Final Bastion:
Spiral Cup and Guild Recruitment

Final Bastion is looking for players for Spiral Cup and Guild Recruitment. Kingsisle has been pushing a lot of community content both in-game and out of game. We are happy to participate with our own community in both the Spiral Cup and in-game via our Wizard101 guild. It will also be a lot of fun to compete against other communities for both Pirate101 and Wizard101.

Spiral Cup

Hot on the heels of the Wizard101 Summer Update and just weeks before the Pirate101 and Wizard101 birthday celebrations, Kingsisle has launched a community tournament called the Spiral Cup for both games. This tournament aims to bring communities from each game into a tournament styled competition for prizes and bragging rights. But that’s not all, the winning team for both games will get to influence the designs of both an in-game mount and a housing item as recognition of players’ victory.

Final Bastion will be participating in this tournament and we welcome all eligible players to participate as part of our community. We will be competing in both Pirate101 and Wizard101. If you haven’t already, please look over the rules for the tournament here. Players can compete in both games or solely the one they prefer. There are no limits on the number of people who can compete for each team.

Signing Up

In order to join the competition, you must join the Community Spiral Cup discord server. After reading through both the Disclaimers and FAQ channel you will be given access to the ‘Sign Up Here’ channel. Once there, you can use the drop down to select Final Bastion and be added to a sub channel for our community. After you sign up, head over to our community discord server, linked at the bottom of this article. Since there is no talking in the Spiral Cup server, all coordination will be done in the Final Bastion community server.

As mentioned in the image above, sign ups will end September 9th at 5pm CT.

Spiral Cup Discord Server

Guild Recruitment

In addition to our Spiral Cup team, Final Bastion is opening up recruitment for our in-game guild! We are currently looking for 30 players to add to our roster. Ideal candidates will be active in the game frequently and will help contribute to the progression and expansion of the guild.

Our goals are to be both competitive and completionists to a mild degree. We want to unlock everything in the guild house and be able to do the occasional raid, but we aren’t in a rush. We want members to have fun achieving these goals as opposed to aggressively rushing for the finish line.

Guild Applications

We will be doing an application process for recruitment. You can apply with this google form here. In the form, there are a couple of questions regarding in-game characters and what players want from the guild. These questions will help influence the overall direction of the guild to help all members achieve their goals. In order to join the guild, candidates will need to join the Final Bastion community server and we will be fielding guild related questions there.

To keep things simple, the guild recruitment deadline will be September 9th by end of day.

Final Bastion Discord Server

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see Kingsisle adding both socialization features in game, as well as fostering more engaging community events. We look forward to participating with the wider community in the Spiral Cup as well as our Guild.

What do you think of the Spiral Cup event?

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