W101 Spirit of Ignorance – Skeleton Key Boss

The summer 2022 update began a  massive change in Wizard101’s Skeleton Key bosses. Wooden and stone keys are being phased out and gold keys will be the primary way to unlock all the new key bosses. Gold keys will mainly be found through events and as drops from existing key bosses. The update has introduced 10 new key bosses. Four of these are brand new, while the other six are old key bosses revamped with a higher difficulty. One of the revamped Skeleton Key Bosses is a boss located in Crab Alley – Spirit of Ignorance (a former wooden key boss), let’s check it out in this article!

Boss Location

Spirit of Ignorance is located in Crab Alley, on the right side from the entrance to the area right next to the NPC Herman. You’ll need 1 golden key to be able to access this boss.

The Fight

  • Tier 4 – Levels 110+ – Spirit of Ignorance is Rank 20 and has 12,425 health. The minions are Rank 19 of Life (4,860 health), Death (4,590 health), and Fire (4,270 health).
  • Tier 2 – Levels 51-109 – Spirit of Ignorance is Rank 14 and has 10,080 health. The minions are Rank 13 of Life (3,940 health), Death (3,725 health), and Fire (3,465 health).
  • Tier 3 – Levels 16-50 – Spirit of Ignorance is Rank 9 and has 4,500 health. The minions are Rank 8 of Life (1,760 health), Death (1,660 health), and Fire (1,545 health).
  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-15 – Spirit of Ignorance is Rank 5 and has 1,200 health. The minions are Rank 4 of Life (310 health), Death (620 health) and Fire (310 health).

Boss’ Stats


Rank 20 Boss

Classification: Undead












Hover or Tap stats for more details

Known Spells



Cheats and Battle Process

At the start of Round 1 Spirit of Ignorance will place a -300% incoming damage aura for 99 rounds.

This aura makes the boss immune to any damage.

This cheat can be easily countered with Supernova. After taking out the aura this message will appear:

The boss is no longer immune and it can take damage. The boss will now cast Aegis Protected shields of every wizard’s school in the fight (except Balance) on itself.  It will re-cast the shields every time it gets hit (or is removed by Steal Ward).

If you cast a prism to bypass the shield, Spirit of Ignorance will say.

However, nothing will happen. Other cheats include instant-removal of any charms and traps and a Shadow Deferred Overtime Damage that instantly kills its target – this cheat is activated after 6-8 rounds.

3 Round Strategy

Defeating this Boss can be really easy if you use the right strategy. For this battle it’s necessary to bring a balance wizard.

Wizard 1 (Balance) Wizard 2 Wizard 3 Wizard 4
Round 1 Supernova AOE AOE AOE
Round 2 Judgement Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy
Round 3 Any Hit Any Hit Any Hit Any Hit


Spirit of Ignorance drops around 16 spellements found in the Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack, it also drops one piece of the School Design Elegant Set almost every battle. Other drops include:

  • Legendary Socket Wrench
  • Azoth TC
  • Random Reagents

The Badge

Defeating this boss will grant you another badge in the Skeleton Key Bosses category, this one is called ‘Dispeller of Ignorance’.


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