Empyrea Part 2:
Grandmother and the Big Bad Wolf
Boss Battle

In the Northeast Aero Plains, you can find a small cottage with Grandmother standing in front of it. She won’t talk to you until you pick up the quest “What Big Lies you Have” from Sheriff Etta in Velo City. This quest is a side quest, but I thoroughly recommend you do it. The dialog is super nice and the battle is very interesting.

First Battle

Firstly, during the first battle, you will be facing the Big Bad Wolf. He’s a rank 16 Balance elite creature with 4,780 health. If you’re soloing this instance, there will be no minions. If you bring a full team, you will be facing an additional three Blue Oxes (rank 16 Myth). prepare to get mass stunned by these!

The Big Bad Wolf doesn’t cheat so this fight is very straight-forward.


Second Battle

After the first battle, you’ll be heading downstairs and face Grandmother. She’s a rank 17 Shadow boss with 11,950 health. If you are soloing the instance, she won’t have any minions. On the other hand, if you bring a couple of friends, she will get three Blue Oxes (rank 16 Myth) as reinforcement.

Grandmother doesn’t cast a lot of spells besides her cheats. The only two spells she seems to know are Storm’s Iron Giant and Glowbug Squall. Because her arsenal is so small, she passes most of the time.

Grandmother’s Cheats

At the end of round one, Grandmother will announce that “the curse spreads”. This results in you (if you’re soloing) or one person on your team (if you’re doing it with friends) to get polymorphed into a copy of Grandmother herself. In addition, Grandmother will cast Confusion on you at the same time, in the same way as Medulla does at the end of Empyrea Part 1.

This cheat will be repeated every four rounds, with Grandmother either targetting one random person on your team, or just you if you’re soloing.

grandmother boss battle
You are polymorphed into grandma
grandmother boss battle
You get confused

Grandmother’s Deck

Once properly polymorphed and confused, you will have a whole new deck with six shiny cards with mysterious effects.Their descriptions don’t really reveal what they do, so here is a list:


  • Effect: Cast House Call
  • Damage: 302-330 damage

grandmother boss battle


  • Effect: 1500 hp heal + Bad Juju
  • Target: heal on you, Bad Juju can be on anyone
  • Damage: none


  • Effect: Shadow Poison attack
  • Target: anyone
  • Damage: 13 + 45 three rounds

Shiny Nickel

  • Effect: Timmy Icepick attack + -20% weakness
  • Target: anyone
  • Damage: 120 hp

Knitted Sweater

  • Effect: stun grandma
  • Target: anyone
  • Damage: none

grandmother boss battle

Curse of Grandma

  • Resets the polymorph + confuses you
  • Target: yourself
  • Damage: none
grandmother boss battle
Grandmother loves it when you use the Curse of Grandma card!

Group Strategy

When You’re Polymorphed

Just like with Medulla’s cheat, a random spell is cast when you don’t pick one from your deck. I recommend picking “Curse of Grandma” every turn. This just triggers the polymorph/confuse cheat without attacking anyone so you won’t be doing any damage to your team at all. If it’s your hitter who gets grandma-ified, I’d recommend choosing Knitted Sweater (stunning someone randomly) or maybe Smooches or Overfeed. These two both attack someone random, so this could be a good move if your team has decent resist. (Thanks for the information, Tabitha Sunflower!)

The Rest of your Team

The non-grandmothered (totally a word) members of your team can just feint and blade like usually. It might be a good idea to bring a Cleanse Charm, just in case the grandmothered person happens to click Amigurumi.


Solo Strategy

If you solo this fight, Grandma’s spells can either land on you or on Grandma. That’s different from team fights, were grandma’s spells seem to exclusively hit one of your team members.

Knitted Sweater is actually a good spell to use while in Grandma-mode! It will exclusively stun grandma, never you yourself. This can save you from at least one Iron Giant or Lightning Bugs hitting you.

Bringing a cleanse charm could be helpful. While in grandma-mode you may want to use Amigurumi to get the 1500 health if you need it. The Bad Juju that comes with the heal can land on either you or Grandma, so being able to remove it is vital.

Other than that, just blade and feint until you’re ready to kill her!


Did we miss any cheats?
Do you have any strategy ideas?



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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • Try doing nothing for a few rounds and let the timer go out. Its a stratagy that confuses Grandmother it seems

  • I can’t solo grandma at all, because the polymorph never goes away. It’s on me permanently. Is it supposed to be like that?

    • The polymorph should go away after few rounds. Maybe try challenging her again? If it doesn’t go away you can try contacting the W101 support.

  • She removes blades off when I placed them to use.

  • This post seems to indicate that only one member will be grandmothered at a time- don’t k ow if that is a glitch but it’s not the case. There are two of us, no minions, and we are currently BOTH grandmothered. This fight is ridiculous and frustrating!! Neither of us can be in grandmothered long eneough to hit a single time! Anyone else experience this? I think we’re going to flee and start over…. ☹️

  • When soloing Grandma, casting the Knitted Sweater spell has the chance of stunning yourself; learned that the hard way lol

  • Now that it’s in live realm, passing while grandma-ified and confused DOES randomly select a card from your hand.

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