Spring 2021 Spell Changes in Wizard101

Wizard101’s first test realm of 2021 has finally arrived! There are a lot of Spring 2021 Spell Changes, so this article will only be showing what changed. We will be releasing a more detailed analysis of how these changes will impact the game very soon. Take a look! Please keep in mind that this is indeed Test Realm, so this is all subject to change, at which point, we’ll be updating this article.

Remember, Test Realm is about giving feedback, so do let the Devs know on Twitter or Bug Reports about what you agree with or not. Just be nice about it. In this update, we are being presented with another part of the spell audit that is going on in Wizard101. Check out the previous spell audit from last year.

Patch 2 Spell Changes – April 12th

Patch 1 – April 5th

Patch 2 Spell Changes

Balance School Spell Changes

Elemental Spear




Elemental Trap




Helping Hands





Spirit Spear






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Death School Spell Changes

Mass Death Prism








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Fire School Spell Changes

Steal Charm



Mass Fire Prism






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Ice School Spell Changes

Steal Ward



Mass Ice Prism



Legion Shield



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Life School Spell Changes




Mass Triage



Mass Life Prism






Brilliant Light



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Myth School Spell Changes

Mass Myth Prism



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Storm School Spell Changes




Mass Storm Prism





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Patch 1 – April 5th

Balance School Spell Changes

Helping Hands



Ninja Piglets









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Death School Spell Changes

Doom And Gloom






Dark Pact












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Fire School Spell Changes

Fire Trap



Fire Spear



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Ice School Spell Changes










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Life School Spell Changes








Minor Blessing









Guiding Light



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Myth School Spell Changes




Myth Trap



Grendel’s Amends




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Storm School Spell Changes




Lightning Strike






Storm Trap



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Dakota TitanHeart

Dakota's been playing Wizard101 for well over ten years now. He's seen a lot change in the game, and loves checking everything out on his trusty storm and death. Whenever an update comes out, you'll see him finding secrets and making strategies. While he does specialize in PvE, Dakota's no stranger to PvP, specializing in tournament PvP. However, if there's one thing he likes, its helping others in the Spiral.


  • I am a HUGE fan of Legion becoming 45% and Steal Ward being 1 pip. Legion needed a little extra to actually make it viable, and since it’s an Ice-only spell, it really pushes its school identity as a tank/protector. As for Steal Ward, in today’s day and age, stealing a shield isn’t really worth 2 pips, especially since there’s pierce at 0 pips.

  • Does ice still get their blade at level 38? Because if so then the debuff seems even more painful. The extra 5% mostly matters at lower levels anyways when questing solo and stuff. In a well organized team at max level anyone can take any role so it’s just a bit irksome but as a leveling up solo ice I would not take this update kindly LOL.

    • Yeah, ice still gets their blade at level 38. I get that I’ve isn’t supposed to be an attacking school, but I feel that withholding their blade until late Mooshu is a bit excessive. Even life gets their blade like halfway through Krokotopia. Personally, I think ice should switch when they get steal ward and ice blade (you get the former at the same point that life gets their blade). Since ice’s blade is nerfed, I kind of feel like they should get it earlier on. I’m just guessing that KI realizes at this point that ice wizards have just been getting a pet that gives a blade, or they used the elemental blades from Niles (although that’s not an option until level 25).

      • They should also switch rebirth and forest lord as life should get an aoe earlier.

        • Already been done last year. Forest Lord is at lvl48 and Rebirth is at lvl58 now.

  • really don’t like the changes to death sacrifice and dark pact from death damage to moon damage. if they gives trainable shields for it then maybe. might as well change fire’s immolate as well to save fire blades looks like all blades are gonna be 35% and all traps 30% wonder if that means curse and hex are not stackable

  • This update is going to be hard for life and Ice wizards 😮

    • You know, a lot of the writers were talking about that. I think it’ll hit hard at first, but because so many spells are more adjusted, they could do more damage, especially now that life has a damage bubble. A lot of bosses also had health reworks, so I’m not too sure how much harder it will be.

      • Yea, but Ice didn’t get those same buffs Life did. Life also gets Rat Spin easier as well as have the ability to make it stronger than Meteor Strike. Ice got hit so hard…

        • Life does not get Rat Spin easier lol. Ice has blizzard trained at level 26. There is no real “easy” way to come by Rat Spin. You either farm it, craft it, or hope to Woo you get lucky when opening packs. I will agree that the damage should be lowered, but in terms of AOE availability, Ice has it easier than life.

  • A shame for the nerf to sacrifice, which was my go-to big heal. It still works to remove weakens and feints, but a death shield no longer helps it be a super-heal. This highlights the need for an anti-shatter / anti-trap spell to mitigate the trap-shatter-hit strategies. Bubbles can be changed, blades can be enfeebled/earthquaked. but traps are forever with no serious counterplay.

    • The big difference is bladestacking deaths can now heal without losing their blades.

  • They changed Grendel’s Amends from 675 heal to 720.

    • Fixed, thank you!

    • would have been better with a utility. 720 is still a week heal for 5 pips

  • Good changes

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