Spellemental Pharaoh’s Pack

This Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack was released in June 2013. Ever since, it was shortly retired in August 2019 to be later relaunched with some new items as the Spellemental Pharaoh’s Pack in April 2020. It’s available in the Crowns Shop for 399 Crowns per pack. Purchase of this booster pack includes a chance to win pets, gear, mounts, housing items, snacks, and treasure cards. However, this pack is mostly good for decorators, because housing items are the things mostly dropping from it.

Mander Palanquin & Crokagator Mounts

This pack drops two mounts: the Mander Palanquin and the Crokagator. The pack drops the one day version, 7 days version and the permanent mount. However, both of these mounts are also dropped by the Wooden Skeleton Key boss Ra in Krokotopia. So if it’s the mounts you’re after, you can get them through farming that boss too! The Mander Palanquin also drops from a Stone Skeleton Key boss in the House of Scales – Bellosh.

Spellemental Pharaoh’s Pack Pets

Spellemental Pharaoh’s Pack Gear

The gear offered in this pack is the standard hat, robe, boots and wand set. There is a total of 3 different sets – 3 pieces of each. Level goes all the way up to 130 as of the Spellemental pack update in 2020.

Spellemental Pharaoh’s Pack Weapons

Treasure Cards

Plenty of Krokotopian themed treasure cards found within this pack such as the below ones. Additionally, there are also pack treasure card versions of Spirit Blade, Spirit Trap and BalanceBlade which stack with regular TC versions of those spells.

Spellements & Reagents

Plenty of useful reagents drop from this pack including Black Lotus, Turquoise and most importantly Amber. With the addition of spellements to the game, the Spellemental Pharaoh’s Pack was given the the Firecat and Lightning Bats spellements. Just like other spellement drops, you can get between 1 to 5 spellements per drop or the jackpot of 30 all at once.

Housing Items

There are several Krokotopian themed housing items you can find in this pack. From chairs all the way to Sarcophagi, you will find everything you need for an Egyptian style castle. Take a look at some of our favourite selections below.

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