one player and designate them as the chosen one. This aura provides +15% universal damage and pierce for one round. Note: Players retain chosen one status for more than one round.

“You Hit Me – I’ll Let It Slide” – When the chosen one single hits the Snow Queen, she will cheat-cast a 100% universal blade on the player who attacked.

“I Didn’t Choose You” – When a player single targets the Snow Queen but has not been designated as the ‘Chosen One’, she will cheat-cast celestial intervention on herself.

“No Feinting Spells Here”Feint spells will be removed via a double cleanse ward. This will negate indemnity.

“Let It Snow” – Any DOTs casted on enemies will be removed.

“Do You Wanna Battle a Snowman?” – The Snow Queen will summon an additional Awful Snowman if anyone is late. This could result in the Taunt cheat being triggered again.

“Bad Choice, Chosen One” – Any non-hit spell is rewarded with a cheat-casted aegis -protected, triple tower shield. Each shield has a value of -100%. 

“Let The Storm Rage On!” – This cheat will trigger a blizzard attack on either the player’s team or the enemies. If the attack hits the players, it will remove all positive charms. If it targets the enemy side, it will remove all positive wards.


Upon defeating the Snow Queen, the instance will complete and all players will be granted 16,500 gold. Gear drops from this fight including the Magicians, Supreme, and Malevolent sets which can be found in other places around Lemuria. Additional dropped rewards include the Lemuria Spell spellements.


Another notable drop is synthonium. Synthonium is a Lemuria dropped reagent used when crafting the Lemuria gear.

Unfortunately, this fight doesn’t reward any badges. However, this quest is required for the Legend of Lemuria and Cosmic Completionist badges.

The Snow Queen Strategy:

With this boss there’s two prominent strategies. Both have varying results. For those with patience, the first option will be to obey the rules of the duel. For others, an alpha-striking approach is possible.

Option A: Hit Spamming 

After examining the cheats, the most compliant strategy is going to be repeated single hit spam. The plan here is to pack ONLY single hit spells and target the boss. On the first round the minion will cast their taunt cheat preventing players from targeting the boss. To avoid activating any cheats players can pass without penalty for these first 5 rounds and build up hits. After the effects of Taunt have ended, players can begin single target the Snow Queen.

This  strategy has the benefit of rewarding attacking players with the +100% damage blade to increase follow up hits. At this point most players should be the Chosen One. Any player who isn’t should continue passing. After defeating the  Snow Queen, you can fire away with the AOEs. This strategy might require a bit more defensive stats as those first few rounds can be heavy hitting, but the cold never bothered me anyway.

Option B: Alpha-Striking

The alternative option is going to be to try and force a victory through blade stacking or alpha striking. However, this boss punishes alpha striking, and as such, almost every other action besides single hitting the boss is going to result in 3x -100% tower shield. Of course, the Snow Queen used aegis on these shields. Because of the cheats,  attempting to remove these with shatter will result in even more shields. That means a good alpha hit is going to require a good amount of pierce because the boss resists most schools, will have at least 100% tower shields, possibly other variations, and the potential of a -25% aura.

If you favor alpha striking, you’ll want to aim for 150% pierce. Firstly, gear will be a good starting point to reduce the number of spells needed. In addition to gear, pierce blades, auras, and bubbles will be important. Finally, the notorious Shrike is important in this endeavor to defeat the Snow Queen. However, glancing back at the cheats, it’s important to note that the cheat “Let the Storm Rage On!” has the chance to hit all allies and enfeeble them. Furthermore, this cheat is not necessarily predictable and could potentially reset the board.

My Approach

As someone who regularly dual boxes (or plays with two accounts at the same time), I found this fight to be quite do-able with the hit spamming strategy with only two wizards in battle. My personalized strategy was to start off with a hit + buff spell like Vermin Virtuoso or Keeper of the Flame.  This also helps remove any shields or weaknesses. Realistically, with the blade cheat regularly buffing my hits, it took about 5 hits to defeat the Snow Queen, and even less with a shadow enhanced spell.

However, a full team would definitely be more equipped to take the alpha strike approach, and would likely have better luck than I did with that strategy. But for less organized teams (or anyone in general) thinking about alpha striking, it might be better just to Let It Go.

What are your thoughts on this boss? Let us know down in the comments below and be on the look out for more guides on the remaining Crypt of Tales side bosses. 

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Shadow entered the Spiral in 2010 and has since been wandering the worlds seeking adventures and challenges. He knows his way around every aspect in Wizard101 to varying degrees but has untamed enthusiasm for team pvp and difficult bosses. On rare occasions Shadow dons a pirate hat and can be found swashbuckling around the Spiral in P101.


  • Sorry! You forgot to add that some pet spells will also activate the tower shield “Bad Choice” cheat. Pets casting blades or heals for me activated this. 🙁

  • Thanks for the strategy guide- I went through it twice getting pretty frustrated with the cheats before i read this!

    First- I love the story line of Lemuria so far. I love the Tales from the Crypt and the other stories. KI has great writers with a great sense of humor!

    I think the battles are pretty lame though so far. Sitting through 5 rounds to comply with cheats is pretty boring. EXTREMELY boring. Sitting through 5 rounds just be stunned on the 6th round is also….. ugh. Really just want to battle to get to the rest of the story…. for me the battle is not the fun part.

    Once again, thanks for the great guide!

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