Guide to the Bronze Eagles
in Mount Olympus, Aquila


Mount Olympus it the level 30 dungeon in Aquila, but more on that later. In Mount Olympus, one quest requires you to find Hephaestus Coppersmith’s Bronze Eagles.

Here are the Bronze Eagles

Four Bronze Eagles hide throughout the dungeon. They are easily located in these areas.Map Bronze Eagles


After receiving your quest, go out the door and turn right toward the stairs leading up to the main chamber. The Bronze Eagle is sitting to the left of the stairs.By the Stairs


Go up the stairs and go toward the Moon Chamber. The Bronze Eagle is sitting in a corner to the left of the Moon Chamber door. (Do not enter the Moon Chamber.)Outside the Moon Room Bronze Eagles


Go toward the entrance to Mount Olympus. The Bronze Eagle is in a corner to the right of the main entrance to Mount Olympus.By the Entrance


The final Bronze Eagle is inside the Sun Chamber. Turn right once you enter and you will find it in the corner.Inside the Sun Room Bronze Eagles


Still need more information? Watch this video guide that shows you exactly how I collected them.

Happy Questing!!!

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