Brandon's Make-A-Wish

brandon Brandon's make a wish

Make-a-Wish is an awesome initiative, which has made Brandon a part of the game forever!

Brandon is a mighty storm wizard, who is part of the Dragonhorn Order – on the hunt for the rumored Borealis Dragon in Polaris. The dragon is rumored to be over two millenia old, so he doesn't have much luck, but he'd totally be interested in having you join the order. For that, you need to go over to the world of Dragonspyre and up to Dragoon's Roost. There, you'll meet Magister Zilant, who has a crisis on his hands. Dragonbone Hall, which is to keep many books and artificats, has been over-run by their arch nemesis Nebyrx. It is up to you (and Brandon!) to save the information so it doesn't fall into the hands of the Draconian.

Brandon is located in Forlorn Tayg in Polaris, as soon as you enter from Walruskberg. Check out our other Polaris guides here!

Here is what you'll be matched up against.

Neberyx – Shadow Boss – 55,000 HP + Nodnarb – Balance Boss – 28,000 HP

 Brandon's make a wish

The fight itself is fairly easy, and Neberyx only has one cheat.

  • He will earthquake quite occasionally – every 2 rounds (it can be also when you blade) – so blading isn't an optimal strategy.
  • His natural attack also leaves a virulent plague – but it isn't a cheat.

Once you beat Neberyx – you will successfully save the Hall and report back to Brandon. He tells you he just had a great encounter with the Borealis Dragon – and is now after big and mythical creatures – and officially welcomes you to the Dragonhorn Order! You get a triangle jewel which has the Brandon minion of your school!

The Brandon minions are mostly like all other minions as what they can cast, however – some of them have interesting spells they can cast:

  • Life – Eternal Leviathan
  • Myth – Athena Battle Sight
  • Fire – Hephaestus
  • Storm – Queen Calyspo

Overall, the event is awesome – great job to Brandon and everyone at KingsIsle!

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