Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack

Honestly, the Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack slipped past me. This year was a record when it comes to release of new hoard and lore packs, so keeping track of them all was no easy task. As usual, we went ahead and spent several thousand crowns on this pack to discover the items you can obtain.

Ravenwood Rangers Lore Spells

Being a lore pack, the main highlight you can expect would be the spells. This time we have Camp Bandit for Life school, Splashsquatch for Myth school, and Beary Surprise for Storm school in the form of spellements. These spellements are also dropped from Spirit of Ignorance in Wizard City. Their mechanics are very interesting and you can learn more about them in this article. One thing I’m curious about is their overall theme… it is after all a Ravenwood themed pack.

Ranger Gear Sets

This year our wizards will be reaching level 150 and the Devs seem to have a lot of plans in mind. Something briefly mentioned was the fact that we will be level 150 and should start mastering secondary schools along with our main. Pack gear can certainly help us achieve this objective, and the gear found here is fairly decent.

Overall it is quite similar to the gear format introduced in Polaris and so on. Something I did notice is the addition of stun resist on the boots. Thanks you to CroMihael_2#9354 and LeoTheLumpia#1927 for helping out with some of the below images.

Able Ranger's SetAdventurous Ranger's SetIntrepid Ranger's Set

Able Ranger’s Set

(Death, Ice and Storm Schools)

Able Ranger’s Hat

Able Ranger’s Uniform

Able Ranger’s Boots

Adventurous Ranger’s Set

(Balance and Fire Schools)

Adventurous Ranger’s Hat

Adventurous Ranger’s Uniform

Adventurous Ranger’s Boots

Intrepid Ranger’s Set

(Life and Myth Schools)

Intrepid Ranger’s Hat

Intrepid Ranger’s Uniform

Intrepid Ranger’s Boots

Ranger Wayfinder Weapons

Mostly ok, but there are better alternative out there. Stats we can expect to see on weapons are pip conversion, pierce, critical, block, shadow pip chance and damage. These weapons have 4 out of the 6. From the existing stats, there seems to be a decent balance of all, but the lack of pierce AND critical block is nothing to look forward to.

Able Ranger’s Wayfinder

Adventurous Ranger’s Wayfinder

Intrepid Ranger’s Wayfinder

Racoon Pets

If you get your hands on these racoons they can be fairly good as starter pets. Not sure they’re worth investing in more than that. Something noteworthy is that each of them has a different card from the different astral schools – Polymorph Bandit (Moon), Berserk (Star), and Strong (Sun). Let us know if you discover any of the talents!

Able RacoonAdventurous RacoonIntrepid Racoon

Able Racoon

  • ???
  • Storm Assailant
  • ???
  • Windstorm Trained
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Armor Breaker

Adventurous Racoon

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Piercemonger
  • Myth Assailant
  • ???
  • Myth-Sniper
  • Ally Ether Shield
  • Armor Breaker

Intrepid Racoon

  • Stun Resistant
  • ???
  • Ice Armor Trained
  • ???
  • Fire Assailant
  • Pain-Giver
  • Ally Glacial Shield
  • Get Sunbird
  • Quick-Witted
  • Armor Breaker

Housing Items

The Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack provides a nice variety of housing items. However, it is worth noting that these housing items are not unique to this pack and are actually already found in Wizard1o1. That being said, they are beautiful and useful items for castle decorators to use!

Cherry Blossom Tree



Tip of the
Polarian Iceberg

Miscellaneous Items

You’ll find loads of other miscellaneous items from this pack including pets, reagents and much more. Most remarkable would be the different pets such as the Ladybug and the Beastmaster’s Eagle. Apart from that you will find rare reagents such as Diamonds, Fossils and even Alchemical Salts. This amongst loads of music scrolls and other minor metal reagents.

Something else that is new is the Flax reagent. Until now, there is no use for this particular reagent so we will be left in the dark for now. Don’t forget you can also get the treasure card version of the lore spells. Keep them safe until hopefully someday we can craft the spells!

Closing Thoughts

Most of the packs I opened looked like you can see below. Mostly miscellaneous items and perhaps one or two items that will be useful if you’re lucky. Personally, I was after the spells, but since they’re now turned into spellements you actually need to open quite a few packs. Most of the items are fairly decent, but overall you will want to be going for the spells.

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