Fall 2022 Spell Changes in Wizard101

Many updated spells now require school pips, find out more in this article

It’s time for another Test realm and with it comes more spell changes! Each one of the changes are listed below.

Remember, Test Realm is about giving feedback, so do let the Devs know on Twitter or Bug Reports about what you agree with or not. Just be nice about it. In this update, we are being presented with another part of the spell audit that is going on in Wizard101. Check out the previous spell audit from last year.


Patch 1 Spell Changes – November 14th

Death School Spell Changes

Headless Horseman

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Fire School Spell Changes


Brimstone Revenant


Burning Rampage



Nautilus Unleashed

Inferno Salamander

Fire from Above

S’More Machine

Blast Off!

Raging Bull

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Storm School Spell Changes

Beary Surprise

Queen Calypso


Catch of the Day

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Sun School Spell Changes

Keen Eyes





Sharpened Blade

Potent Trap



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Patch 2 Spell Changes – November 21th

Balance School Spell Changes

Mander Minion

Spectral Minion

Death School Spell Changes



Deer Knight

Lord of Night

Macabre Jinn

Doom Oni

Scion of Death

Call of Khrulhu

Grim Reader

Fire School Spell Changes

Jinn’s Reversal

Oni’s Forge

Infernal Oni

Caldera Jinn

Scion of Fire PvP

Blast Off!

Raging Bull

Ice School Spell Changes

Ice Guardian

Life School Spell Changes

Sprite Guardian

Myth School Spell Changes

Cyclops Minion

Troll Minion

Golem Minion


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Storm School Spell Changes

Energy Transfer

Jinn’s Restoration

Reap the Whirlwind

Water Elemental

Catch of the Day

Hammer of Thor

Thundering Jinn

Turmoil Oni

Scion of Storm PvP

Glowbug Squall

Sound of Musicology

Dark & Stormy

Rusalka’s Wrath

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  • Okay so if that’s true then why cant I use it still with 3 pips and one power pip. proof in the image. Or do we need to have death school pips? if so that’s not possible! Right?

    • If you’re referring to the spells that now require school pip to cast, then you’ll need to be either level 50+ or you need to purchase the Cracked Archmastery Opal from Katherine RockHammer in Shopping District and socket it on your gear. You can read more about archmastery here: https://finalbastion.com/updates/wizard101-archmastery/

  • why did KI feel the need to nerf rampage again? 5 rounds until hit actually hits is rediculous

  • I just returned to game after a brief hiatus and was mystified to find changes to my Deer Knight and Ratatoskr’s spin. What is the rationale? Worse, the spells remain greyed out and I can’t cast them at all. Why have they been disabled? Is there something I need to do to activate them?

    • You need a school pip to cast these spells, if you’re under level 50 you need to purchase Cracked Archmastery Opal from Katherine RockHammer in Shopping District and socket it on your gear if you want to generate school pips. You can read more about archmastery here: https://finalbastion.com/updates/wizard101-archmastery/

  • Rusalka just needed a bigger boost. and nurf death spells. lets just say. i will not spend any more money on this game. and not doing pvp any more.. they are killing the game.

  • Remove minions and leave Grrnadier as is? Clearly they are not thinking? Why would pacify work now if you cannot use a minion? Why would the taunt minion spell work now if you cannot use taunt minion? All the folks who farmed beastmoon for taunt minion spellements wasted their time. Why is storm Scion doing 2k damage at 9 pips while fire scion does 1600 for 11 pips? Basically then storm gets 300 damage per pip? Even more so storm catch of the day does 500 damage for 5 pips and gives 2 blades? In what world does these changes work with no damage cap and a resist cap still in place? Clearly this game is gonna become storm and fire only. Other schools cannot keep up.

    • My understanding is that the minion ban is temporary until they finish auditing them.

  • They got to revert raging bull. Is it still aoe? They seem to have removed the aoe symbol on it, which would make fire not have a single shadow aoe spell.

    • Yes, it’s still AOE.

  • What is with these changes? I was willing to defend some past ones but changes to, say, Deer Knight are completely mystifying.

  • When I saw Headless Horseman (which was already overpowered for its school at 4 pips) go down to 3 pips with same damage and all those Fire spells go down by 2 pips as well (an 850 damage Fire spell for 3 pips? When spammed, this one will become extremely hard to keep track of…) made me wonder whether this was an April Fool’s Day prank or something from somewhere!

    • All of those lore spells require an additional school pip plus their 2 or 3 normal pip cost.

    • Headless got nerfed, it’s 3 pips + school pip (which is basically a power pip) so that’s 5 pips together.

    • it needs a school pip too for a total of 5 pips

  • Why would they do that to raging bull????,

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